• Rider Nylon guitar for guitar pickin', classically-trained hoboes

    Rider Nylon guitar for guitar pickin', classically-trained hoboes

    The Blackbird Rider Nylon is a completely travel-proof guitar with a hollow neck and a sound port at the head, creating a big guitar sound in a carbon fiber body. It weighs a mere 3 bounds and is a full guitar – not one of those odd wooden travel guitars. Interestingly, the guitar has the string spacing of a standard nylon string guitar which means you can do all the same flamenco… Read More

  • It's a guitar, it's a computer, it's – it's – a compuitar! TechEBlog has a cool little pair of guitars that also happen to be PCs (or are they PCs that also happen to be guitars? Go ask Chuang Tzu). The one in the video above is actually a touchscreen laptop embedded into a guitar body and appears to have working frets and all. I’m thinking he needs to take it easy on the delay a little bit (bwee-ow-ow-ow-ow-ow), but… Read More

  • Tesla Coil+Guitar Amp=Best Potential Rendition of Iron Man Ever To those who are about to connect their electric guitars and amps directly to a Tesla coil and change the amplitude of the sparks based on the audio generated by the guitar to create huge bitchin’ sparks in your garage, we salute you. via BBG Read More

  • ‘Starpex’ full-size wood guitar controller for PS2/PS3

    ‘Starpex’ full-size wood guitar controller for PS2/PS3

    If you find yourself feeling like half a man while using the sorta-cheap standard-issue Guitar Hero and Rock Band guitars BUT you don’t think you’re quite ready for the responsibility of owning and learning to play a real guitar, here’s a nice little baby-step along your path to self-realization. It’s a real-feeling, full-size guitar for Guitar Hero and/or Rock Band… Read More

  • Video: Moog takes to guitars, music nerds rejoice

    Maybe only music nerds will understand why this is significant, but it’s pretty amazing. Moog, the company known for making some of the most innovative musical products every, especially synthesizers, has turned its sites towards guitars. This video shows some legendary musicians loving on the the first Moog Guitar. What’s cool is, like original Moog products, it’s analog. Read More

  • 'N-Tune' keeps your guitar in tune, get it? The Seattle Post-Intelligencer (I’m still not convinced that’s a real word) is running a bit on a new built-in guitar tuning doodad. New in the sense that it’s a new product but not new in the sense that foot pedal tuners or Gibson’s robot guitar have filled the tune-your-guitar-easily void for… Read More

  • Guitar Rising: Like Guitar Hero but for real guitars Guitar Rising will do for your real guitar playing skills what Guitar Hero and Rock Band did for your fake guitar playing skills. It’s a game/lesson teacher (“lesson teacher” sounds vaguely sadomasochistic) that uses electric guitars—everything from MyFirstElectricGuitar to the double necked Gibson Jimmy Page used—instead of… Read More

  • SoundTech Ediface: Like Guitar Hero with real guitars The SoundTech Ediface is an interesting device. It’s basically a pickup that attaches to any guitar and then converts what you play to digital format. It comes with a game called Guitar Wizard that “allows users to jam along to popular songs while learning to play a real guitar.” The Ediface… Read More

  • Guitar + Laptop = Badass casemod

    Guitar + Laptop = Badass casemod

    Your guitar is old and busted. Do you repaint it? Get a new guitar? Or figure out a way to cram your old laptop into it, making a guitar with an ever-changing face? If you’re a true nerd, you don’t even have to ask the question. This is considered a case mod, we guess, but we call it a guitar mod; since it’s still a usable guitar, and not so much a laptop, it’s a… Read More

  • Full-size Riffmaster guitar controller hardly justifies $400 price

    Full-size Riffmaster guitar controller hardly justifies $400 price

    $400 can buy a lot of things. You could buy a video game console, several pairs of warm socks, some RAM… you could also buy a Guitar Hero controller. Yeah, it’s a pretty substantial controller, but at the end of the day you’re still holding a $400 toy. Your call. Such is the dilemma you face when considering Art Guitar’s AG Riffmaster. Unlike the standard, mini… Read More

  • Rock Band only available as a bundle at launch

    Rock Band only available as a bundle at launch

    What’s up with Rock Band? We know, thanks to Peter “Surfing magazine is synonymous with surfing” Ha, that the game will “rock and roll” into our hearts on November 23 for $170. That price includes the game itself, guitar, drums and microphone. Don’t expect the game to be available sans-bundle, however, since the one bundle-only configuration helps keep… Read More

  • Headphone Guitar Amp For Quiet Shredding

    Headphone Guitar Amp For Quiet Shredding

    I can’t really shred anymore. I sold my Gibson axe after I finished college and figured out that unless you’re really talented, being in a post-graduate band isn’t even a little bit cool. But maybe one day I’ll throw in a copy of Six String Samurai and get motivated to start playing again. If I do, I’ll surely need one of these headphone amps while I work on… Read More