• More childishness: ‘Hackers’ attack music industry Web site post-Pirate Bay guilty verdict

    The maturity of a certain segment of the pro-Pirate Bay brigade continues to impress. In the wake of last week’s guilty verdict, people had taken to the streets in Sweden. Fair enough, that’s not hurting anyone, and protest is a time-honored way to register one’s disgust with a government or institution or whatever. But now? Yeah, now hashmob-organized DDoS attacks are… Read More

  • Shock: Hackers sometimes hack just to be jerks

    Internet security experts, and the people who pretend to be them, often only track hacks and the like when there’s money or personal information involved. You know, stolen credit card numbers, eBay phishing scams, etc. That’s all well and good—“I just want to make sure my money is safe!”—but a study detailing a sample of last year’s Internet hacks… Read More

  • Today we are all MacRumors

    What a day! While Apple was busy announcing, relatively speaking, nothing at MacWorld, 4Chan, the bad boys of the Internet, went ahead and hacked MacRumors’ live coverage of the show; Twitter freaked out, which is to be expected. Hardly confusing wrechedness. Read More

  • Student trying to alert school to computer vulnerability instead charged with three felonies

    Dear school administrators, What’s the best way to ensure that your computer network remains riddled with security vulnerabilities that leave you, your personnel and [someone think of the] schoolchildren in danger? Why, to demonize the student who discovered the vulnerability and alerted you to it, of course. Have him charged with a felony while you’re at it. A student in a… Read More

  • Your cellphones aren't safe from hackers

    We’re being told to be afraid of hackers again, only now they’re targeting our cellphones. But we use our cellphones! Security experts at Georgia Tech said that hackers, those faceless but utterly contemptible malcontents, could soon turn their attention toward creating botnets out of cellphones. These botnets wouldn’t then be used to send e-mail and so forth, but rather would… Read More

  • New denial of service attack permanently knocks machines offline

    As soon as this story hits Drudge be prepared for all sorts of Chicken Little-related doom and gloom predictions. This ominous photo illustrates the absolute terror we all face. ::cough:: A team of security researchers, an innocent-sounding catch-all description if there ever was one, have discovered a new type denial of service attack that not only does the usual damage, but it also appears to… Read More

  • Kevin Mitnick detained after trip to Colombia

    Kevin Mitnick, the infamous hacker who basically gave script-kiddies the power to lord over dumb journalists and law enforcement folks, was detained after a trip to Bogota where he gave a talk to reporters from El Tiempo. When he landed in Atlanta, customs officials pulled him out of line and searched his bags where they found: Read More

  • Palin e-mail hacker traced to University of Tennessee dorm

    The very fabric of our democracy came under attack last week when a hacker broke into Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin’s e-mail account. Federal investigators have since been involved, and are closing in on a possible culprit, a college student at the University of Tennessee. Investigators have tracked an IP address to student housing at The Commons in Knoxville, part of… Read More

  • Russia grows up, learns how to wage cyberwarfare more effectively

    Not a Russian hacker, just a filthy rich one There’s a reasonably interesting little story in Foreign Policy—I wear a big Napoleon hat when I post—about Russia’s cyber response during last week’s conflict with Georgia. It seems the Russians know a thing or two about Internet trolling, since instead of defacing Web sites and crashing anti-Russia servers, they… Read More

  • UK Hacker is doing all he can not to get extradited to the US

    In a last ditch effort Gary McKinnon, the UK hacker who allegedly hacked in to the Pentagon, is now taking his case to the European Court on Human Rights. McKinnon feels that his human rights were violated when the U.S. offered him a plea-bargain (something the UK courts to not do) to get a lighter sentence. He felt that by accepting this he would be opting himself out of a fair trial. Of… Read More

  • Lots of Macs sold = new hacker target?

    Could the Mac be the next big “hacker” target? Apparently one corner-office analyst thinks so, and that, in turn, is freaking The Times out. Part of the reason for Apple’s terrific second quarter was because of the record number of Macs sold. More and more Macs out there, we’re led to believe, means that the platform is the next big hacker target. What’s most… Read More

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