• Sprint suddenly gets all Captain Planet on us with green movement

    Being eco-friendly should definitely be high on the priorities list for electronics manufacturers and service providers, so I’m pretty happy to see that Sprint is doing its part to make our planet a nicer place for future generations. Just in case you’re the apathetic type when it comes to the three Rs (recycle, reuse, reduce!), Sprint has put some incentives into place for you. Read More

  • Artist creates horse-drawn Hummer H2 (it's a statement)

    Most artist’s statements are pretentious garbage — much like their art. But this deconstructed Hummer project makes a statement that’s as straightforward as it is true: “Keep it up and you’ll be driving one of these.” Read More

  • Wow, a solar-charging backpack that actually looks cool

    Are you a huge nerd? No? Sorry, I guess that solar backpack you’re wearing kind of threw me off. Looks like Playskool meets Transmetropolitan. Not exactly a babe magnet. I’m going to let you in on a secret, big guy: check out these Soular Power bags from Neon Green. If you absolutely must wear a solar panel backpack, it might as well be the coolest one out there, right? That’s… Read More

  • Toner-, ink- and paperless printer (video)

    A Japanese company called Sanwa Newtec has developed a printer that works without toners, ink or (copy) paper. ThePrePeat RP-3100 is rather based on a line thermal head and special paper that’s made of PET plastic and can be reused over and over again. In other words, if you have a sheet that you don’t need any longer you can insert it back into the printer (where it gets… Read More

  • New bill introduced to cover half the cost of 10 million home solar power systems

    A bill has been proposed that might help spread solar power for homes, which is still mighty expensive if you want it to do anything but run a lamp or two. The bill, proposed by Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, would cover up to half the cost of up to ten million solar power system installations. Whether they’d actually hit that 10 million limit is something of a question, of… Read More

  • Recompute cardboard computer enters production, fails to fool anybody

    What a wrongheaded, quixotic, and yet opportunistic and callous idea. A cardboard PC. Now, they’re launching a product I was careful to denounce several months ago, and all my objections still apply. Take a moment to read why a cardboard PC is just the epitome of foolishness, or just glance over these handy bullet points… Read More

  • WrapAgain: Save the world one boxed tie and cologne combo gift at a time

    This hit our radar a little late for Kwanzaa but it’s an interesting idea: reusable cloth wrapping paper. The company, called WrapAgain, offers multiple sizes and styles. The stuff is completely reusable and includes ribbons for tying. Read More

  • Greenpeace will be at CES cutting a promo on anti-green companies

    I’ve inexplicably become CrunchGear’s go-to green writer. If there’s a “green” tech story out there, I’m on the scene. Why, I don’t know, especially because my attitude toward the environment is, “Meh, I’m lucky if I hit 70 years old, what do I care?” Don’t tell that to Greenpeace though. The activists made famous by that… Read More

  • Dean Kamen's pad: a super-advanced, eco-friendly, LED-lit private island

    Hello and welcome to Cribs: The Eastern Seaboard! Today we’re checking out the self-sufficient home of Dean Kamen, whom you know as the inventor of the Segway, but has also created numerous other devices which are much cooler and actually benefit mankind. His pad is actually a private island off the coast of Connecticut, and may or may not be its own country. Let’s check it out! Read More

  • Hybrid garbage truck picking up trash in NYC

    Hybrid commercial vehicles are the answer to the environmental crisis, not passenger vehicles. Sure, your Prius is greener than, say, a Suburban, but even the large GM SUV has a lot smaller carbon footprint than full-size commercial vehicles. But slowly hybrid powertrains are being tested for commercial applications. NYC is currently testing a garbage truck that uses a 120-kilowatt electric… Read More

  • NEC's new green monitors run cool, save energy

    If you’re worried about the amount of energy your monitor is drawing, you’re probably nuts, since your PC draws ten times that, but if you must indulge your inner environmentalist, this line of displays from NEC should suffice. They’re LED-backlit, which I suspect accounts for all the savings. Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s the case. Read More

  • Solar energy and lithium-ion batteries: Sanyo now builds "green" homes in Japan

    Sanyo is already being considered Japan’s “greenest” brand in the consumer electronics field (which is the main reason Panasonic is about to acquire the company), but them building complete, eco-friendly buildings is certainly new. Sanyo Homes [JP], a wholly-owned subsidiary, will start marketing all-electric homes with lithium ion batteries providing back up power to… Read More

  • Ford's using wheat straw in a 2010 Flex component

    Here’s a little known fact: Henry Ford used natural material like hemp and stray to reinforce plastic components in his cars. Now, Ford is at it again with a small quarter trim bin found in the third row of the Ford Flex made out of wheat straw bio-filled polypropylene. Wheat straw! Read More

  • IBM developing zero-emission data center technology

    We’ve already established that your favorite tech company, from Apple to HP to Nintendo, and everyone in between, is being pressured to go green. While some of the tactics may be a bit silly, I think it’s safe to say that you’d rather see these companies green than not green, right? It makes us feel good about ourselves, that even though we’re buying hunks of plastic… Read More

  • Boardy is a USB stick made out of recycled paper

    At major events like CES, thousands upon thousands of little USB sticks are distributed, full of assets, press releases, and so on. Stop by a booth or show, get a USB stick. Usually they’re only 1 or 2GB (and dog slow), so you don’t end up using them more than once and they end up in a drawer or sitting on a table somewhere in Vegas. Here’s an idea: why not use these Boardy… Read More

  • Green: California getting closer to banning power-hungry TVs

    Uh oh, another vaguely political post on CrunchGear. As you already know, the Consumer Electronics Association, the trade group that organizes CES, is fighting tooth and nail against possible regulations that would see California essentially ban the sale of power-hungry HDTVs. This mostly affects plasmas because they consume the most electricity of the different types of TVs out there. Read More

  • Iomega announces new StorCenter ix2-200

    Iomega just announced the latest addition to their rapidly growing NAS line, the ix2-200. This is the latest iteration in the line is focused on being easy to set up, something that is fairly uncommon in the small business storage market. The new model also includes a new “Green desktop” mode, which allows the NAS to spin down the drives when not in use, thereby reducing power… Read More

  • Apple quits U.S. Chamber of Commerce over environmental policy

    Seemingly overnight, Apple has become the poster child of the responsible, Green company. (Apple recently posted all the details of its efforts; Greenpeace is now BFFs with Apple.) In fact, it’s so pro-enviroment (as if anyone is anti-environment!) that it just quit the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which is a huge organization that represents business interests to the various powers that be. Read More

  • Good idea: automated phone recycler that gives you store credit

    While gadget recycling services like Gazelle are handy and more people should take advantage of them, this in-store “ecoATM” is perhaps an even better idea. You put your old phone in there, identify it, and it checks for signs of wear. You get a quote on the spot, redeemable in store credit or whatever — or if it’s not worth anything, you can have it safely recycled… Read More

  • Greenpeace hates Apple, HP a little bit less today

    Like many of you, my knowledge of Greenpeace begins and ends with that one Seinfeld episode, the one where the NBC executive, so in love with Elaine, freaks out and joins the organization in order to impress her. That is to say I don’t really understand the “point” of the organization, or who appointed it the protector of the environment. But, it is, somehow, so let’s… Read More

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