• 2-Kilovolt Washer Launcher Makes The Greatest Noise Ever

    Skip ahead to 4:25 unless you want to know how the whole setup is achieved. I want to make that PWIIIIIIIIIIIING my ringtone. Make that my pwingtone. I like the “honey is that you?” after the launch. Does anyone else have one of those things in their backyard? [via Hacked Gadgets and Make] Read More

  • "I Want To Make This Toy"

    We at CrunchGear are patient and kind. And we love kids. That’s why when Jake Woolf sent us an email requesting us to make a toy that makes fake electricity bolts move, we had to design at least a mock-up for him. Here is his email, verbatim and this is what we thought he might like. Thoughts, Jake? Can anyone build this for Jake so he can see it in action? my name is jake woolf … Read More

  • It's Official: The Best Bosses Read TechCrunch!

    A young lady named Jennifer – the Internet is now hunting down her last name – sent a selection of thirty-three photos to her entire office of twenty people detailing why she’s quitting. Mostly it was because of a man named Spencer who called her a HPOA (go ahead and look it up or just look at the pictures) but you’ll note one important slide in her presentation. Read More

  • Video: Prepare to get nailed. Period.

    This guy, Fred Merle got arrested for selling Polka DVDs that he did not own the rights to. Apparently he was set up to make a deal with a tall guy dressed as a polka-fiend and now he can’t sell Polka DVDs anymore. Like forever. There is the wife, the lawyer and the tall guy with the mustache. Click to see the videos Read More

  • Auction off your Cease and Desist from LucasFilm for fun and profit

    Remember that cool-looking Spyder III Pro Arctic laser from WickedLasers? Remember how LucasFilm thought it looked a little too much like a lightsaber? Remember how they then served WickedLasers a Cease and Desist? And then, remember how WickedLasers put that Cease and Desist up on eBay? You probably don’t remember that last part, because I’m just telling you now. It’s up… Read More

  • Death Star cookies: Admit it, you made this

    Back in the old days, before the Internet, the only way you could relive the fun of Star Wars was through baked goods. To wit: the Star Wars Darth Vaders Activity Book featured this amazing project that involved making a big cookie and then making it look like the Death Star. If I recall, this was kind of a sugar cookie thing with lots of butter and wasn’t very tasty but by God my… Read More

  • Clifford Stoll on this whole Internet thing

    Back in the olden days I read a paper book called The Cuckoo’s Egg by Clifford Stoll. That book was one of the best I had ever read about computer security. It told the tale of a kind of cool/kind of nerdy astronomer who caught someone rifling his networked computers. After months of investigation he discovered a hacker working for the Russkies who was after our precious bodily fluids and… Read More

  • Secrets of the Old Spice commercials, volume 2
    By now you must be familiar with Isaiah Mustafa, the man from the Old Spice commercials. You know… the man. After the last commercial hit, dissecting it second by second was a fun pastime until Leo Laporte talked it over with the creators and we were all slightly flabbergasted at the amount of craftsmanship that had gone into it. The same thing has happened now… Read More

  • Intel: GPUs aren't 100 times faster than CPUs, just 14 times. Nvidia: Oh no!

    This is pretty funny. You’ve probably seen some of the propaganda over the last year or so about how GPUs are orders of magnitude faster than CPUs at certain tasks, due to their parallel processing engine. Intel got tired of hearing about it, I guess, and decided to debunk the myth. They set out to disprove the notion that a GPU can be 100 times faster than a CPU. They kind of did it, but… Read More

  • Your disposable wine glass, monsieur

    Look, I’m all for sustainable living and renewable energy sources, but I don’t let them get between me and a taste. Fortunately, most of the time, I’m drinking from reusable pint glasses or recyclable cans and bottles — so a little wastefulness here and there won’t break my moral bank. And these disposable wine glasses are just too ghetto-fabulous not to love. Read More

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