• Glider Presents During Startup Battlefield

    Glider Launches At Disrupt NY With SaaS That Automates Approving And Signing Contracts, Adds Intelligence To Deal Flow

    At Disrupt NY 2013, Glider unveiled its SaaS for corporate teams to bring structure, clarity and reporting to the contract process much like did for the sales funnel. The visual analytics tool should help shed light on the number of contracts closed, those outstanding and a host of other metrics to help executives get a better view of deal flow. The service is meant to… Read More

  • Laocoön


    Suppose you dropped your phone — a real fall, like from the second story — and it broke. You’re picking up the pieces, cursing and trying to think of the last time you backed up your contacts, when you notice something. Deep within the phone’s hardware, hidden from everyday use, you find a message — etched right onto the chassis. What kind of message? Let’s… Read More

  • WoW causes more woe for Glider bot-maker MDY

    WoW causes more woe for Glider bot-maker MDY

    Last month, Blizzard, the makers of World of Warcraft, won their case over MDY and Michael Donnelly, creator of grindbot software Glider. Now, Blizzard wants to make sure the code never sees the light of day. Blizzard won the case by arguing that since Glider was loaded into RAM, it could be considered a copyright violation. Blizzard also won in its summary judgment motion on grounds that… Read More