• Samsung Plans A VR Headset For Its Galaxy Mobile Devices, Report Says

    Samsung Plans A VR Headset For Its Galaxy Mobile Devices, Report Says

    Samsung is prepping an Oculus Rift competitor of its own, according to a new report by Engadget. The Korean electronics giant is no stranger to stepping into emerging market categories, and virtual reality appears to be next on the docket, as Samsung is said to be currently building a VR headset with a planned announcement date of this year. The hardware is already with a group of early… Read More

  • Are You Man Enough To Handle The Maverick Nica Sunrise Bluetooth Headset?

    You’re not ready for the Maverick Nica Sunrise Bluetooth headset. This thing is for mavericks only, it’s for the risk-takers, the men who look fear in the face and spit, men whose loins are rock hard and whose teeth are made of iron. Read More

  • ThermalTake Announces New Gaming Headset

    Seems like everyone is getting into the gaming headset market these days. ThermalTake is the latest, with their new “Shock” headset. Read More

  • Corsair Launches The HS1 Gaming Headset

    Corsair, more commonly known for their memory products, has apparently decided to branch out into the gaming headset market. Their take on the product seems to come from the “more power” school of thought, with two large 50mm drivers delivering a “carefully tuned acoustical design” to your eardrums. Read More

  • Sound ID 510 Bluetooth headset coming to AT&T in June

    I’ve used a number of Bluetooth headsets, and I really tried to make myself comfortable while wearing them. None of them have been quite comfortable enough for me, and I feel like I’m missing out on sounds around me when the piece is sitting dormant in my ear. Perhaps the new Sound ID 510 headset, coupled with the EarPrint App, will solve my concerns. Read More

  • Astro Gaming named official headset of MLG

    ASTRO Gaming announced today that for the third year in a row, they have been selected as the official licensed headset for Major League Gaming. The MLG selected the A40 audio system this year, which is ASTRO’s top of the line unit with some very unique features. Read More

  • World of Warcraft headset available for purchase

    While we reviewed it a few weeks ago, Creative’s World of Warcraft headset hasn’t been available for purchase until today. Time to get your geek on! Read More

  • Moshi Moshi: Native Union makes Skype/iPhone headsets fun again

    Moshi Moshi! I’m not a huge headset fan but these are some of the coolest accessories I’ve seen in a while. All of these devices, the 04i, the 03, and the 02, connect to PCs or iPhones either via Bluetooth or 3.5mm cable. The 04i acts as a stereo Bluetooth speaker as well as a speaker phone. This model doesn’t support iPhone/Touch charging, but future models will. It costs… Read More

  • Review: Creative World of Warcraft headset

    Short Version: Fresh from the box, Creative’s World of Warcraft, is here! They were designed for WoW players and their performance definitely reflects that. While a tad bulky, they don’t feel heavy.
    • Very Comfortable
    • Hard to hear outside the headphones
    • Wireless Mic works well. Does not get in the way.
    • Driver allows deep customization of audio to serve your… Read More

  • Sony's gaming headset rocks the modern design

    Sony just launched a new gaming headset line in Asia, and they look nice. I’m not entirely sure how comfortable they are based on the rendering, but they certainly look lighter than most headsets. Expect to see them in Asia this month, and hopefully Sony will bring them over to us sooner rather then later. No word on pricing at this time. Read More

  • Review: Klipsch Image X10i Headset

    The Short Version: Definitely the best sounding consumer-grade in-ear headphones I’ve ever listened to. The price tag matches the sound quality however. If you want good audio fidelity on your phone headset, you’ll be hard pressed to find something better than these. Just be prepared to shell out some serious cash. Read More

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