• Big Interview: The Philosophy Behind Best Buy And Future's @Gamer Magazine

    Conventional wisdom says that it’d be a better idea to build a ladder to the moon than it would be to start a magazine in 2010. Apparently Best Buy disagrees. The retailer announced, some months back, that it would be starting a new video game magazine called @Gamer. (Pronounced “gamer”—ignore the @.) It hooked up with the good folks at Future, the same people who… Read More

  • Let's talk about the World of Warcraft: Official Magazine for a bit

    You’ll recall that, a few months ago, we mentioned that Blizzard, in collaboration with Future (the publisher responsible for Edge in the UK, among other magazines), would be creating a World of Warcraft-themed magazine. It’s called World of Warcraft: Official Magazine and I just received the very first issue, Winter 2009. From a visual standpoint, the magazine is gorgeous. Read More

  • SmartFish concept aircraft swims in the air

    The SmartFish aircraft is a concept vehicle created by an engineering firm in Germany, based on the aerodynamic shape of a fish. So far, they have only built a remote control version of the aircraft, however a prototype is in the works. The prototype will be built from kevlar and carbon fiber, however the designers expect the vehicle to be relatively inexpensive to build. Read More

  • Last call for KEO space time capsule message: Let people 50,000 years in the future how much you rocked

    Hurry up, sports fans, for today’s the last day you can submit a message to the KEO space capsule. The idea is to have a bunch of people write an epic message, then in 50,000 years it’ll return and give future people the messages. I have no idea how any of this works, so please direct your WTFs somewhere else. Read More

  • Researchers creating a nuclear powered battery

    Man has long been on a quest for a better battery. This has resulted in some less then ideal solutions, such as the potato battery (it was half baked) and the onion battery (too smelly). Finally, researchers at the University of Missouri have developed a smaller, more efficient, and hopefully radiation free nuclear battery. Read More

  • Presenting the airplane of the future! Better make friends with your fellow passengers

    This is what the Airplane of the Future may look like. Well, this is what coach may look like; first class passengers will still have seats made out of diamonds and sporks made out of solid gold. The new layout resembles a subway car or military aircraft, with rows facing each other in order to pack more people inside a cabin. Read More

  • Will anybody give a damn about your burnt DVDs 1000 years in the future?

    A Utah company claims to have developed a DVD that will last 1,000 years under normal, everyday conditions. (You don’t have to be a professional archivist, in other words.) And while that’s an impressive achievement, if it is indeed true, there’s one small problem: what are the odds that, 1,000 years from now, Future People will derive any value at all from said discs? Read More

  • The tweest display in all the land

    This display, smaller than a dime, has 600×480 resolution, ensuring that when our species branches into the elfoid form we will be able to create an iPod Touch for our miniature brethren. You could also chain a number of these together to create a 1080p smaller than a postage stamp, potentially creating a 2048 x 2048 pixel display the size of a matchbook. Read More

  • Niche Mag Publisher Future Launches Dozens Of News Aggregator Sites Under DailyRadar

    The future of media is algorithmic aggregation, at least that is the approach Future US is taking. The U.S. subsidiary of Future PLC, and publisher of such niche magazines as Nintendo Power, Guitar World, and Maximum PC, is adopting a different approach online than simply putting its print articles on the Web. Instead, it has launched dozens of news aggregation and discovery sites called… Read More

  • Hearst tries to revive dying magazine business with electronic reader

    All I have to say to Hearst is “Good luck, bro.” The flatlining publisher, which produces magazines such as Popular Mechanics, Esquire and Cosmopolitan, has revealed that it’s working on an e-reader. The idea, of course, is to cut down the cost of creating a magazine—all that paper, ink, storage, delivery, gas, etc. adds up, especially in an environment when ad sales… Read More

  • Within 10 years, we'll have TV inside our contact lenses

    You’ve seen that commercial for Hulu, right? The one with Alec Baldwin sashaying around a futuristic office promising TV everywhere, TV that turns your brain into mush? Take that idea—TV everywhere—and apply it to your biology. That is, how does TV implanted into your contact lenses sound? Really great, or just great? Absolutely horrendous, or just horrendous? Read More

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