• Cool home project: DIY shelves from steel piping

    If you’ve got an area you’d like to fill with shelving, this looks like a great solution — if you don’t mind the industrial look. And the brilliant part is that it takes almost no craftsmanship skill to make — just measure, decide on shelf sizes, then take a trip to the local hardware store. Useful if your books are heavy or you’ve taken to collecting really… Read More

  • F-4 ejection seat makes the coolest office chair ever

    Kind of a crotch hazard, though! Why don’t they remove that iron bar there in the intimate area? This great chair is actually a reclaimed cockpit seat from an F-4 Phantom. I think the cushioning is redone but the metal is all original. Very intimidating to your subordinates. I’d buy one but it wouldn’t fit with my decor and also the price is so high they can’t list it. Read More

  • Offi Paket fits a table and four chairs into a li'l box

    If I move to Tokyo, I’m definitely getting one of these little sets, even though I doubt I’ll be having guests and I’ll probably eat every day at ramen stands. Moving on from my sad fantasy, the Offi Paket is a nicely-designed little modular system that folds and unfolds to accommodate up to four people at a little dining table, yet takes up no more space than… a… Read More

  • Leather 'Rock Box' ottoman stores your Rock Band gear

    Oh my, take a look at this feat of ingenuity. Anyone who plays Rock Band or Guitar Hero World Tour and lives in a smallish apartment will appreciate how difficult it is to store the controllers without making them permanent fixtures in one of the rooms you use on a daily basis. Read More

  • Is keyboard furniture the next memory foam?

    If you’ve got about 40 of the same keyboard lying around (aww, I only have 37!) then might I suggest fashioning them all into a chair of some type? That’s what designer Dante Bonuccelli did with his “Text-ile” chair for the 2009 UMUL (Use More, Use Less) workshop in Milan, Italy. Read More

  • Bookshelf with built-in projector screen

    Here we have a GREAT idea in the “Stuff-Your-Stuff Theater Set” from Pottery Barn, an unfortunately-named piece of furniture with an even more unfortunate $1299 price tag. Read More

  • Video: Vibrating chair makes you feel the music

    This chair researched at Ryerson University will make you feel the music. It has vibrating coils that will stimulate your senses in various ways depending on the music. Check out the video. Read More

  • This entire office is made of cardboard

    There’s an office in Amsterdam where all the furniture is made of cardboard. It’s the office of a creative agency called “Nothing” so, of course, being a creative agency you have to do something out of bounds so potential clients a) will be impressed with your creativity and b) won’t argue when you do crazy shit while working for them. Read More

  • Convertible web surfing loveseat

    The Calypso by designer Brandon Allen takes the concept of the futon, updates it to the year 2009, tweaks it a little bit, and then kicks it square in the nuts. The super-jointed loveseat concept quickly converts between workstation, regular sofa, coffee table, and weird waiting-room-type seating area. Read More

  • Someone finally designs soft foam saloon furniture for in-home bar brawls

    It’s about time. How many old-timey chairs have you broken over a friend’s back, hurting them badly enough that your playtime bar brawl has to end after the first direct hit? It’s obnoxious. You spend an hour setting everything up and it all ends within the first minute with people crying and friendships disintegrating like so many pieces of splintered wood. Read More

  • ‘BodySound’ chair with seven built-in speakers

    Take seven strategically-placed speakers and cover them in soft foam and Italian leather and you’ve got yourself the BodySound Recliner, starting at $5,995. According to the company, the chair “eliminates the need for in-room loudspeakers” by addressing “the need for full impact, large scale sound in a smaller space.” Read More

  • Crazy shoe rack you just kick 'em into

    The penguin is my own addition I’ve got a fair number of shoes and I try to keep them in the closet with the rest of my wardrobe, but we all know how that goes. If I had one of these things in my entryway I’d still kick them off, but now I’d be kicking them with a purpose. As you can see, the opposed brushes catch your shoes and suspends them, and I assume knock off any… Read More

  • Repurpose an Ikea door into a desk, save $100

    Decided to outfit your place with Ikea stuff but still have to find a way to tighten up the budget? Have I got a deal for you. What you really need is a decent desk, right? Well, what is a desk but a flat surface on some legs? And if you’re too fancy to use a sheet of plywood and some sawhorses to do the job (the rustic look), you can piecemeal together a desk from one of these Ikea… Read More

  • Put your bedroom behind an iron (well, steel) curtain

    This hardcore room separator is one step away from being really, really geeky. As it is, a stainless steel curtain is already a little weird, but it’s still missing that certain je nerd sais quois. I know: what would you say to a curtain of PCBs? With Pac-Man and the ghosts carved out of it! How fun does that sound? And these days they come in many colors as well. Mine is a lovely… Read More

  • This chair is made from Xboxen (and steel)

    British design house Pli has created a green seating solution for those of you who really, really love recycling. But that’s not all; the fun part is that the Reee Classic chair is made only from recycled game consoles — aside from the frame, which is steel. They don’t say which, but I’m guessing there is a lot of PS2 in there. They’d sell a lot more if you… Read More

  • ‘SofaBox’ is pretty much exactly what it sounds like

    It’s a sofa. It’s a box. It’s the SofaBox — a sofa that folds into its own box. Nice idea, especially for frequent travelers who can’t stand to be without a portable sofa for more than a couple of days or impromptu sitting sessions. The product’s website — – is in a mystical, magical foreign language but somewhere in there it… Read More

  • How to turn an old PowerBook into an arcade cabinet

    Oh my, this does look nice. Frederic Sebton has taken an old PowerBook and an IKEA side table (Ramvik is the model) and turned it into an arcade cabinet. Sebton has basically taken a PowerBook apart and mounted the screen and computer guts back-to-back, with the screen showing up through a hole cut in the top of the table. He then used a piece of black cardboard and a piece of glass as… Read More

  • Comfort: Thanko cushion lets you type from the floor

    What makes you look like a dork, yet could actually be worth the embarrassment? Maybe this Thanko cushion, chief. It’s for those of you who sit in front of your computer (laptop) all day long. You lie down on your belly and type, type, type away. It’s supposed to ease the stress on your frame. Might leave you susceptible to “pantsing,” however. I’m not a… Read More

  • Capcom + Ultimate Game Chair = Capcom Ultimate Game Chair

    What were you expecting, a labradoodle? No. It’s actually called the Reactor. If you’re not familiar with the Ultimate Game Chair (of olde), it’s essentially a really nice chair with built-in ports, speakers, and motors to bump you, punch you, and vibrate you as you play your favorite games. Capcom is working with them to make a new, more Capcom-y chair with the same sort… Read More

  • Deskputer: why don't we all have these?

    Now this is a desktop computer. It seems like a pretty obvious idea, and nothing occurs to me off the top of my head that would make it impractical. A custom motherboard with rotated PCI slots, a few extender cables, and you’ve got a really great setup. There’s plenty of room for vents and heatsinks, a natural place for drives, ports, and so on — really, why aren’t… Read More