• Berg Insight Sees Future of Mobile Maps

    Berg Insight, a company that provides analytical services and business intelligence to the telecom industry, predicts growth in mobile navigation services. These services are to be driven by GPS-technology in smartphone handsets and the bundling of navigation and map content with mobile devices and service plans. Revenue from subscriptions and advertisement is expected to grow at nearly 40% over… Read More

  • Visto Pushes Chinese Mobile E-mail

    Visto Pushes Chinese Mobile E-mail

    Tianjin MIE Productivity Center (MPIC) and Ke An Vehicle Satellite Location Network Technology Corporation (Ke An) announced that they have selected Visto to bring push e-mail to China’s mobile workforce. The Visto Mobile will bring push e-mail to more than 30,000 mobile professionals in China, where MIPC will now offer real-time access from the GPS application implemented by Ken An. Read More

  • uLocate GPS Platform Gets $11 Million

    uLocate GPS Platform Gets $11 Million

    uLocate announced an $11 million investment from GrandBanks Capital and Kodiak Venture Partners across the business wire this morning. GrandBanks Capital and Kodiak Venture Partners. Venrock’s General Partner, Mike Tyrrell, also joined uLocate’s Board of Directors. uLocate’s products serve as an interface to mobile carrier’s various GPS location systems, enabling developers… Read More

  • WHERE is What You Need

    WHERE is What You Need

    Need to find local weather, driving directions or a ski report? Where do you look? How about on your cellphone with WHERE GPS widgets? Developed by uLocate Communications and currently available for handsets on the Sprint/Nextel network, WHERE GPS widgets can be managed from a drag-and-drop Web interface. Subscription to the widgets costs around $3 a month, and range from weather information… Read More

  • First-Ever Mobile GPS Widget Platform Debuts

    First-Ever Mobile GPS Widget Platform Debuts

    Publishing your location-based wireless applications to your handset just got a whole lot easier. That’s because of location-enabled mobile applications developer uLocate Communications’ new mobile GPS widget platform, WHERE. Now available on several Sprint phones as of today, WHERE works with GPS location technology to enable WHERE Widgets to be placed on these handsets. The process… Read More

  • Boost Asks "Where You at?" Loopt Answers

    Boost Asks "Where You at?" Loopt Answers

    Boost Mobile, the hip-hop-themed pre-paid service from Sprint Nextel, has the tagline “Where you at?” This grammatically frightening phrase now has meaning, as Boost has partnered with Loopt to launch a mobile friend finder. Just download the little Java app to your phone, set permissions, add your like-Boosted friends who’ve done the same and you’ll all be able to find… Read More