• Groupola's iPhone deal and a wonky server creates mailing list of upset customers

    It was always probably too good to be true. Groupola‘s aggressive campaign to build up its mailing list and create name recognition for the group buying site, appears to have somewhat backfired. The UK Groupon-clone has been running a promotion offering a limited number of its email subscribers an unlocked iPhone 4 for £99, a massive discount of 80.16%. The deal was scheduled to go… Read More

  • Groupon's Brazilian Site ClubeUrbano Loaded With Fake Deals

    Red-hot deal site Groupon has been a tear lately. Hot off a $135 million funding round that valued the company at $1.35 billion, it recently acquired European deal powerhouse CityDeal, Chilean deal site ClanDescuento, and mobile development studio But it seems that some of its expansion strategies are downright shady: we’ve received three separate reports that… Read More

  • Groupon Buys Chile's, Opens ClubeUrbano In Brazil

    Looks like massively funded daily deal sensation Groupon has turned its attention to the budding ecommerce market in Latin America. The company has apparently acquired Chilean deal site ClanDescuento and opened a new site called ClubeUrbano in Brazil. We were alerted by Spanish-language press reports and blogs on the former news item, but were ironically made aware of its new Brazilian… Read More

  • Group Buying Site Tippr Acquires White Label Deals Startup FanForce

    Group buying site has acquired Austin-based deals site FanForce for an undisclosed sum. This follows the company’s acquisition of fellow deal of the day site ChicagoDeals last week. FanForce offers a white-label Groupon of sorts, allowing small businesses to create their own deals. FanForce takes care of the promotion of deals and offers, sell the vouchers and collect payments. Read More

  • Gilt CEO: How Gilt Will Go Local

    Gilt is closing in on Groupon’s turf. In April, Gilt quietly launched a beta version of “Gilt City,” a local deals service that offered a set of weekly deals for New York. Although City remains in beta mode and is only available to approximately one-third of Gilt’s NY membership, the well-funded company is preparing for an official launch in 15 to 20 U.S. Read More

  • Did Amazon Miss The Boat On Social Commerce?

    Did Amazon Miss The Boat On Social Commerce?

    Few will dispute Amazon’s role as current king of the e-commerce space, but this week’s TechCrunch Disrupt conference raised an interesting question: Did Amazon miss the boat on social commerce? At the conference last week in New York, John Caplan, CEO, OpenSky; Rob Kalin, CEO, Etsy; Susan Lyne, CEO, Gilt Groupe and Dan Porter, CEO, OMGPOP sat down to discuss the idea of social… Read More

  • ChompOn Is A White-Label Platform For Groupon-Like Deals

    Group buying sites such as Groupon have proven to be a lucrative model for social e-commerce. Today, ChompOn is launching at TechCrunch Disrupt to bring a white-label group buying service to the space, allowing business owners to create their own deal of the day. ChompOn’s platform allows businesses to easily create a deal of the day (which is hosted on ChompOn), and set limits on… Read More

  • After Selling Citydeal To Groupon, Samwer Brothers Get Some Panfu

    The Samwer brothers are at it again. Shortly after cashing in on Citydeal, Germany’s most prolific startup investors have put millions into Panfu. Their incubator Rocket Internet joined by Holtzbrinck Ventures has invested a rumored seven digit Euro sum in the multi-language educational gaming world for kids. It’s their third joint investment in Panfu, former rounds were done… Read More

  • Is Groupon buying CityDeal actually a disaster for German innovators?

    The Groupon acquisition of CityDeal is being hailed by many across Europe as a good exit for the German-based clone (yes, there is no point in saying it is anything else but a Groupon clone). But luckily there are more than just clones in Germany. The burgeoning cluster in Mitte, central Berlin, is producing startups such as Soundcloud, hiogi, Babbel, Twinity, SongBeat and aka-aki. Nokia… Read More

  • LowerMyBills And DailyStrength Founders Launch The DailyD To Round Up Group Deals

    The group buying craze is now officially in overdrive. There are so many group buying sites—Groupon, LivingSocial, BuyWithMe, SocialBuy—that it is hard to know where to go for the best deals. Enter the DailyD, a new site that just launched today which pulls together all the deals for a city in one site and sends out a daily email as well. The founders of the DailyD are Matt… Read More

  • Is Groupon's CityDeal Acquisition A Disaster For German Innovators?

