• Intel Teams With Luxottica To Build The Future Of Smart Eyewear

    Intel Teams With Luxottica To Build The Future Of Smart Eyewear

    It’s pretty clear at this point that Intel wants to own face computing: The company has been pegged as providing the chip powering the next version of Google Glass, and now it’s officially announcing a partnership with (Glass partner) Luxottica Group, maker of most of the world’s most recognized eyesore, including Oakley, Persol, Armani, Coach and more. The team-up will see… Read More

  • The Offline Glass Ensures You Talk, Not Text, At The Bar

    The Offline Glass Ensures You Talk, Not Text, At The Bar

    Tired of your friends texting on their phones while they should be getting schnockered? This clever hack is called the Offline Glass and it’s designed to ensure that you and your friends don’t sit at the bar checking Wikipedia for who starred in The Greatest American Hero and whether Tabitha will totally come out tonight oh my god she won’t she and Christian just broke up oh… Read More

  • Meta, The World’s First Entry-Level AR Glasses, Hires The Father Of Wearable Computing As Chief Scientist

    Meta, The World’s First Entry-Level AR Glasses, Hires The Father Of Wearable Computing As Chief Scientist

    The Meta1 is a pair of virtual reality goggles that perform some very unique and useful tricks. While they are still in beta stage, the glasses are coupled with a Kinect-like camera to sense objects in real space and allow users to interact with virtual worlds with the swipe of their hand. Read More

  • Warby Parker Opens Retail Store In NYC, With Boston Up Next, Beats Google & Amazon To The Offline Punch

    Warby Parker Opens Retail Store In NYC, With Boston Up Next, Beats Google & Amazon To The Offline Punch

    Hip online eyewear startup Warby Parker has, over the last two years, been partnering with boutiques to open “stores-within-stores,” or small Warby Parker showrooms, where customers could try on their eyeglasses in 3-D. These showrooms popped up in L.A., Nashville, San Francisco and many others. Today Warby Parker officially announced its first, flagship retail store in SoHo in… Read More

  • Diane von Furstenberg Models Wear Google Glass On The Catwalk

    Diane von Furstenberg Models Wear Google Glass On The Catwalk

    We were talking with the New York fashion community about postponing New York Fashion Week for a few days while we ran Disrupt, but they just wouldn’t listen. What’s more, Sergey Brin and Google sent a bunch of Google Glass devices to Diane von Furstenberg (a famous designer) who outfitted her gamine charges with some of the most sought-after tech in the nerdosphere. Also… Read More

  • Kickstarter: These Nerdy Glasses Will Record Your Life

    While the use case for these glasses can quickly become quite dubious, the glasses by Vergence Lab are pretty cool. Not only do they instantly change from sunglasses to clear Buddy-Holly-style specs they also record your life as it happens. Created by Jon Rodriguez and Erick Miller, the glasses will go for a $199 pledge (they’ll retail for $299) and the creators expect these… Read More

  • Heads-Up: Lumus Shows Off 720p, See-Through Video Glasses

    Heads-Up: Lumus Shows Off 720p, See-Through Video Glasses

    We’ve all see video glasses before – those clunky, Geordi La Forge-looking things that promise to display a 10 foot screen in front of your face. The drawbacks, generally, are size and transparency. Lumus, however, has solved those problems and is working on bringing a pair of see-through, HD video glasses to market that look more Minority Report than 1990s Star Trek. I talked… Read More

  • Gunnar Optiks Intros Glasses For The Call Of Duty Obsessed

    Gunnar Optiks Intros Glasses For The Call Of Duty Obsessed

    With the new Call of Duty game hitting shelves soon, Gunnar Optiks has released a limited edition pair of Modern Warfare 3 gaming glasses that promise to please the eyes of even the most obsessed gamers. Well, that’s the claim, anyway. You see, Gunnar Optiks peddles special glasses meant for people who find themselves in front of screens all day. They’re said to reduce eye strain… Read More

  • NVIDIA Releases $99 3D Vision Wired Glasses For Your Friend

    If you have a 3D gaming rig, the biggest problem you have is showing it off. You can either run the game wear the glasses and then say “I swear, it’s 3D!” or you give your friend the glasses and show him or her what to do and then you can’t share in the joy. This either ends in violence or sobbing. Your choice. Now, however, your friend can wear these super cheap… Read More

