• Hacker hacks FEMA phones, makes $12K in calls

    Those poor little LAMBs over at FEMA! A hacker broke into a Homeland Security telephone system and called the Middle East and Asia, racking up $12,000 in phone calls. By cracking a voicemail system, the hacker was able jump onto the FEMA phone network and make free calls last weekend. “In this case it’s sort of embarrassing that it happened to FEMA themselves — FEMA being a… Read More

  • Nintendo Fights Back Against Modchips

    Nintendo is fighting back against Modchip manufacturers and modders with an altered circuit layout on the newest shipment of Wii’s. The move isn’t all that surprising, but Taiwanese retail channels are saying revised modchips could be available within a month. If you recently purchased a Wii and you have plans to mod it then I’d think twice. Because of the new altered… Read More