    The Groupon acquisition of CityDeal is being hailed by many across Europe as a good exit for the German-based clone (yes, there is no point in saying it is anything else but a Groupon clone). But luckily there are more than just clones in Germany. The burgeoning cluster in Mitte, central Berlin, is producing startups such as Soundcloud, hiogi, Babbel, Twinity, SongBeat and aka-aki. Nokia… Read More

  • Breaking: Groupon acquires German clone CityDeal

    We have just learned that German Groupon clone CityDeal has been acquired by the world’s original and leading collective coupon buying platform Groupon. CityDeal, which was invested in by Rocket Internet, the incubator of the Samwer brothers, has raised around 20 million Euros and was heavily competing with their counterpart DailyDeal – another german Groupon clone backed by… Read More

  • Groupon Invades Europe With Acquisition Of Citydeal

    Groupon Invades Europe With Acquisition Of Citydeal

    Daily deal service Groupon, hot off a new funding that valued the company at $1.35 billion, may not love all those clones of its service out there. But they’re certainly being realistic about things – tomorrow they’ll announce the acquisition of German startup Citydeal, CEO Andrew Mason just called to tell me. Citydeal first launched in January, raised €4 million in… Read More

  • Why Media Companies Should Become More Like Merchants

    Editor’s note: Should media sites become group buying sites as well? Guest author Dave Chase thinks so. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the Internet it is that if a middleman doesn’t add enough value, their days are numbered. Media companies may not have thought of themselves as middlemen—but that’s what they have been for marketers. When I used to… Read More

  • Groupon Buys, Opens Silicon Valley Office

    Groupon, the increasingly popular daily deal site, has purchased mobile development firm for an undisclosed amount and opened up an office in Palo Alto. The Chicago-based company (which recently snagged a round of funding led by DST with a $1.35 billion valuation) has also hired the former Netflix executive, Mark Johnson, as their new Chief Data Officer. Johnson and will both… Read More

  • Offermatic Is The Freak Love Child Of Mint, Groupon And Blippy

    The best way to describe Offermatic is this – imagine if Mint, Blippy and Groupon went off to Vegas for the weekend, got wasted and ended up in bed together. Nine months later, out pops Offermatic. Like Mint, Offermatic is a front end user interface to Yodlee’s robust financial network. And the service digs through your credit card transactions just like Blippy does (although… Read More

  • Groupon Adds Reward Points Program To Further Entice Shopaholics

    Groupon, the already incredibly profitable startup from Chicago, gives users a deal a day in their home city. A friend of mine recently used them to get a two day surf lesson for $50, for example. She’s hooked on Groupon and seems to get more fun out of buying stuff than even necessarily using it. Now the site is adding a rewards program that will likely make it even more like crack… Read More

  • A TC Teardown: What Makes Groupon Tick

    A TC Teardown: What Makes Groupon Tick

    Editor’s note: Group buying sites are growing like mushrooms. In this teardown, guest author Steven Carpenter goes through a detailed teardown of the largest social commerce site, Groupon, and its competitors to see what exactly is going on here. Much has been written about the rapid growth and success of Chicago-based local daily deal company, Groupon. And it is for good reason. No… Read More

  • Gilt Launches Groupon Competitor 'Gilt City' In NYC

    Gilt, the well-funded company that sells high-end luxury goods online at steep discounts in short-term “flash sales”, has its eyes set on a new target: Groupon. At least, it’s launching a new service that has a very similar model. In the last two days, Gilt has been sending some members invitations to ‘Gilt City‘, where they can get “exclusive local deals… Read More

  • It's Official: Groupon Announces That $1.35 Billion Valuation Round

    We reported the details last week here and here. But now it’s official. Chicago based Groupon has raised $135 million in a fourth round of financing. DST led the round, with participation from Battery Ventures. The valuation isn’t being announced, but we’ve confirmed it is in the $1.35 billion range from multiple sources close to the company. We wrote an extensive overview of… Read More