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  • Marissa Mayer's Next Big Thing: "Contextual Discovery" — Google Results Without Search

    Marissa Mayer's Next Big Thing: "Contextual Discovery" — Google Results Without Search

    Today at LeWeb ’10 in Paris, France, our own Michael Arrington took the stage to talk with Google’s Marissa Mayer. Mayer recently took a new job within Google. Technically, she’s now the head of consumer products for the company. So what’s she working on? Well, as we’ve all heard, location is a big part of it. But she’s also thinking about a bigger picture… Read More

  • Google Instant Previews: Get Ready To Be 5% More Likely Satisfied With Google Search

    Google Instant Previews: Get Ready To Be 5% More Likely Satisfied With Google Search

    I can’t recall something we’ve gotten tipped about more than Google Instant Previews. Even after we wrote about it appearing in the wild a month ago, the tips kept flowing in. Even just yesterday we received two more: “NEW GOOGLE FEATURE!!!” We appreciate the tips, and I’m happy to say today that you can stop sending this specific one. Because Google is… Read More

  • Google Instant Brings Search As You Type To The iPhone. Cool, But Pretty Hard To See

    Two months ago, when they first unveiled Google Instant, Google let everyone know that it would be coming to mobile devices this fall. Sure enough, it’s here, in beta form. While the feature hit some Android devices about a week ago, today it has arrived for the iPhone as well. I’ve just loaded up on my device and sure enough, right below the search box and location… Read More

  • Full Page Previews Spotted Alongside Google Search Results

    We haven’t been able to reproduce this, and Google has yet to respond to our requests for confirmation and more information, but SEO consultant Patrick Altoft says he has spotted something fresh while using the search engine: full-page previews of search results. Update: TheNextWeb has been able to reproduce this as well, so Google’s definitely testing this right now. Read More

  • What's Next For Google Search? Two Icons May Hold The Clue

    What's Next For Google Search? Two Icons May Hold The Clue

    Over time, we’ve scooped things ranging from Facebook Places to various Chrome OS features simply by digging through code put out there in public. What’s great about doing this is that it negates the inevitable non-denial denials from companies when you ask about these features. Code doesn’t lie. Neither do images. And the latter may reveal two upcoming features destined… Read More

  • Google Instant Coming Natively To Browsers "In The Next Few Months"

    Google Instant Coming Natively To Browsers "In The Next Few Months"

    Today at the Google Search event in San Francisco, the search giant unveiled Instant, a huge new feature that allows users to search in real time (without hitting the search button). It looks to be an awesome product that will save users a lot of aggregate time. But that’s on I rarely use anymore. I want it in the Chrome Omnibox. That’s coming soon… Read More

  • Google Instant For Mobile Coming Later This Fall

    Today at their Search event, Google showed of a huge update: Google Instant. As you can probably guess, this is a way to search in realtime simply by typing. While this new feature is rolling out on Google for users in the U.S. today (and the world shortly), that’s only on But Google gave a sneak preview of what’s coming next: Google Instant for Mobile, coming… Read More

  • Google Now Serving 1 Billion Users Each Week

    Google Now Serving 1 Billion Users Each Week

    Today at their Google Search event in San Francisco, executive Marissa Mayer kicked things off with a big state: Google is now serving 1 billion users each week. Mayer noted that they have some big announcements coming up today (likely these), but first reiterated that they’ve already done a lot this year. In 2009, Google rolled out 500 UI and ranking changes — in 2010 so far… Read More

  • Google Updates The Doodle Again; Points To Live-Updating Results

    The ongoing saga of Google’s logo continues. The search giant has just changed the doodle on once again this evening, leading up to their search event tomorrow. And once again, it looks as if the logo points to what they’ll be announcing tomorrow. Whereas yesterday, the doodle was more kinetic, which Google called “fast, fun and interactive,” today’s… Read More

  • Google's Kinetic Logo Apparently Has To Do With Their Big Search Event Tomorrow

