• Crowbar successfully delivered to Gordon Freeman at Large Hadron Collider

    Crowbar successfully delivered to Gordon Freeman at Large Hadron Collider

    Well well, a happy ending! Or possibly only the grisly beginning, depending on what happens when they fire that thing up again. The crowbar, sent from Reddit and Destructoid, has been given directly to Doctor Freeman in case of… unforeseen consequences. Gallery here, and remember, Half-Life is still a buck! Read More

  • Guy proposes to his girlfriend with hacked Chrono Trigger ROM

    Oh man, this is deeply nerdy. This fellow Phill’s girlfriend was playing Chrono Trigger using an SNES emulator, and he hacked the ROM she was using, adding an entire new area (“Koma Kulshan,” an old name for Mt. Baker, I’m guessing this guy is from the NW like me) filled with NPCs acting out the couple’s favorite memories. At the end, there is apparently going to be a… Read More

  • XKCD raptor attack simulator

    XKCD raptor attack simulator

    Deeply geeky. As if the nerdy humor and nerdier meta-humor of XKCD weren’t enough, this enterprising coder (apparently with a little too much time on his hands) created an interactive simulation of the raptor attack scenario brought up here and solved here. It takes a little imagination for those squares to look like raptors — although it’s not a stretch for yourself … oh… Read More

  • PAX 2008: Video of Omegathon final round, plus Gabe vs. Tycho

    Time to geek out. I believe if you click “play” above, you’ll be the first people other than those present at PAX to witness this momentous event. A truly epic Excitebike battle. Not only that, but after the victor was celebrated and ushered away to what passes for a green room at PAX, Gabe and Tycho themselves settled down for a Penny Arcade-style duel. And we got that on video… Read More

  • Sexy EEPROM cufflinks

    Sexy EEPROM cufflinks

    ROM — James ROM. I know this kind of thing gets done every once in a while, but that doesn’t change the fact that these are lava-hot. The colors are tasteful (although the white balance in the photo was irreparably messed up, silver and black are classic), and the design is understated. If someone looks closely, you get credit for geekiness and stylishness. How often does that happen? Read More

  • Funny: "Signs You're on a Summer Vacation with a Geek"

    Funny: "Signs You're on a Summer Vacation with a Geek"

    OMG, this is so true. BBspot has a list of the Top 11 Signs You’re on a Summer Vacation with a Geek. I totally do most of these things. 11. The GPS unit sounds an awful lot like Majel Barrett. 10. Spend more time on the free wi-fi at the hotel looking up places to visit than actually visiting them. 9. The luggage has a million tiny feet and is virtually indestructible. 8. You get to your… Read More

  • Wired magazine is not for geeks anymore

    Wired magazine is not for geeks anymore

    After reading an article about Wired Magazine in the New York Times, I realized why I stopped reading it a few years ago. During the late 90’s new Geek and Tech Magazines were popping up like weeds in a garden. Then the dot com era came to an end, and so did most of the magazines. Magazines like The Industry Standard, Red Herring, Business 2.0, eCompany Now all went down the digital drain… Read More

  • Polarity hilarity: nerdy makeshift Christmas lights using an old CD-ROM drive

    <div class="center" Dear Santa, this year I would like: -A bunch of miscellaneous electrical junk -Nerdy friends who will not make fun of me for doing DIY electronics in a bar -No shame -Robotic dinosaur P.S. I have been a good boy. -Devin Boys, beers, and ‘boards at the Bohemian [Sethop's Interesting Times] Read More

  • Dorktastic Wedding Cakes

    Dorktastic Wedding Cakes

    Merciless Cake of the Gladiator The miracle of time known as Digg gives us yet another reason to laugh at our peers. This time, it’s wedding cakes that feature extremely geeky themes. From Homestar Runner to C++ code to THE FRICKIN’ ALLIANCE CREST from World of Warcraft, these cakes couldn’t possibly embarrass you any more than your wedding already did. Hit the jump for more… Read More

  • Fake Tattoos For The Macho Nerd

    Fake Tattoos For The Macho Nerd

    Nerds being macho. Right. Never gonna happen, but you can always pretend to be tough! Why not pick up a set of these geek tattoos available from Archie McPhee? You’ll get 16 of silliest, geekiest rub-on tattoos available. All the classics are there, including “Pwn3d!!!”, “w00t!”, and “″. If these don’t bag you a blind, 400-pound chick who… Read More