• Moniker Looks To Crowdfunding To Create A Custom Guitar Business

    Moniker Looks To Crowdfunding To Create A Custom Guitar Business

    Austin-based Moniker Guitars is running a Kickstarter campaign to create a line of semi-hollow-body guitars for discerning git-fiddlists. The company will offer their first guitars for a $700 pledge, not bad for a hand-made guitar from rockabilly city. Read More

  • Up Close With MacKenzie & Marr’s Handmade, Online-Only Guitars

    Up Close With MacKenzie & Marr’s Handmade, Online-Only Guitars

    One of the benefits of the web is that you can eschew traditional models of distribution and talk to your customer one-on-one. In what I consider a first for ecommerce, guitar makers MacKenzie & Marr have taken this model to heart and are building handmade, unique guitars in China and shipping them out of their warehouse in Canada. We profiled them a few weeks back and they let me take one… Read More

  • MacKenzie & Marr Bring Guitar-making Into The 21st Century

    MacKenzie & Marr Bring Guitar-making Into The 21st Century

    Guitar-making is a noble and beautiful art and it’s high time luthiers started thinking about the web. MacKenzie & Marr is a tiny company in Quebec that designs and hand makes relatively inexpensive but amazingly handsome guitars. While they do outsource much of the manufacturing to China, there is not a single robot involved in the building of their cedar-top git-fiddles and… Read More

  • Gibson Shipping The Firebird X, A Computer Inside A Guitar

    Gibson Shipping The Firebird X, A Computer Inside A Guitar

    Announced at CES 2011, the Gibson Firebird X has been a fascinating example of a traditional instrument maker building something that, arguably, is quite revolutionary. The Firebird X is essentially a computer inside a guitar. The guitar itself contains a Freescale processor and can run apps approved and sold through the Gibson website. The guitar can model over 2,000 different sounds and… Read More

  • Effectology: Paranormal Spooooky Sounds

    Our buddy Bill Ruppert just shared another Effectology video with us, this time creating spooky sounds from the haunted house. The effects he creates here are pretty wild including Alien Bells and an X-Files whistle, all built on effects pedals and a standard git-fiddle. Read More

  • WowWee Releases New Paper Jamz Pro-Series Guitars, Now With Downloadable Music

    Not content to totally rock your face off with their current Paper Jamz offerings, WowWee has created a new version of the paper-thin guitars complete with downloadable content, more power chords, and special waa waa function that bends notes when you shake the neck. The new guitars have downloadable songs as well as downloadable guitar sounds including heavy metal and twanging country. They… Read More

  • For Those About To Rock On a 3D-Printed Guitar, We Salute You

    This crazy guitar is handmade – in a way. Designed on a computer and 3D printed by Bård S D, the guitar works quite well and looks like something Starchild would use to blow up an alien invasion force. Read More

  • For Guitarists: Sanyo's Pedal Juice Battery Pack

    Sanyo keeps on adding products to its eneloop brand of eco-friendly, rechargeable batteries. Today the company announced the so-called KBC-9V3U Pedal Juice for the US and other markets, a 9V lithium-ion battery unit designed for charging multiple guitar effects pedals at the same time (it features two 9V outputs and can power multi-effect units and portable recorders, too). Read More

  • Thunder 30 amplifier from Orange

    Stage aesthetics all contain a common trend. Generally, the equipment should be seen as little as possible, leading to pretty much every guitar amplifier in existence being black. Orange Amplifiers said, “To hell with all that nonsense” and proceeded to create some of the most visually offensive and sonically powerful amps on the market. Their latest release, the Thunder 30… Read More

  • Effectology: Uilleann pipes, field drums and guitars

    Good old Bill Ruppert posted another Effectology video showing off the creation of Uilleann pipe and drum sounds with EHX gear and a guitar. The actual settings are here including all the pedals he used. What are uilleann pipes, you ask? Well look no further than Riverdance! Read More

  • New Effectology shows off reverb

    Who doesn’t love some reverb? EHX’s Effectology explores reverb in all its forms in this charming post. It sounds pretty boring at first but listen to Bill Ruppert go surfy on that git-fiddle then add a little something that sounds like a nice weekend out for the Doves or Blue Oyster Cult. Check out the Infinite Sustain at the end. It’s amazing, if a little Kenny G. Read More