    Google's Kinetic Logo Apparently Has To Do With Their Big Search Event Tomorrow

    By now, you’ve likely noticed the interesting, kinetic logo Google has had up today. While there is still no official word from the search giant as to exactly what it means, they are letting out some hints. And based on those hints, a good guess seems to be that the logo has to do with what they’ll announce at their big search event being held in San Francisco’s MOMA… Read More

  • Google's Mobile Search Market Share: An Estimated, Whopping 98.29%

    Google's Mobile Search Market Share: An Estimated, Whopping 98.29%

    How’s this for absolutely dominating an increasingly lucrative and fast-growing segment? Google currently boasts a mobile search market share of 98.29%, with it closest competitor Yahoo taking up just over 0.8% of market share and Microsoft’s Bing barely touching even half that, according to recent data from StatCounter as relayed by Pingdom. Read More

  • Google's New Video Ad Highlights How Content Farms Rule At The Search Game

    So yesterday, I notice there’s a new article up on Google’s main blog, head on over there and see it’s merely a post featuring the latest video in the company’s Search Stories series, video ads which essentially aim to highlight how all kinds of people use Google Search. They’re nice and all, if pretty pointless in my book, but nothing particularly spectacular… Read More

  • Microsoft Mocks Google's Copy-Cat Background Image Feature On Twitter

    Microsoft Europe’s communication team has used its Twitter account to make fun of Google’s latest search page feature: the ability to add background images to said page, a feature that has characterized Microsoft’s Bing search service since its debut. Google yesterday temporarily added a default background image to make more people aware of the new feature, which… Read More

  • Caffeine: Google Finally Brews Its New Pot Of Web Results — 50% Fresher

    In August of last year, we wrote about Caffeine, the codename for Google’s latest iteration of its search product. The idea behind it was simple yet encompassing: to “push the envelope on size, indexing speed, accuracy, comprehensiveness and other dimensions.” Back in December, it looked just about ready, but never came. Today, it’s finally ready to roll. In a post on… Read More

  • Google Begins Locking Down Search With SSL Encryption

    Online privacy seems to be at the top of everyones’ minds these days. Facebook, Google, and Blippy have all had high-profile privacy lapses in recent weeks — the problem seems to be getting worse, rather than better. Today, Google is starting a new project in an attempt to show their commitment to security — they’re adding SSL encryption to itself. Now, to… Read More

  • Google Labs Adds Search Icon To 'Compose Mail' Window In Gmail

    Orli Yakuel noticed that Google has quietly added a new icon in the ‘Compose Mail’ window of its free webmail service Gmail, enabling users to run search queries from within the interface and insert results and URLs straight into drafted e-mails or open chat conversations. This is an expansion of a Google Labs feature, simply dubbed ‘Google Search’, that was introduced… Read More

  • Google Turning Times Square Into A Giant Voice Search Experiment On Black Friday

    There are few things more terrifying to me than the idea of going anywhere near a shopping establishment on Black Friday. But if I lived in New York City, I think I would this year because Google, Verizon, Reuters, and R/GA are teaming up to take over the largest displays on Times Square to allow for a giant Google Search by voice experiment/Droid advertisement. What does this mean? On… Read More

  • Google's New Search Ads: Ignore This!

    While they’ve been selectively displaying them for a little while now, Google today took the time to talk about and show off its new search ads. The general gist? Bigger, bigger, click me, bigger. Or, in Google’s own words, “Text is often useful, but sometimes videos and pictures are a more effective way to receive information.” That can be true, I suppose, but each… Read More

  • Google And The Amazing Technicolor Search Options

    I’m a big fan of keeping things simple, but that doesn’t mean things have to be bland. Google search results are pretty bland. Sure, sometimes you get returned things like YouTube thumbnails or pictures, but many results are still just a monotonous stream of blue links. Google tried to break this stream up a bit with its Search Options, an expandable feature, that gives you a… Read More

  • Google Social Search: Twitter And FriendFeed Highlighted. What About Facebook?

    Last week at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco, Google’s Marissa Mayer took the stage for two reasons. The first was to formally announce the Google/Twitter search deal, but the second was the show off a new product: Google Social Search. The on-stage demonstration was interesting, but left a lot of questions unanswered. Today, the Google Labs experiment goes live, and we’ll… Read More