• Woot! Bushnell handheld GPS with NEXRAD weather data for $100

    Weird. I just got done blasting through the entire season of Storm Chasers (watched the final episode this morning). In just about every storm chaser’s vehicle, there’s a laptop set up with mapping software relaying GPS data along with an overlay of weather radar. Read More

  • Time to trade up to a new GPS unit

    TomTom wants you to buy a new PND (personal navigation device) this holiday season. So much so, that they will buy your old device from you via a mail in rebate. Read More

  • Google didn't kill the standalone GPS

    Alright, everyone, settle down. I know the Google Maps Navigation stuff is pretty amazing, but let’s not write off the traditional GPS makers just yet. They’re not going anywhere for a while. Your parents and friends will see to that. Hopefully the sudden market loss that companies like Garmin and TomTom saw yesterday will wake the companies up and see that they are doing it wrong. Read More

  • TomTom’s iPhone car kit no workie with iPod touch, first-gen iPhone

    Bad news, you guys. If you were thinking of dropping $120 on TomTom’s iPhone car kit and then another $100 on TomTom’s navigation app for use with your first-generation iPhone or second-generation iPod touch, it now looks like you’d to run into some compatibility issues. AppleInsider is reporting “that although the Car Kit dock is compatible with all iPhone models… Read More

  • Google Redefines GPS Navigation Landscape: Google Maps Navigation For Android 2.0

    If you weren’t sure about switching to an Android phone in the near future, this might put you over the edge. Google Maps Navigation is an absolutely killer app. And it is only available for Android 2.0 phones. Today is Droid day, and for the most part Google is taking a backseat and letting their partners get most of the attention. But Droid is the first Android phone to run Android… Read More

  • TomTom Car Kit for iPhone now selling in the U.S. for $120

    TomTom’s iPhone car dock is now available from the U.S. Apple Store for $120 with a shipping time of 2 to 3 weeks. You’ll recall that the actual TomTom iPhone app runs for $100 on top of that. Read More

  • All-weather GPS device handles golf, skiing, running, and more

    Sport-specific GPS devices can often cost hundreds of dollars each and if you’re someone who’s into all different types of outdoor activities like skiing, golfing, and running, buying separate GPS gizmos can add up quickly. Sure, you could probably use your smartphone to run multiple sports GPS apps but then you’ve got to deal with sweat, the elements, and… um, cell… Read More

  • GPS device alerts you to red light cameras, doesn’t do turn-by-turn directions

    Raise your hand if you’ve been caught on camera running a red light (I am raising my hand). Depending upon how often you get caught by red light cameras and how much you have to pay per ticket, this $200 “Red Light Camera Detector” may end up saving you some money and insurance headaches in the long run. Read More

  • Woot! Refurbished TomTom GPS for $109 has a pretty stellar deal on a 4.3-inch widescreen TomTom GPS system at $109, today only. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Garmin nuvi 850 for $165

    Amazon’s taken $35 off the Garmin nuvi 850 GPS system, from $200 down to $165 (today only) with free shipping. The nuvi 850 features a 4.3-inch touchscreen, voice recognition, and a built-in FM transmitter. Read More

  • iPhone ARider: Futuristic iPhone-based HMD navigation system (video)

    It seems the iPhone really tickles the fancy of some Japanese gadget freaks. Following the DIY iPhone digital signage system bag, Tokyo-based Ubiquitous Entertainment now gives us something even cooler: The “iPhone ARider”, a futuristic, portable navigation system. The ARider, an experimental project, mainly consists of an iPhone 3GS and a retractable head-mounted display (model… Read More

  • Lok8u: GPS wristwatch keeps tabs on kids

    UK-based Lok8u (Get it? Locate you?) is a GPS-enabled wristwatch meant to be worn by children. The watch also features a built-in cell signal, too, which enables location information to be relayed rapidly to parents while waiting for the GPS chip to get its bearings or when there’s no line-of-sight to GPS satellites. Read More

  • Magellan embiggens GPS line with new 7-inch RoadMate 1700

    Giant-fingered technology enthusiasts, lift up your hearts! Magellan has a 7-inch GPS system on the way: the $299 RoadMate 1700. The touchscreen has a resolution of 800×480 and there’s a video input jack so you can hook up your iPod or DVD player. Sounds safe! Read More

  • TomTom rolls out two new XXL GPS units

    Despite the fact that some feel they are whistling in the dark, TomTom just released the latest generation of their “PND” (don’t call it a GPS) the XXL. Featuring a large 5 inch screen, the new PNDs also have improved routing technology that learns your route, and helps to determine the most efficient way to get where you are going. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Magellan RoadMate 1412 GPS for $100

    Here’s a pretty nice GPS deal to start the week off. Amazon’s selling the Magellan RoadMate 1412 for $100, today only, after a $50 price break. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Refurbished Garmin nuvi GPS system with lifetime traffic for $166

    Today until noon eastern time only, Amazon’s got a “Lightning Deal” on the refurbished Garmin nuvi 265W/T widescreen GPS system with built-in Bluetooth hands-free calling and free, unlimited traffic data for just $166, down from $180. The same unit sells new on Amazon for just over $200. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Garmin nuvi 885T for $310

    Amazon’s got a fully-loaded Garmin nuvi GPS unit for $310 after a $53 discount, good today only. The 885T features traffic, weather, Bluetooth, and even “directs you to the preferred lane while driving.” Read More

  • TomTom and Garmin say standalone GPS devices ain't licked yet

    Standalone GPS devices are a dying breed. Anyone with a half-way decent smartphone can get from point A to point B with a few taps of an onscreen keyboard and it’s abundantly clear that standalone devices will end up being the the province of old folks. That said, TomTom and Garmin are seeing roses and puppy dogs. Read More

  • GPS-enabled watch lets you retrace your steps

    Here’s a big, fat GPS-enabled wristwatch that’ll allow you to walk around and then see where you walked around on Google Maps. You can also use it to find your way back to a certain location and even geo-tag photos to boot. There’s 8 megabytes of built-in storage to log all of your nefarious movements. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: ClarionMiND Mobile Internet Navigation Device for $200

    Remember the ClarionMiND? “MiND” being an acronym for “Mobile Internet Navigation Device,” the more-than-a-GPS system handles your in-car navigation but also pulls double duty as a tiny computer as well, with an Intel Atom CPU, YouTube browser, MySpace application, web browser, and more. Originally priced at around $500, Amazon is selling the ClarionMiND for just $200. Read More

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