• Swany ‘g.cell’ Bluetooth-enabled snowboard gloves

    Swany ‘g.cell’ Bluetooth-enabled snowboard gloves

    Holy crap, these gloves are $500. In their defense, though, they’re the FUTURE! Made by Swany, the “g.cell” gloves have a “fully integrated Bluetooth adaptable cell phone in a totally functional ski and winter sports glove.” That almost sounds like the glove is a phone itself and requires no actual phone in your pocket somewhere. Whatever the case may be (we’ll… Read More

  • Machine-washable heated jacket, very warm gloves

    Machine-washable heated jacket, very warm gloves

    We’ve all seen heated clothing before but there are a couple of somewhat unique about this line of jackets and gloves. First, the gloves have heating circuits that go all the way to the fingertips. Most other heated gloves center on the palm of the hand but these ones keep the part of your hands most susceptible to cold — your digits. Read More

  • Warming Gloves Use Your Breath For Heat

    Warming Gloves Use Your Breath For Heat

    File this one under “bacteria ridden” and “disgusting”. Apparently some company named Gorgonz(ola cheese?) thinks that the best way for you to keep your hands warm is by blowing hot, stale air from your mouth into the gloves. The gloves then lock in and distribute the heat throughout your hand for killer warmth. Now call me crazy, but who in the hell wants to blow air on… Read More