• Google Acquires Zenter; Y Combinator Gets Another Payday

    Google made another acquisition announcement today – they’ve bought a company called Zenter (“a company that provides software for creating online slide presentations”) to help complete their upcoming Powerpoint/presentation application. The price wasn’t disclosed. This is another liquidity event for Y Combinator, which funded Zenter (we covered their debut here). Read More

  • Google and PG&E Test Crazy New Hybrid Vehicles

    Google and PG&E Test Crazy New Hybrid Vehicles

    We’re RICH! Not content with hegemonic domination of the Internets, Google is now seeking dominion over the open road. Earlier this week (read: yesterday), Google and Pacific Gas & Electric tested a collection of hybrid vehicles that could turn the industry on its head (roof?). Read More

  • YouTube Releases Remixer, Mobile Site

    Sammy the Cat VS The Mantis! Big news for ‘Tube fans. Over the weekend, the world’s favorite video site released some cool features that are sure to please the masses. First up is the long-awaited version of YouTube mobile. No longer is Verizon the exclusive provider of YouTube videos, so anyone with a mobile phone can now enjoy the top videos on YouTube. Unfortunately, top videos are… Read More

  • Google Street View Pics Are Really Old

    Google Street View Pics Are Really Old

    It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon and the news is beyond dead, so I thought I’d tinker around with Google Street View in search of some compromising pictures of unsuspecting citizens. What I found was pretty confusing and just a little bit messed up. The picture taken of the Helio store location is at least 6 months old. I was under the impression that pictures taken for Street View were… Read More

  • The 3D Real/Virtual World Hybrid: How Far Away?

    The 3D Real/Virtual World Hybrid: How Far Away?

    How long will it be until we can stroll through the streets in a virtual world that is identical to our own? Given the state of a number of technologies, not very long. Over the last couple of years we’ve seen Microsoft Street Side and Virtual Earth as well as similar efforts from Google. But different technologies are now being deployed that are even more interesting that the results… Read More

  • eBay Stares Down Google And Wins

    eBay Stares Down Google And Wins

    Not much commentary is needed on this one. Here’s what happened: eBay doesn’t allow merchants to use Google Checkout to settle eBay transactions. Google invited eBay online sellers attending eBay Live! in Boston this week to a party that they called the Google Checkout Freedom Party. eBay decides to pull all U.S. advertising on Google. Google backs down, cancels the party. Google looks… Read More

  • Google Bows To Privacy Concerns, Shortens Length Of Time It Keeps Search History

    Google Bows To Privacy Concerns, Shortens Length Of Time It Keeps Search History

    Google bowed to privacy “activists” today by announcing that it will decrease the amount of time that it keeps track of Web searches. It used to keep a log for two years, but now that’s been shortened to 18 months. The move is in response to European Union-lead concerns that the it was unnecessarily hoarding customer information. Apparently, people don’t like the idea of… Read More

  • Gmail Intros PowerPoint Preview

    Gmail Intros PowerPoint Preview

    In Google’s never ending war against all other software companies, a feature in Gmail was just spotted which allows instant slideshow previews of all PowerPoint files. Google has mentioned that it plans to release software for editing these files also which is really making me reconsider Office 2007. With a full range of readers and applications, Google Office is looking pretty hot right… Read More

  • YouTube Rolling Out Video Fingerprinting

    Rush could have the option to remove this video or take in profits from it In an effort to curb the constant copyright-infringement occurring over at YouTube, the company announced plans to test a new form of video identification. Disney and Time-Warner are the first companies in line to test the waters on this new form of digital fingerprinting and others will soon follow if the trial is… Read More

  • Google Integrates Powerpoint Viewer Into Gmail

    Google Integrates Powerpoint Viewer Into Gmail

    Google has started the roll out its presentation platform with the integration of a slideshow viewing feature in Gmail. The slideshow viewer shows Powerpoint presentations within the browser and is accessed via a “view as slideshow” option next to attached ppt files. Google CEO Eric Schmidt formally announced in April that Google was developing an online presentation creation tool to… Read More