  • Dynamic Eye's LCD Sunglasses Darken Only Where Needed

    Someone call 50 Cent. A Pittsburgh-based (say hi to Bruno Sammartino for me, guys) start-up called Dynamic Eye has developed a pair of LCD sunglasses that only work when they have to. The idea of dynamic lenses isn’t exactly new, but Dynamic Eye’s specific implementation is worth a mention. Read More

  • Video: This Pair Of Glasses Is Actually A Personal Navigation System

    We’ve shown you several cool personal navigation systems (PNS) in the past, but this prototype offers something new as it doesn’t require the user to constantly look at a display. It’s essentially on a pair of glasses that’s equipped with a battery, LEDs, a microcomputer, and a magnetic direction sensor – even though the system (unfortunately) needs more hardware… Read More

  • For kids, moms and dads: Panasonic to offer 3D glasses for the whole family

    Panasonic not only announced two awesome 3D plasma TVs today, the company also introduced [JP] a new concept for 3D glasses. The three models are supposed to be the perfect fit for for every member in your family: size S is suitable for kids, M is for women and L is best for men (according to Panasonic). Read More

  • Monster releases "universal" 3D glasses

    Although the press release, below, is full of garbage jargon, the bottom line is that Monster, in their infinite glory, has released a “universal” pair of RF 3D glasses. The glasses support almost any 3D TV kit and cost $249.95 for a starter kit with transmitter and and $169.95 per pair of standalone glasses. Why are these good? Well, presumably if you’re moving from 3D TV to… Read More

  • Supine Reading Glasses to spur recumbent reading movement

    Sound the nerd alert: the Supine Reading Glasses from Hammacher Schlemmer let you read a book while flat on your back. That’s right, no more holding the book above your head. Just hold it upright and let the “two optical-quality glass prisms” bend your vision 90 degrees. Read More

  • So what were the ‘Happy 2010!’ glasses like?

    Happy 2010, people who count from Anno Domini using the Gregorian calendar! I greeted the new year by saying, sometime well after midnight, “Oh, it’s 2010 already.” I was playing the PC version of Call of Duty 4, which is demonstrably better than the Xbox 360 version I played two years ago. But that’s not the point of this here post. No, for I have one question to ask… Read More

  • Retro: Monocles are making a comeback for some reason

    Monocles are back, people! So says Fez from Ron and Fez, the Sirius XM radio program that spent a hot 10 minutes on this news story that says that monocles are back in fashion with young people. Time to get me some monocles! Read More

  • How best to solve the problem of Happy 2010 New Year's Eve glasses?

    We have a problem, Internet. You know how on New Year’s Eve everyone walks around with Happy 2009 (or whatever) glasses? That bunk ain’t gonna fly this year. Try wearing a 2010 pair of glasses: where are you going to look through, the 1? This is a serious situation that demands the attention of our best engineers. Read More

  • Review part deux: Gunnar Optiks

    Just a quick post to provide a little more detail to David’s review of Gunnar Legends computer glasses, to provide a non-gamer point of view. I’ve been using the same model on and off for a couple of weeks, too. Unlike David, I hardly ever play games. Instead, I use the Gunnar glasses to look at laptop and desktop computer screens, which are usually three or four feet from my face. Read More

  • Review: Gunnar 'MLG Legend' Glasses

    Short Version: Gunnar’s “MLG Legend” glasses are a good choice for gamers and workers alike who suffer from eye problems created from staring at a screen for long periods of time. While the thought of wearing specialty glasses with amber lenses in front of a computer or TV screen may seem pretentious to some, the benefits of these glasses outweigh the possibility of any… Read More

  • Sunglasses with built-in camcorder and MP3 player

    Tokyo-based gadget maker OTAS is selling sunglasses [JP] that feature, for some reason, a built-in video camera and MP3 player. The so-called aigo glasses come with a 1.3 megapixel camera, a music player that supports MP3 and WMA files, 4 GB of internal memory, and a USB 2.0 port. Read More