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  • Google Street View Launches Imagery Of Deserted Town Next To Fukushima Nuclear Plant

    Google Street View Launches Imagery Of Deserted Town Next To Fukushima Nuclear Plant

    Two years after the devastating Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, Google has launched Street View images of Namie-machi in the Fukushima exclusion zone. The area encompasses Fukushima Daichi Nuclear Plant, which after the disaster was the scene of the largest nuclear disaster since Chernobyl. The 360-degree panoramic imagery, showing ruined buildings on empty streets, is both eerie and… Read More

  • Google Releases Full Report On Street View Investigation, Finds That Staff Knew About Wi-Fi Sniffing

    Google Releases Full Report On Street View Investigation, Finds That Staff Knew About Wi-Fi Sniffing

    Earlier today Google released the full report of the FCC’s investigation into the collection of  “payload data” from open Wi-Fi networks — aka passwords, email and search history from open networks — that its fleet of Street View cars obtained between 2008 and April 2010. An earlier and heavily redacted version of the report was released on April 15 but… Read More

  • Google Now Using ReCAPTCHA To Decode Street View Addresses

    Google Now Using ReCAPTCHA To Decode Street View Addresses

    Have you started seeing images in online reCAPTCHAs that look suspiciously like house numbers pulled from Google Street View? Well, as it turns out, that’s exactly what they are. Google confirmed it’s currently running an experiment that involves using its reCAPTCHA spam-fighting system to improve data in Google Maps by having users identify things like street names and… Read More

  • The Best Of Google Demo Slam

    Back in October, we came across a mysterious site called Google Demo Slam a couple days before it actually launched. It turned out to be a fun site featuring demos of different Google products where you can watch two demos side by side and vote for the best one. Some of the demos are by Google engineers, but anyone can submit their own and vie to become a Google Demo Slam champ. Below are a… Read More

  • The Most Beautiful Images On Google Street View

    Since 2007 Google Street View, in an effort to “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful” has visually captured the human experience gamut from pranks, to nudity, to crimes to death. While it’s had its share of issues, the Google Maps project is perhaps one of the greatest juxtapositions of technology and imagery our culture… Read More

  • MapCrunch: It's Chatroulette Meets Google Street View

    If Google Street View and Chatroulette mated and gave birth to a lovechild, it’d look a lot like MapCrunch. For the record, this is not a TechCrunch network site, and would have probably been better off with a name like MapRoulette or StreetviewRoulette or something. Either way, if you want to be taken to a random location on Google Street View (in North America, Europe, Asia or… Read More

  • Dead Bodies Captured By Brazil's Google Street View Debut

    Brazil, which already has a relatively high proportion of Google data removal requests, is experiencing some stumbles relating to yesterday’s launch of Google Street view, including the discovery of not one but two images of dead bodies, specifically the photo to the left snapped at Avenida Presidente Vargas in Rio De Janeiro and another one reportedly captured at Belo Horizonte… Read More

  • Google Wins The Game Of Risk As Street View Comes To Antarctica

    In the game or Risk, the main objective is to take control over every land mass on the planet. With an update to Street View today, Google has just completed that. The original idea behind Google Street View was a good one: give everyone in the world a view from any street in the world. Of course, when it launched in May 2007, Street View was only available in five cities in the U.S. But… Read More

  • Korean Police Confiscate Google Street View Data As Global Fiasco Spreads

    Google cannot contain its legal problems surrounding the inadvertent collection of personal data from WiFi networks by ots global fleet of Street View cars. Earlier today, police in South Korea raided Google’s offices there to confiscate computers storing data collected from Street View cars in that country. This action follows similar investigations in France, Germany, the UK… Read More

  • Google Street View Adds Local Business Listings

    Last week, the newly renamed Google Places added a ton of features to help local businesses create a directory page right on Google. Today, Google’s Street View is joining the party by showing links to local business listings right in Street View. As you turn around in Street View, names of local businesses and other “Google Places” will show up overlayed on top of buildings. Read More

  • A German Takes The Air Out Of Google Street View. Literally.

    There’s never a shortage of controversy surrounding Google Street View. Even if you think the service is useful and/or cool to look at, you have to admit there’s something creepy about Google cars driving around countries collecting these data with cameras mounted on the roof. And it appears that someone in Germany had just about enough of that. Police are investigating an incident… Read More