• Japanese company sells "photorealistic" 3D-sushi/hamburger/pudding/orange puzzles

    Tokyo-based toymaker Beverly Enterprises is selling 3D-puzzles [JP] of various groceries such as hamburgers, pudding, sushi, rice balls and oranges. The sushi-puzzle set (tuna and egg-sushi) is available from this month for $12 (a total of 13 parts must be assembled). And because the plastic toys look a lot like the real deal, the official tagline for the entire line-up is: “No, you… Read More

  • Smart shopping carts headed for London supermarkets?

    Shopping carts rigged up with a touch screens and barcode scanners might find their way into London supermarkets soon, according to Reuters. You’d simply scan an item and get a readout of how many calories, fat, and whatnot it contains. It’d be similar to looking at the back of item with your eyes except with a few more steps involved. Read More