• Now You Can Avoid Euro Disney In Google Earth, Just Like You Did In Real Earth

    In 1992, Disney decided to build upon the huge success of its Disneyland and Disney World theme parks by opening Euro Disney in a suburb of Paris. The company had previously licensed its name for a resort abroad just outside Tokyo, but the European version was a more ambitious project being handled by the company. It started out as a nightmare. Simply put, people didn’t go to it. And now… Read More

  • Google Earth Helps Solve A Plane Crash Mystery

    The idea behind Google Earth has always been a powerful one: It allows users to explore places that they either can’t or won’t go. But with its vast amount of maps and topographical data, it also is a very powerful tool for combing the Earth — and that can be very useful when you’re searching for something. Which is exactly how it helped a grieving family find a plane… Read More

  • Dive Into The Five Great Lakes With Google Earth

    If you’ve been using the recently released Google Earth 5.0 to check out what the oceans look like from beneath the water surface (tip: use the flight simulator to fly underwater), you’ll be happy to know that the company has extended that capability to the “Third Coast” of the U.S., meaning the five Great Lakes of North America (Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie, and… Read More

  • Google Earth Flythroughs Come To The Browser

    Earlier this week the Google Earth team released a new plugin that allows users to view Google Earth tours directly from their web browsers. These tours, which were introduced in the 5.0 release of Google Earth in February, allow users to create virtual flythroughs through any location on Google Earth, which can lead to some pretty impressive results. Google has compiled a handful of the… Read More

  • Lost city of Atlantis found on Google Earth?

    UK tabloid The Sun has an article claiming that someone found Atlantis using Google Earth. As someone who’s personally interested in ancient mysteries, paranormal phenomena, and cryptozoology, I’m really happy that a tabloid has this story because it totally gives credence to the idea that Atlantis does, indeed, exist and should definitely silence all the naysayers. Read More

  • Don't tell Google that Google Earth can be used to help terrorists

    The terrorist attacks in Mumbai last year brought any number of technologies “under the microscope”: Twitter can be used by terrorists to coordinate attacks; Google Earth can be used to map out possible attack routes, etc. Too bad Google completely disagrees with this slipshod logic. Read More

  • Google Earth used in Swiss marijuana bust

    Google Earth, now used to combat the scourge of marijuana. Police in Switzerland used the map software to help find some 1.2 tons worth of the substance. And that’s not all! Read More

  • Shipwrecked treasure allegedly found with help from Google Maps

    Google Earth and Maps is more than a noveltiy to this guy. Supposably he located a shipwrecked boat laden gold and silver worth around $3 billion. Billion. That’s a lot of booty. But wait, there is more. Read More

  • Google's Top Ten Products (More Or Less)

    Can you name Google’s top ten products? If you look at how Quantcast ranks Google’s subdomains, you can get a sense of which Google products are the most popular, since they each have their own subdomain. Google’s main search engine tops the list with an estimated 136.6 million unique visitors in the U.S. Then comes Google Maps (36 million), Image Search (31.7 million)… Read More

  • New York City 3D Google Earth maps have been updated & now they're hi-res

    Google, the company, has updated the 3D maps of New York City, the city, in Google Earth. So now when you’re cruising, virtually, around the city that never sleeps you’ll be able to view higher res buildings. No, it’s not the biggest news of the day, but it could be helpful when trying to whittle away the hours while at the office or in class. And really, that’s all… Read More

  • Google Earth partially blamed for Mumbai terrorist attacks

    The terrorist attacks in Mumbai have once again put Google Earth in an unfavorable light. The one (“baby-faced”) terrorist that police caught has said that the terrorists used Google Earth the help plan the attacks. (That they also used everyday cellphones, GPS and other technologies appears to be lost on the ban happy Indian officials.) In order to prevent future attacks, so the… Read More

  • Finally, A Google Earth Browser Plugin For Mac OS X

    The long-anticipated release of the Google Earth browser plugin for Mac OS X (Intel and PowerPC) has arrived, about half a year after the plugin for Windows was announced and about 5 weeks after the introduction of the GE iPhone application. Linux users will still have to wait a bit for a compatible version. You can download by visiting any Google Earth Plugin app or visiting the GE API web site. Read More

  • 360 Cities Brings Stunning Spherical Panoramas To Google Earth

    Color me impressed with this one: Prague-based 360 Cities, a network of ‘Virtual Reality’ photographers promoting high-resolution spherical imagery, has integrated its portfolio of stunning 360° panorama shots into the Featured Preview Layer for Google Earth. A collection of the panoramas just became visible automatically to every user of the free 3D earth visualization software… Read More

  • First photo from Google's GeoEye-1 satellite released

    Google launched its own satellite, the GeoEye1, last month and this here is its first photo. It’s a shot of Kutzton University in Pennsylvania. The GeoEye1 satellite will serve a number of clients, including the U.S. government (and Google itself). Naturally, the government will be able to access higher resolution images than you and I. That said, the new images that you and I will… Read More

  • In Russia, we make faces at space-flying satellites birdies

    The residents of Chelyabinsk thought it would be a great idea to form a human smiley face just in time for a Google imagery satellite. It’s just too bad the smile has buckteeth. Read More

  • Google Earth shows us just how bad polar ice melt really is

    The National Snow and Ice Center, a division of Proctor & Gamble, has uploaded Google Earth-compatible KML files that make it plain as day to see polar ice cap melting over the past several years. If you don’t have Google Earth installed, there’s a Quicktime movie that gives you the gist of what’s going on. We’re all doomed, essentially. Or something. I… Read More

  • Google Earth: Throw a party in someone else’s pool

    Some no-good kids in the UK have been harnessing the power of Google Earth to find houses with nice pools. Once a suitable house has been found, the kids use Facebook to send out some sort of “Crash This Pool” app or whatever the hell it is that you kids do on Facebook these days. Everyone shows up at the pool, beer and cigarettes in tow, and starts doing “the bump”… Read More

  • Video: Using Wii Fit to cruise around Google Earth

    The Vee Balance Board, finally put to good use. A couple of German researchers hacked the Wii Fit input device to work with Google Earth and other oddball applications. This here video explains the lot of it, complete with early 1990s Hackers-sounding, proto-trance background music. via Nowhere Else Read More

  • Demo of iPhone Earth

    Want to see what the earth would look like in your iPhone? Watch the video below, which was shot by Frank Taylor of the Google Earth Blog. It shows a demo of the “coolest thing” he saw at the recent Where 2.0 conference from a Boulder-Colorado startup called Earthscape.. The demo is of a mobile application (Earthscape Mobile) in development that puts virtual earth software on… Read More

  • What to expect from Google Earth Don’t think this won’t/can’t happen. Google is like a batshit crazy ex-girlfriend. It will find a way and you’ll wake up one morning with IT standing over you all wide-eyed and frothing at the mouth. Read More