• So Now Facebook Has Check-Ins — What About Twitter?

    So Now Facebook Has Check-Ins — What About Twitter?

    At an event on Wednesday, Facebook unveiled Places, their new location element that allows users to check-in to venues. Obviously, this mimics the core feature of smaller startups like Foursquare, Gowalla, Loopt, and dozens of others. The move of the big boys into this space was inevitable, but it is somewhat surprising that it has taken this long. The next question may be: will Twitter… Read More

  • Domino's pursues type-A, control freak demographic

    Want to know what in the hell’s taking the pizza guy so long? Order from Domino’s from now on. You can use the new Pizza Tracker feature to keep an eye on your pizza’s location, accurate to within 40 seconds (which in pizza time is an eternity). You’ll also be privy to your driver’s first name and you’ll be able to rate that driver. But why do drivers… Read More