• Groupon Raises Huge New Round at $1.2 Billion Valuation (Updated)

    Fast growing Groupon, fresh off a $30 million round of financing that valued the company at around $250 million, is back raising new money. They have closed or are in the process of closing new venture money at a $1.2 billion valuation, say multiple sources (one source says that’s not exactly correct, but close). Groupon offers a daily deal in several cities each day, offering steep… Read More

  • Groupon CEO On Attack Of The Clones [Video]

    Groupon’s Andrew Mason is well aware of all the Groupon-esque sites but he says he’s picking his battles: “At first it was definitely really weird, just because my motivation as an entrepreneur, internet person, is so different from the type of person that would go and copy something exactly… The first couple of times we saw these sites it would be just people copying… Read More

  • Guest Post: Groupon clone wars – Who will win the Battle of Britain?

    This is a guest post by Tim O’Shea (Twitter: @timothyoshea), founder of Blurtit, co-founder of Qhub and most recently co-founder of the short lived UK group buying website Snippa. He addresses challenges facing the group buying site market in the UK following the explosion of Groupon clone style startups through his own experience with Snippa. On a trip to New York in November 2009… Read More

  • Groupon Clones Pop Up Like Mushrooms In The United States, Too

    Groupon Clones Pop Up Like Mushrooms In The United States, Too

    Websites offering deals on a daily basis are popping up all over the place. In Russia, the strategy is apparently to copy the entire website design and business model of one of the most promising companies in this space, Groupon, while in Germany Daily Deal battles with City Deal and the UK has more than its share of group buying websites. But it’s not like the concept isn’t… Read More

  • Copy/Paste Innovation: Groupon Gets Cloned In Russia And China

    Even a casual glance at new Russian site BigLion shows you that the creators not only copied Groupon’s business model, but they also just ripped the site design and navigation off completely, too. The sites look nearly identical, even down to the smallest details. What’s more, the practice seems to be accepted in Russia, and the new service has gotten some legitimate press that… Read More

  • Shoot to kill – Groupon clone Snippa enters the deadpool

    [UK] With over 12 UK competitors, it’s no surprise that the Groupon clone fall-out has begun. After writing about the group buying aggregator Deal Romeo earlier today, one of our readers alerted us to the fact that Groupon clone Snippa, which launched as recently as March 9th this year, has entered the deadpool. A notice on the site reads: “Following careful consideration we… Read More

  • Attack of the Groupon clones 2 – If you can't beat 'em, aggregate 'em

    [UK] There doesn’t seem to be a week gone by without the launch of another Groupon clone. In fact, so hot is the group buying space that we’re now hearing of a number of sites that do nothing more than aggregate the daily deals of the Groupon clones. West Sussex-based Deal Romeo, which has only just launched, is one such offering. The site, which is privately funded and was founded… Read More

  • Groupon Goes Ultra-Chic With Luxury Private Sale Site Groupöupon

    Poking fun at their more gilded competitors, group-buying site Groupon announced its April Fool’s launch of Groupöupon. As far as April Fool’s jokes go, the site is pretty convincing. It’s actually not far off from some of the pitches we see for elitist group buying startups. I was almost fooled, until I saw the umlaut (a bit much), and the fact that for each featured… Read More

  • Groupon Makes A Big Hire, Rob Solomon Joins As President

    Social commerce site Groupon is on fire. Everywhere I go, people are talking about it or trying to copy it. The Chicago-based startup just hired a big gun. Rob Solomon is joining as the company’s president. Solomon is a venture partner at Technology Crossover Ventures, which he joined after selling travel search engine SideStep to Kayak for $200 million. He was the CEO at SideStep… Read More

  • German Groupon clone Citydeal gets €5m in second round

    [Germany] The Samwer brothers have done it again. In December, Germany’s most prolific startup founders pumped millions from France and Sweden into their Internet companies. Now the three brothers have secured a €5 million second round for their Groupon clone Citydeal, which they only founded in December. The new investment comes from an international group made up of the Swedish… Read More

