• What Exactly Is GitHub Anyway?

    What Exactly Is GitHub Anyway?

    Andreessen Horowitz announced a whopping $100 million investment in GitHub┬áthis week. You can read commentary and speculation all over the web about what GitHub will do with the money, whether this was a good investment for Andreessen Horowitz and whether taking such a large investment is a good thing for GitHub. But what the heck is GitHub and why are developers so excited about it? You may… Read More

  • GitHub unites Version Control with the Pastie

    GitHub, the popular service for hosting Git repositories, has taken a step outside the box and improved upon the classic pastie service (place for coders to post code snippets). To do that, GitHub took the same formula that has proved successful with their repository hosting service and applied it to pasties. The result: a new service launching today at What does this mean… Read More