  • YouTube To Test Copyright Screening Technology

    YouTube To Test Copyright Screening Technology

    YouTube is preparing to test new video identification technology that will identify copyrighted material as it is uploaded. The test will be held in conjunction with Time Warner and the Walt Disney Company in about one months time. According to Reuters, the “video fingerprinting tools” scan for unique attributes in video clips that identify them as being copyrighted material. Media… Read More

  • Google Partners With

    Google Partners With

    Google has announced a new partnership with Sina Corp as part of its continued efforts in China. The deal will see Google users gain easier access to Sina’s news content as well as co-operation in advertising and search services. The link-up between Google and Sina brings the total number of major Google partners in China to 3. As reported May 18, Google partnerships in China include… Read More

  • Data Loss At Google Reader

    It looks like Google has a major problem with their Google Reader product today. Reports are flying on blogs, twitter and elsewhere that feeds have been deleted from people’s accounts. We have an email in to Google PR for comment – Google representatives are responding on this Google Groups thread discussing the problem. Some users are now reporting that their feed subscriptions are… Read More

  • Google Rated Bottom For Privacy

    Google Rated Bottom For Privacy

    A study from Privacy International has ranked Google at the bottom of a list of major internet destinations for privacy. The study found that while a number of other Internet companies have issues with data protection, none comes as close to Google in “achieving the status of being an endemic threat to privacy.” Issue with Google included: Failure to provide an expungement option for… Read More

  • Google Reader On The Go

    Google Reader On The Go

    Well, well, well. I finally know what I can do with Google Gears and it makes me feel funny deep down inside my pants. Get your head out of the gutter! My ankle itches, you perverts. Anyways…back to Google Gears and the amazing things it can do when you’re stranded without an Interwebs connection. It’s THE perfect solution for people who have to travel and rely on their laptop and… Read More

  • Google Street View Strikes, Again

    Street View strikes, again. At 588 44th Avenue in Fog City, CA, an unsuspecting woman was caught with her pants down and now everyone can see what color her thong is. Museum this is not. It’s getting out of control don’t you think? Not that I’m complaining about this particular one, but the next time I head to the Bay I don’t need some freakish Beetle taking a picture of me… Read More

  • JetBlue Uses Google Maps

    JetBlue Uses Google Maps

    Cheap flights and nice amenities. That seems like a decent way to sum up JetBlue. Only now, the company will offer flight-tracking via Google Maps. Yup, you can now log on to Google Maps via screens on the seat in front of you on headrests. Friends can also see where your flight is currently at by logging on to any PC with a web browser and firing up Google Maps. To coincide with the Google Maps… Read More

  • eBay To Broker Radio Ads

    eBay To Broker Radio Ads

    Watch out Google. Just when you thought you were the only big company out there to start offering radio ads, you thought wrong. eBay is stepping into the game now and will start offering a radio ad brokerage service as of today. The service will offer air time for ads to go on more than 2,300 radio stations. Part of the reason eBay is offering these new type of ads is due to the company’s… Read More

  • Google and Salesforce Tightly Integrate Adwords Products

    Google and Salesforce Tightly Integrate Adwords Products

    There’s been a lot of speculation about Salesforce and Google lately. Tomorrow the two companies will announce a marketing and distribution alliance that will tightly bind Google Adwords to existing Salesforce tools that track sales from online advertising. Salesforce and Google will be starting an extended partnership encompassing marketing and distribution of their products across 43… Read More

  • Salesforce Is Acquisition Bait

    Salesforce has scheduled a press conference tomorrow to announce a strategic partnership with a “leading Internet company based in the Bay Area.” CEO Marc Benioff and a “special guest” will make the announcement together. The smart money is betting that the partner is Google, and that the announcement itself won’t be much to write home about. Most likely it will be… Read More