• HappyFunCorp | Built in Brooklyn

    Built In Brooklyn: HappyFunCorp Helps Startups Build New Products

    For the tenth and final episode of Built in Brooklyn, we tried to do something a little different — instead of visiting another startup, we talked to the team at HappyFunCorp, a design and engineering firm that’s helped a bunch of local startups get off the ground. HappyFunCorp’s clients include New York City companies like Boxee, CoPromote, Paperless Post, and SimpleReach. Read More

  • Dear Clients, Please Stop: Ten Ways Founders Sabotage Themselves

    Dear Clients, Please Stop: Ten Ways Founders Sabotage Themselves

    I spend my Saturdays ranting opining here on TechCrunch, but I spend my work weeks writing software, building apps, sites, and services for the fine startup-to-Fortune-500 clients of the software consultancy HappyFunCorp. (Check out our spiffy new web site!) In that time I have learned many lessons from our clients…the hard way. Read More

  • Android vs. iOS Development: Fight!

    Android vs. iOS Development: Fight!

    The eternal startup question “Android or iOS first?” grows ever thornier, with news that Android’s market share exceeds 80%. But never mind the managers and non-technical founders: what do developers! developers! think of that divide? Whoever makes life easier for them gains a sizable edge. And by “them” I mean “us.” When not writing TC columns… Read More

  • Technical Debt Will Kill You Dead (If You Let It)

    Technical Debt Will Kill You Dead (If You Let It)

    A project I’ve been working on launched recently. Well, re-launched. A slick little iPhone app called Postography, which lets you send postcards with messages and pictures from your iPhone. Nifty, but sounds fairly straightforward, right? An app that shouldn’t have taken too much time to build. Unfortunately, we didn’t build it; we rebuilt it. And the company that took the… Read More

  • How Long Will Programmers Be So Well-Paid?

    How Long Will Programmers Be So Well-Paid?

    Last week Glassdoor published its most recent software engineering salary report. Short version: it pays to code. Google and Facebook employees earn a base salary of ~$125K, not counting benefits, 401k matching, stock options/grants, etc., and even Yahoo! developers pull in six figures. Everyone knows why: ask anyone in the Valley, or NYC, or, well, practically anywhere, and they’ll tell… Read More

  • No Shortcuts, No Mercy: The Bloodsport Of Recruitment

    No Shortcuts, No Mercy: The Bloodsport Of Recruitment

    One year ago I wrote an article called “Why The New Guy Can’t Code,” about how the industry-standard process for hiring software engineers is broken, shortsighted, and counterproductive. It remains my most-read TC post. Of course, I was far from the first to say so, and even farther from the last; every few weeks a similar rant bubbles onto the home page of Hacker News. And… Read More

  • It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad App World

    Editor’s note: Contributor Jon Evans is an author and software engineer. He hails from the Great White North, but we let him write here anyway. Report from the app-development trenches: it’s gettin’ kinda crazy out there. I’ve lost track of how many NDAs I’ve signed this year from people with app ideas. Old coworkers and previous clients have deluged me with so… Read More