• Witnessing The Rebirth Of The Greek Startup Ecosystem

    Witnessing The Rebirth Of The Greek Startup Ecosystem

    Thousands of years ago Greeks plied the waters of the Mediterranean as traders and merchants. They were, perhaps, amongst the first ever entrepreneurs. But somewhere along the line between then and now that history faded. Admittedly, inklings of that spirit remained in the world famous Greek shipping industry – but a reliance on government jobs and European Union subsidies did its best… Read More

  • Greek Athlete Kicked Off Olympic Team For Tweet

    Greek Athlete Kicked Off Olympic Team For Tweet

    Voula Papachristou, Greece’s triple-jump champion, was barred from competing in the London Olympic Games by the Hellenic Olympic Committee after an offensive tweet on Monday. She tweeted, “with so many Africans in Greece, at least the West Nile mosquitos will be eating food from their own home.” Read More

  • Greek Bloggers to give up anonymity? Not without a fight

    Back in 2004, one of the most well known members of the English House of Lords, Baroness Hale, stated that it is always difficult for the courts to make balanced judgements when more than one fundamental Human Right is in play. It seems, however, that today there are still people who cannot accept that in the era of social media and the Web the Law as applied by some European governments… Read More

  • Social Whale wants to bring Digg’s features on Twitter

    Social Whale is a brand new startup company from Greece which aims to extend Twitter’s abilities by introducing some new digg-like features on the famous microblogging service. At this point, Social Whale is only available as a web based client, however the company’s future plans include also the release of a client based application. Social Whale is build based on… Read More

  • Based in South Eastern Europe? Need seed funding? Check out Openfund

    In a terrific example of a self-organising industry, some of  OpenCoffee Greece’s founding members and a number of web entrepreneurs and venture capitalists have launched Openfund, offering seed capital for internet startups in Greece and South East Europe. The model draws inspiration from  YCombinator and Seedcamp, with plans to fund up to five startups per round. The startups… Read More