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  • How To Use Hot Chicks To Spread Your Brand Message On YouTube

    How To Use Hot Chicks To Spread Your Brand Message On YouTube

    Brands are trying to figure out this whole social marketing thing, but the success stories are still few and far between. “I think everyone is grappling with how to use digital these days,” says Judy Hu, who is in charge of advertising and branding for General Electric. She oversees one of the world’s largest advertising budgets which spans TV, print, and the Web. I spoke… Read More

  • Done Deal: Comcast Takes Over NBC Universal

    Comcast and General Electric announced early this morning that they agreed to form a joint venture that will be 51 percent owned by Comcast and 49 percent by GE. The joint venture, which will consist of the NBC Universal businesses and Comcast’s cable networks, regional sports networks and more, will be managed by the newly formed Comcast Entertainment Group (CEG). GE will contribute to… Read More

  • GE Uses Digital Hologram To Advertize Windmills

    GE Energy has come out with a unique online ad, to promote its Smart Grid windmill technology. A video of how the ad works (via Today’s Big Thing) is after the jump. When you log onto GE’s site, you can do this yourself pretty easily. Basically, you print out a special marker that looks like a solar panel, activate your computer’s webcam, and then point the marker so it… Read More

  • GE-branded TVs to return in 2009: One model with built-in Blu-ray?

    GE-branded TVs are back, thanks to a partnership with Tatung, a Taiwanese company. The next joint venture will produce LCD HDTVs that are slated for a spring, 2009 release. The last GE-branded TVs to see the light of day came out in 1987. The TVs will come in sizes between 19 and 65 inches, so it looks like they’ve got a nice little spread there. There’s also reports that at least… Read More

  • General Imaging's GE point-and-shoots actually look pretty nice

    When I think GE, I think washer/dryer, I think fridge. Turns out this enormous company makes about everything under the sun that’s even remotely electronic. I’m a DSLR guy, but stuff like touchscreen LCDs and built-in GPS receptors could tempt even the most skeptical old-schooler. Here are the facts for the $250 E1050, for example:
    10 megapixels, 28mm equivalent lens, 5x optical… Read More