• Urban Ears Reveals The Bagis Earbuds

    Check out these neat little earbuds from Urban Ears. These hipster buds come in eight different colors, have an inline mic and remote, and the ends snap together around your neck when not in use. Read More

  • Bring Me Boba Fett's Head…Phones

    While Boba Fett obviously has an air of “danger and mystery,” did you know that he also enjoyed Jazz and early Dixieland? That’s right: Jango Fett, whose real name was Bruce Fitzgerald Fett and was born in Aukland, wasn’t called Jango for nothing (he dropped the silent D because they didn’t have that particular consonant combination on his adopted planet of… Read More

  • Review: Surge 2G Waterproof Sport Headphones From h2o Audio

    Short version: Here we have a pair of earbuds that lets you go under water and still listen to Waters of Nazareth by Justice. The sweat-proof and waterproof design make for a great pair of buds to take to the beach, wear during swim practice, or take anywhere you think may get a little wet. Read More

  • Review: Marshall Major Headphones

    Short version: An attractive and compact pair of headphones, not revolutionary by any means, but powerful and portable, and hey, they say “Marshall” on them. Read More

  • Monster Now Selling Daft Punk TRON Edition Headphones That Are Technologic

    Here’s something I want for Christmas: Daft Punk edition TRON headphones! Made by Monster—I’m assuming quality similar to the Beats—these ear cans come with LED lights. A first for Monster, the LEDs will light up and mimic movements from the character’s costumes. Read More

  • Nox Finally Gets Around To Releasing Its Scout Headset

    It was way back at E3 that I saw newcomer Nox Audio’s first gaming headsets, the Specialist and the Scout. I reviewed the Specialist shortly after, and pronounced it excellent. The Scout has apparently had some production issues, since it’s taken five months to come to market, but it’s now available to purchase. Read More

  • Marshall Releases Major and Minor Headphones

    Back before kids had earbuds or earnodes or whatever, you used to listen to your Robert Plant on big studio cans, man. You’d just sit back with a J and just let the music wash over you while your mom and dad totally spaced out to Reagan in the living room and you were totally in the zone. Bam! Guitars! Boom! Drums! Like you could see the colors of the music, man. So that’s what… Read More

  • KRK Announces New Studio Monitor Quality Headphones

    KRK, makers of high-quality studio monitors, have just announced for the first time, they will offer headphones of similar quality. Made for those who make music or just listen to music, the KNS series is for people that are serious about sound. There will be two models offered; the KNS-6400 and the KNS-8400. The headphones have a frequency range of 10Hz-22kHz on the KNS-6400 and a range… Read More

  • Marshall Teases Us With A Nice Pair Of Cans

    Basically all we know about these upcoming Marshall headphones is that they’ll be available on November 15 and that they bear the name of the vaunted monitor cabinet and amp company, Marshall. If the image is any indication, they’re perfect for hipster graffiti artists. Read More

  • New Ultrasone 2900 Audiophile Headphones Offer Single Or Balanced Cable

    Ultrasone, the high-end German audio guys, are putting out a new set of high-end headphones with a few tweaks to their formula. The Pro 2900 is the first Pro series set to be open-backed, a style I prefer, and they’re also offering two cable choices: balanced and single. Read More