  • Groupon Directors Establish $100 Million Fund To Invest In The Midwest

    Eric Lefkofsky and Brad Keywell, two of Chicago’s best-known tech entrepreneurs, plan to invest as much as $10 million annually in early-stage technology companies through a new fund dubbed Lightbank. The goal is to provide early-stage startups with seed financing, ranging from 100k to $1 million and fund companies with up to $10 million on an annual basis for the next 10 years. In… Read More

  • Attack of the Groupon clones – Here comes Snippa

    [UK] Now this is getting a little silly. Snippa, another UK-based Groupon clone launches today, this time from two experienced entrepreneurs: Tim O’Shea, founder of Blurtit, and David Hobart, founder of PureContent. The company is self funded by O’Shea and Hobart from their existing businesses, operating with a six person team headquartered in North Walsham, Norfolk. Snippa, which… Read More

  • – yet another Groupon clone launches in the UK

    [UK] A new website launches in the UK today that uses “the power of group-buying to save consumers up to 90% off the best things to do, see, eat and buy.” Sounds familiar? Yep, it’s yet another Groupon clone. Only this time, is already making claims to be the biggest group buying site in the country. That’s because it’s launching simultaneously in 8… Read More

  • The Horror – Welcome Groupola, Yet Another Groupon Clone

    A new website launches in the UK today that uses “the power of group-buying to save consumers up to 90% off the best things to do, see, eat and buy.” Sounds familiar? Yep folks, it’s yet another Groupon clone. Only this time, is already making claims to be biggest group buying site in the UK. That’s because it’s launching simultaneously in 8 of… Read More

  • 8coupons And Yipit Are One-Stop Shops For Groupon-Like Daily Deals

    If you’re a frequent TechCrunch reader, there’s a good chance you’re familiar with Groupon, a rapidly growing startup that offers steep discounts on local goods and services. It’s a great idea: the deals are only activated once a certain number of people sign up for them, which makes the service viral and allows businesses to quickly gain lots of new customers and… Read More

  • German Groupon clone Mycitydeal secures €4m, readies UK launch

    [Germany/UK] Mycitydeal, the recently launched German Groupon clone, has secured €4 million in a first round of funding, reports paidContent. The backing comes from Holtzbrinck Ventures, eVenture Capital Partners, and Rocket Internet, amongst others. The new investment will be used primarily to expand into the UK, says the company. No easy task considering how crowded this space is fast… Read More

  • Facebook Beacon Done Right? Retailers Start Embracing Blippy.

    Readers seem pretty split about what to think of Blippy, the service which allows you to share your credit card purchases online. About half think it’s the next logical step in sharing data online. The other half think it’s just about the worst idea ever. Retailers, it seems, are starting to lean towards the former. Blipply has reached agreements with three partners to promote and… Read More

  • Wahanda Aims To Become Yelp-Meets-Groupon-For-Health

    We first covered Wahanda, a social network for people who use spas and other “wellness” products, way, way back in 2008 but they’ve been busy. After raising £1.5 million to become the ‘Amazon of wellness’ it’s now built the world’s biggest vertical database of health and beauty spas via their Yelp-like social network. Wahanda now has 10,000 venues… Read More

  • European Startups Race To Emulate Groupon

    The Chicago-based Groupon has been valued at $280 million after closing their recent $30 million venture round with Accel Partners and previous investors. Clearly Groupon’s new take on group buying is a hot space right now. Now in Berlin, a Groupon-like startup, has attracted Stefan Glänzer (an early investor in, Michael Brehm (Ex-StudiVZ) and Jochen Maaß as… Read More

  • Groupon Valued At $250 million

    Multiple sources tell us that Groupon, the surging Chicago-based startup, was valued at $250 million when they closed their recent $30 million venture round with Accel Partners and previous investors. In that post we wrote that “the company is going gangbusters,” but apparently that’s a bit of an understatement. Post round, the value of the company is at least $280… Read More