• Google Calendar Gets Location Autocomplete and Type-Ahead Search Results

    Google Calendar Gets Location Autocomplete and Type-Ahead Search Results

    Google Calendar is getting a small update today that adds autocomplete for locations and instant search results as you type to the company’s calendaring solution. With the new location autocomplete, adding addresses to an event finally becomes less of a chore and error prone. You just start typing and Google will try to predict your intentions. Once your friends or colleagues receive… Read More

  • My Calendar Has Gotten Smarter In Really Dumb Ways

    My Calendar Has Gotten Smarter In Really Dumb Ways

    When I travel to the East Coast, I sometimes feel like I’m living in a time warp, as my iPhone and Google Calendar keep notifying me about meetings that had happened three hours earlier. I’ve already mentioned this problem on TechCrunch, in a post about the launch of smart calendar app Tempo, where I┬áblamed the issue on “my apparently idiosyncratic way of dealing with… Read More

  • When Did You Tweet That? Twistory Improves Google Calendar Support

    When Did You Tweet That? Twistory Improves Google Calendar Support

    Twistory, which lets people save their tweet backlog to their favorite calendaring application, has finally come through with full support for popular Web-based calendaring service Google Calendar. You can now subscribe to Twistory using your existing Twitter account and automatically view in Google Calendar when you’ve tweeted what. Up until now, compatibility with Google Calendar was… Read More

  • Coming This Summer: Fully Offline Gmail, Google Calendar, And Google Docs

    While it hasn’t always been clear just how big of a bet Google was going to make on Chrome OS, after Google I/O today, it seems very clear that they’re very serious. With the launch of Chromebooks, Google is aiming to strike right at the heart of Microsoft and the Windows stronghold. But they know that one big hold up remains before a browser-based OS can be everywhere: offline… Read More

  • Google Is Eating Calendar Events For "Less Than 0.125%" Of Its User Base (Updated)

    It seems we only mention Google Calendar here on TechCrunch anymore when things inevitably go wrong – which means we get to cover the cloud-based calendaring service quite often, unfortunately. We’ve been getting a ton of tips from people whose scheduled meetings and whatnot have apparently all been eaten by Google (as has The Next Web, which covered the issue of wiped out user… Read More

  • Google Calendar Caught In An Infinite Loop For Some Users

    Looks like a subset of Google Calendar users are running into the same issue when trying to load the service this morning. Based on a flurry of complaints vented on Twitter, it looks like the service gets caught in an infinite loop and keeps reloading / redirecting for some users, regardless of which browser they use. From what we can gather, also from the Google Calendar Help forum, … Read More

  • Google FAILendar. Yes, It's Down Again.

    A week ago, many Google Calendar users were affected by an extended outage. Today, it’s down again, and this time it’s affecting the majority of users. And it’s been going on for well over an hour now. Ugh. We’ve reached out to Google to see what the issue is this time (and why this keeps happening) and will update when we hear back. The Google App Status Dashboard has… Read More

  • You've Got A Date With FAIL, It's On Your Google Calendar

    Google wants us to move all of our data to the cloud. And yet, they keep having issues where a service that many people rely heavily on goes down. The latest is Google Calendar, which has been down for many people for well over an hour now. The App Status Dashboard, and Google Calendar’s Twitter account confirm the disruption, but won’t say what caused it. We have an email into… Read More

  • Google Calendar's Smart Rescheduler Searches For The Best Meeting Times

    The only thing worse than company meetings is trying to schedule one. The more people who need to be at that meeting, the harder it is to find a time slot that works with everyone’s schedule. A new Google Calendar Labs feature called the Smart Rescheduler brings some search smarts to the problem. “Overnight, all the Google apps customers will get this,” says Google… Read More

  • A Sneak Peek At Google Calendar's Upcoming Facelift

    A Sneak Peek At Google Calendar's Upcoming Facelift

    Google Calendar may not be the sexiest product Google offers, but, as with Gmail, there are plenty of people who use it to manage their business and personal lives (and wind up staring at it for hours each week as a result). Today, we’ve gotten our hands on a screenshot showing what appears to be an internal build of Google Calendar, giving us an idea of what a forthcoming UI refresh… Read More

  • Google Calendar Starts Testing "Sneak Preview"

    Google Calendar is testing out a new feature that should make scheduling events a tad easier than it used to be by allowing you to see at a glance if the event you’re creating will conflict with the schedules of the people you’re inviting. Dubbed “Sneak Preview”, the feature’s name is perhaps more exciting than its actual function, but it should prove to be… Read More

  • Add Sports Team Schedules, Birthday Reminders, And More To Google Calendars

    Want to keep track of Yankees games, Bristol Rugby matches, or the schedule of the Taiwan Beer team (for all of you fans of the Taiwanese Super Basketball League out there)? Now you can subscribe to the schedules of your favorite professional sports teams on Google Calendar. Just click on “Add other calendars” in the left-hand column and browse “interesting… Read More

  • Google Calendar Adds Labs and Opens Up An API

    Google Calendar now has its own Labs. Long one of the most popular features of Gmail, at least among the early adopter crowd, Labs is the tab in Settings where users can find and turn on experimental new features. Google Calendar Labs is launching with six features: Background Image (now you can change it) Attach a Document (to an event) World Clock (see what time it is for the person you… Read More

  • Google Calendar Goes Offline For Everyone, But Is Still Hampered

    In January, Google released an offline version of Gmail based on Google Gears. Last month, it began offering an offline version of Google Calendar to enterprise app customers. Today, the rest of us get to try the offline calendar, which is also based on Google Gears. Once you click on the “Offline” link at the top of the page, the application asks you once to enable Google Gears… Read More

  • Offline Google Calendar Is The Ugly Stepsister of Offline Gmail

    After announcing the offline feature for Gmail last week, Google allowed another feature to be viewed offline: Google Calendar. Unfortunately, the masses will have to wait for access. The offline access, which was built using Google Gears, is currently only available to users of business software package, Google Apps. While the offline feature for calendars offers read-only access for… Read More

  • With Jiffle, Others Can Fill In Your Schedule For You

    Anyone who’s ever played phone tag knows just how tough it can be to schedule a meeting with someone. Jiffle aims to remove the fuss involved with coordinating availability by enabling users to create appointments on other people’s calendars. The program is already fully integrated with Outlook, and beginning next week it will be compatible with Google Calendar as well. Upon… Read More

  • Google Calendar Goes Mobile

    Need to check your calendar on the go? Well if you use Google Calendar you’ll be able to check on your events and maintain your schedule from your mobile handset via WAP. The good folks at the Google Calendar team have realized that more people have mobile phones than computers, and now you can visit from your phone to get see what you have planned. It works just like… Read More

  • Google Calendar is Live

    Google Calendar has officially gone live at A tour of Calendar is available here. Dave Winer may have been the first to write about it on CNET also has a story. My first impression – It’s fast, slick and stable. Calendar is Ajax driven and, as I mentioned, very fast. Adding an event is as easy as typing “Dinner with Keith tomorrow at… Read More

  • Exclusive Screenshots: Google Calendar

    Update: Google Calendar is live. I am now in possession of screenshots from Google’s long delayed new Ajax calendar application, which will be called “CL2″ (the CL2 login screen is here). It was only a matter of time before someone broke down and leaked these – as far as I know these screen shots are the first on the public web. Previous ones were almost certainly… Read More