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  • Verizon Starts Bundling Broadband Services With Google Apps To Small Business Customers

    This is interesting. Verizon has just announced that it is bundling broadband with Google Apps for its small business customers. Called Google Apps for Verizon, the package combines Google’s-cloud-based productivity suite with broadband internet access. The new offering includes 25 GB (gigabytes) of domain name e-mail storage per user; access to Gmail, Google Calendar, Sites, Docs… Read More

  • Google Apps Marketplace Gets An Education Category

    A little less than a year ago, Google launched its very own app store for enterprise apps, the Google Apps Marketplace. Using a set of APIs, third-party apps could deeply integrate their products within Google Apps and offer these free or paid apps to the productivity suite’s users. For Google, the marketplace was a way to add additional layers and productivity to its business products. Read More

  • Google Turns Dozens Of Its Consumer Products Into Enterprise Apps

    Google Turns Dozens Of Its Consumer Products Into Enterprise Apps

    Earlier this year, Google announced that it would be rolling out Apps interactivity with iGoogle, YouTube, Blogger, Picasa, and other products in the Google family. Today the search giant is making over 60 of its homegrown products available for a deep integration for all types of Google Apps accounts. Services like Google Voice, Reader, Analytics and AdWords will now be available on Google… Read More

  • Google Apps Now Used By 30 Million Employees

    Google Apps is making some serious inroads into businesses and other organizations. Today, Google announced that more than 3 million businesses, schools, and government agencies are using Google Apps. To put that in perspective, that gives Google more enterprise customers than Salesforce, which has about 2 million. There are now 30 million employees and other enterprise users on Google… Read More

  • CloudMagic Brings Fast Search-As-You-Type Functionality To Gmail, Google Apps

    While Google is testing search results that update as you type on its own, startup CloudMagic is bringing that functionality to Gmail and Google Apps – and other cloud-based services in the near future – by means of a Firefox and Chrome browser extension. Installing the extension results in an extra search box in your Gmail interface that allows you to rapidly search for anything… Read More

  • Google: City Of Los Angeles Apps Delay Is Overblown

    Google: City Of Los Angeles Apps Delay Is Overblown

    Google has long been touting the deployment of its productivity suite and Microsoft Office-killer Google Apps to the City of Los Angeles. The City planned to equip its 34,000 employees with Google Apps, replacing Novell’s GroupWise system, the e-mail technology provider that LA had previously been using. But unfortunately, the process of transitioning the government entity over to… Read More

  • You've Got A Date With FAIL, It's On Your Google Calendar

    Google wants us to move all of our data to the cloud. And yet, they keep having issues where a service that many people rely heavily on goes down. The latest is Google Calendar, which has been down for many people for well over an hour now. The App Status Dashboard, and Google Calendar’s Twitter account confirm the disruption, but won’t say what caused it. We have an email into… Read More

  • Google Is Blocked In 25 Of The 100 Countries They Offer Products In

    Google Is Blocked In 25 Of The 100 Countries They Offer Products In

    This morning, on their main blog, Google posted a little reminder to everyone about its view on censorship on the web. Specifically, they don’t like it. And while we all know their take on China’s demand for censorship by now, the search giant also offered up a new interesting little factoid: of the 100 countries around the world in which Google offers their services, some 25 at… Read More

  • Google Makes Exchanging Microsoft Exchange For Google Apps A Bit Easier

    There’s no question that Google is setting its sights on taking some of Microsoft’s marketshare in the productivity suite space. Last year, Google announced a new plug-in that syncs Google’s enterprise versions of Apps, including Gmail, contacts, and calendar, with Microsoft’s Outlook. And Google just acquired Docverse, an application lets users collaborate directly… Read More

  • Google Apps Marketplace: Instantly Connect Your App To 25 Million Users, Profit.

    Google Apps Marketplace: Instantly Connect Your App To 25 Million Users, Profit.

    Business to business software can be a tough sell. Online B2B can be even a harder sell. While there is certainly money to be made, unless you’re one of the big players, the likelihood you’re going to succeed is pretty small. Starting today, Google is taking their roll as one of the big players and extending a platform to boost some smaller players. Tonight, Google has unveiled… Read More

  • Web-Based Productivity Suite Zoho Finds A Place In The Google Apps Marketplace

    Zoho, a web-based productivity suite that was called a “fake Office” by a Microsoft VP, is announcing a significant partnership with Google today. The startup will be a launch partner for Google’s recently launched Google Apps Marketplace, which allows vendors to sell applications that compliment Google Apps. Here are our notes from the announcement. Zoho will be integrating… Read More