• Pushpins Launches SimpleUPC: Product Information-As-A-Service

    Pushpins Launches SimpleUPC: Product Information-As-A-Service

    Pushpins, Inc., the makers of a mobile app for saving on groceries, have launched a new service called SimpleUPC targeted towards mobile app developers. SimpleUPC, which is available as an API (application programming interface), provides product information as a service for the use in mobile apps like barcode scanners, shopping lists and nutrition trackers. The API contains data on over… Read More

  • The SmartShopper Makes You A Smart Shopper

    In my house, we have a baseline shopping list that contains the things we almost always need to buy — you know, the things we go through quickly like milk, butter, rubber bands, extension cords — and then a rotating selection of fancy cheeses we’d like to try. We usually don’t bother to write down our staple items because we buy them so regularly, but sometimes we… Read More