• The Apple Tablet rumors the other blogs are afraid to publish

    The Apple Tablet rumors the other blogs are afraid to publish

    CrunchGear is, as you know, the internet's primary nexus for trade secrets, corporation-breaking revelations, and the latest salacious home videos of tech CEOs (yes, Jen-Hsun Hwang, we have that one). Our power to elevate or crush giants in the industry is kept in check only by our unerring discretion — and by a set of laws, carved into amber slabs and venerated constantly in a hidden shrine… Read More

  • Video: Prototype Jettupakku Don’t lie. You laughed. Also: I can’t be the only one that would prefer one of these to a Segway. [via Geekologie] Read More

  • Today's lesson: Know your opponent

    Today's lesson: Know your opponent

    I'm a big believer in open source development. The bazaar development model allows quality ideas to float to the top, albeit in sometimes contentious ways. The Linux kernel, the Apache httpd web server, and the PHP programming language are all developed in the open, and anyone is allowed to participate in their development. Filing bug reports is as important as writing the actual code. It helps… Read More

  • Locals: "Your radio tower gives us rashes!" Company: "You mean the one that's been off all this time?"

    Locals: "Your radio tower gives us rashes!" Company: "You mean the one that's been off all this time?"

    The readers of this blog are probably far to well-informed to take part in the "electromagnetic allergy" FUD and NIMBYism. I'm sure it's clear to you guys that we're all saturated with various forms of radiation all the time, and having a radio tower by your house isn't likely to do anything other than mess with your reception. But the residents of Craigavon, a town in Northern Ireland South… Read More

  • The Escapist reviews Torchlight “More clicks than a school for dolphin telegraph operators.” Read More

  • The Onion's CES Highlights

    The Onion's CES Highlights

    The Onion, always good for a quick larf, just posted a list of great new devices launched at CES including but not limited to: Radioshack—Big Sack of Adapters: The right one is probably in there somewhere Bose—Noise-Postponing Headphones: Using Bose's patented SoundDelay technology, these headphones store ambient distractions for up to six hours before unleashing them all at once against the… Read More

  • Hey, look, it's Nicholas on TWiT with Leo Laporte

    “CrunchGear. Always doing great stuff.” And Jimin helped. Read More

  • HP webcams are racist

    “As soon as my blackness enters the frame…” Listen, HP, this is the 21st century. Obama is in the White House. This needs to be fixed STAT. Read More

  • Video: Hold on, go right

    It's an age-old trope: the enhance in the movie that can zoom into a finitely granular photo in order to see the face of a killer in someone's eye. It's a beautiful McGuffin, a way to stick in a little tech nerdery into an otherwise boring scene. It also saves writers from having to think up really good scenes. Read More

  • Give it a Ponder: OK, LG, you win this round

    LG is trying to get kids to think before they text. Instead of featuring a cartoon frog and his skateboarding friends, they’ve hired James Lipton and his beard to encourage kids to Give It A Ponder before they text. Well played, LG. Well played. Read More