• RIAA Sends Nasty Letter to 23 Colleges, Save Harvard, Demanding Money

    The RIAA continues fighting the good fight, saving its clients from starvation and abject poverty. It just sent letters to 23 colleges around the country demanding that the war criminals who have downloaded music pay $3,000. In addition to getting a rather large sum of money for the average college student, the scheme works out such that, should you cooperate, the RIAA would then have all… Read More

  • Harvard Really Hates The RIAA

    Recently, an article was published in a monthly newsletter at Harvard Law called “Universities to RIAA: Take a Hike.” If the title isn’t a complete giveaway, the article details how the RIAA is bullying students in college into lawsuits for file-sharing. Harvard feels that a university’s duty is to follow its own mission, not to cater as messenger for the messenger to… Read More