gift guide 2010

  • Citizen Self-Defense Walking Stick: BAD. ASS.

    WHAM! POW! BANG! You, too, can recreate Kick-Ass with the Citizen Walking Cane, a crazy cane that turns into a tonfa self-defense stick and lets you “learn how to disable and subdue an opponent in a flash of a second.” That’s right! A flash of a second! Read More

  • Multi-Card SD And MicroSD Readers From Elecom

    These little gadgets are… very practical. I’m surprised this kind of thing isn’t more common. Basically you’ve just got one doodad with room for multiple cards of the same type. So if you need to duplicate or transfer files from one to the other, no middle step, you just plug ‘em both in to the USB thing and boom, you’re copying. Read More

  • Surplus Swiss Army Axes? Yes Please

    Oh man. I don’t know what it is about a finely crafted axe that I like so much. I should probably just stop there. But I can’t. I just love axes, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Read More

  • Raven PS3 Controller From Nyko: That's So Raven!

    PlayStation 3 controllers are pretty nice. However, these are just a little bit nicer. For $34.99 Nyko is offering the Raven PS3 controller in standard and alternate configurations with soft-feel grip and a 25-hour battery. The controllers allow you to swap buttons and the “alternate” configuration offers a swap of the left analog stick and the D-pad. Read More

  • Tokyoflash Releases Three New Watches: Light Speed, Transit, and Joypad

    In case you want to keep recreating the dead-end dystopia that is Chiba Night City in your own home town, Tokyoflash has three great watches that will go well with the a seven-function force-feedback manipulator, cased in grubby pink plastic that replaced your arm. Read More

  • Nooka's Zub Zayu, Another Tasteful Abstact Wristwatch

    Although I’m partial to old-school watches, these newer, hard-to-read-yet-stylish devices are tempting. The new Zub Zayu from Nooka features an interesting asymmetric design that may or may not feel right on your wrist. Read More

  • Seven Gifts For The Blue Collar, Outdoorsy Dad Or Husband

    Guys are easy to shop for. We’re pretty much content with anything — even socks. But don’t buy an outdoorsy guy a tie for Christmas. Sure, they might need one church and/or court appearances, but the seven gifts after the break are guaranteed to be on the top of their Santa wish list. There’s something at nearly every price point so, please, don’t drop the ball… Read More

  • Cyber Monday Tech Deals Round-up

    Psssh. Black Friday. That’s nonsense. Cyber Monday is where it’s at. Well, at least that’s what online retailers would like us to believe. It seems true deals are scarce and instead, there are a whole bunch of standard sales posing as real deals on what’s supposed to be the biggest online shopping day ever. We did manage to dug up a few legitimate tech deals that are… Read More

  • DIY Black Friday

    CAT IS NOT FOR SALE Our good friend Phil Torrone sent us this list of cool homebrew deals on Chumby devices, Adafruit boards, and other goodness. Fist, you’ve got some Chumby-powered devices that are actually little Linux PCs. The Infocast, for example, is $129 on Best Buy. This thing has an 800MHz processor and small screen and can be used either as a little info monitor or as a… Read More

  • Apple's Black Friday Deals: Sufficiently Interesting

    Get thee to the Applery! Apple’s Black Friday deals are now up and you can grab: $101 off Macs including the iMac, MacBook Air, and MacBook $41 off of the iPad and the iPod Touch $21 off of the iPod Nano Free shipping on all Apple goodness A few more deals after the jump. Read More

  • The Black Friday Survival Guide

    It wasn’t easy accumulating the research data displayed in the following guide. I saw horrific sights working retail for seven long years in both a big box electronic store and a major shopping center. I saw things that will haunt me the rest of my days. I watched two kids get trampled by what I call Double-Wides because Circuit City clearanced-out Dreamcasts for $80 on Black Friday. Read More

  • Gift Guide For Writers And Those Who Support Them

    While I won’t claim that any of us on CrunchGear are writers – “hacks” is the more accurate term – we do know a thing or two about a thing or two. And one of those things is sitting for long hours writing stuff down. While many of us use “computers” and “keyboards,” we also occassionally like to feel like we are producing “art”… Read More

  • Video Hands-On: Hexbug Spiders

    Hexbugs are all about fun. You’ve probably seen these things in stores for years. Radio Shack is the exclusive seller of the Spider model this holiday season and I must say, these things are fantastic. They should provide you with enough cubicle entertainment to more than justify the $24.99 price tag. Be warned though, there are only two discrete IR channels, which somewhat limits… Read More

  • Holiday Gaming Greatness For You & Yours

    It’s high time to recommend y’all some video games for your holiday perusal. Oh, I know my opinions aren’t always appreciated by some of you, but therein lies the beauty: if you wanted “safe” and/or “popular” you could always watch Good Morning America. You know, “Golly gee, this is so much fun!” Balderdash, I say. Balderdash. So… Read More

  • ScottEVest Carry-On Coat: You've Got The Whole World, Near Your Waist

    Oh Scott Jordan, is there anything you can’t stick into your coat? The Carry-On Coat is the latest addition to the SeV family and boy does it look exciting. The coat allows you to carry pretty much anything – including, apparently, shirts and ties – right in the lining of your jacket. Priced at $225 it’s a little up there but not as expensive as a nicer trench without… Read More

  • Black Friday Week: TokyoFlash Deals

    TokyoFlash is offering 50% off selected items and is also offering a 15% discount on all watches with the coupon code “BLACK” from on Nov 25-27. What can you get? Only some of the wildest watches on the planet earth, my friends. That’s all. Product Page Read More

  • Amazon Black Friday Doorbuster: Previous-Gen Kindle For Only $89

    Looking to buy a Kindle or two, but feeling a little cash-strapped? Well buddy, you better get up early on Black Friday, because Amazon has got a deal for you. It looks like they’re going to be selling off the remaining Kindle 2s (that’s this one) for only $89 each. Read More

  • Six Million Dollar Man Sees Complete Collection DVD Release, Fans Rush To Lee Majors’ Defense

    A new DVD release has captured the attention of the American nation. The Six Million Dollar Man, one of the first prominent science fiction-y television shows in history, is now available. The new collection, officially called The Six Million Dollar Man: The Complete Collection, includes 40 DVDs with every single episode of the show right there for you. It’s the first time the… Read More

  • FreeOneHand iPad Holder And Stand: Simply Grip The Rod

    Free your hand and your mind will follow. Friends, that’s the message FreeOneHand iPad Holder And Stand is preaching and, personally, like what the Rock is cooking. Think of it! Never again will you suffer from dreaded “iPad Claw” or “Tablet Cramps.” You can sit quietly on the couch, staring into your iPad, one hand free to actuate various items in your… Read More

  • Black Friday Week: What Delightful Deals Will Apple Have In Store?

    Well grow me from a chick in a massive pen full of other turkeys, feed me antibiotics, cut off my head and boil my skin briefly then shake and blow off my feathers with an industrial fan, and then stuff me full of bread and sausage, cook me for most of the day, and call me dinner! Apple is announcing a super secret sale dedicated to those who want to offer only the very best to their loved ones. Read More

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