• 'I am the lawgiver!': Now that's an ad worth watching

    Toyota Tacoma ads have been pretty funny and creative, but this one takes the cake. World of Warcraft + Toyota Tacoma = brilliant. Well done, ad wizards. Well done. World of Warcraft…wha huh? Read More

  • X-Wing: What really happened

    Those of you who recall the sadly shortened launch of the model X-Wing Fighter last week will be glad to know that we now have the truth. Carry on. Read More

  • Celeb Cellphones that we wish existed, but sadly don't

    Celeb Cellphones that we wish existed, but sadly don't

    I am, generally speaking, not the jealous type. I’m very much a to-each-his-all kind of person. But when a colleague comes up with an article that I’m jealous that I didn’t write, I feel I must at least share it. Regular readers will recall that I often pepper Lohan or Hilton references in my regular posts. I do it to keep otherwise dry content moist, and because many… Read More

  • Funny: 'Mr. C's 7 Signs That Your Kid May Be A Hacker'

    Funny: 'Mr. C's 7 Signs That Your Kid May Be A Hacker'

    Parents, does your child display any of the traits from the following sequence of amusing cartoon drawings? If so, he or she might be a hacker. Nothing wrong with being a hacker, per se. Let’s just use those powers for good, not evil. The bigger issue here might be the patchy chin-beard consisting of two lone strands of hair. Shave ‘em off, my man. Mr. C’s 7 Signs That Your… Read More

  • Friday Funnies: James Brown, behind the scenes

    It’s Friday, and there’s not much going on news-wise, so here’s a funny video of the absolutely true story of how James Brown’s “Sex Machine” was recorded, and would later become a monster YES MASTER, THEY ARE BUYING WHAT I AM SELLING; EXPECT TOTAL ASSIMILATION BY LATE 2008, YOU MAY BEGIN YOUR INVASION WHEN READY. Read More

  • The Console Wars glumbert – Console Wars Animated Hehehe. It’s all so true! Read More

  • Star Wars Goes Gangsta glumbert – Star Wars Gangsta Rap NSFW and in case you haven’t seen this. Oh noes. The Storm Troopers have gone on strike! Lando wants to tap Leia. Vader is slower than the first Pentium chip and Yoda is a dancing fool. Who knew Tatooine was such a gangsta’s paradise. Read More

  • Video Conversion The Family Guy Way

    LMAO! I’m so glad it’s fall. I can now watch mind numbing television, which will make the winter bearable. Enjoy! Read More