• Here’s To The Death Of “Personal Branding” On The Internet

    Here’s To The Death Of “Personal Branding” On The Internet

    I’m not exactly sure who made being a “personal brand” a thing on the Internet, but I’d really like to sit down with them and ask them why they thought that it was a good idea. You see, an entire ecosystem of people looking to make money have cropped up around this notion of helping people become a “brand.” Honestly, it’s bull, and I’d like to see… Read More

  • Masen Marshall, the Ultimate Linux Guru, has a special laptop

    Masen Marshall, pictured above, is not your ordinary Linux user. No, he’s the Ultimate Linux Guru, a title bestowed upon him by his significant contributions to the user community. He’s seen here holding a laptop signed by Linux creator Linus Torvalds. All of the stickers and bling you’ve added to your laptop are now decidedly second rate. Read More