• The Power Of HTML5/Javascript: A GameBoy Color Emulator In Your Browser

    The Power Of HTML5/Javascript: A GameBoy Color Emulator In Your Browser

    It’s early on Monday so you’ll excuse me for getting excited about an HTML5/Javascript-based GameBoy Color emulator that runs entirely within the browser without plugins. While this sort of thing isn’t new – you’ve been able to play NES games in Java for years – and this emulator is a bit old, it’s still a cool proof of concept. Read More

  • Join Wil Wheaton And Friends In A Rousing Tabletop Gaming Session

    If you’re a fan of Grant Imahara, Will Wheaton, Jenna Busch, or Sean Plott, this may be just the trick. Wheaton and Felicia Day have created a new series called Tabletop which consists of a series of gamers playing tabletop games. Is it boring, you ask? Absolutely not. Read More

  • Scrolldit: I Heard You Liked Scrolling Reddit So I Put Scrolling In Your Reddit

    Scrolldit: I Heard You Liked Scrolling Reddit So I Put Scrolling In Your Reddit

    Created by a young man named Jonathan Bouman, Scrolldit is a thing that scrolls Reddit for you, thereby allowing you to avoid the hard, hard job of scrolling Reddit. Why, you ask, is this news? Because we like Reddit and it’s really cool. The site essentially takes Reddit feeds (including NSFW ones, hurr hurr hurr) and places them in little boxes that march across the screen. Because… Read More

  • Handheld Console Compresses Super Mario Brothers Down To 64 Pixels

    Handheld Console Compresses Super Mario Brothers Down To 64 Pixels

    Doot doo doot doo doo doot! Hacker Retrobrad created a handheld console that displays Super Mario Brother in a very special way: each sprite is reduced to one pixel. The console, called Super Pixel Brothers, includes all 20 levels as well boss fights. The game is played on an 8×8 mutli-colored LED board and to hit enemies you need to position your single-pixel Mario over their… Read More

  • Makerbot's Bre Pettis Will Be On Colbert Report

    One of our own, Bre Pettis, will appear on the Colbert Report tomorrow night to talk about 3D printing, his handsome glasses, and new Makerbots. This is some seriously exciting news in that it proves that the geeks will inherit the earth. Read More

  • Watch Water Fight Against Surface Tension At 2,564 FPS HD

    Locked in a Vegas Hotel Room with a Phantom Flex from Tom Guilmette on Vimeo. This is a few months old but it’s great. It shows a Tom Guilmette playing with a Phantom Flex 1080p video camera shooting at 2,564 frames a second. This camera uses high speed lenses and sensors to slow down almost everything including bullets (albeit at slightly lower resolution.) Read More

  • Mechanical Yoshi Adds Mech To Mario

    Donald “KodyKoala” Kennedy built this magical mech Yoshi out of Lego and Playmobil parts as well as some nicely molded custom parts. His next project is Luigi, a noble goal in this era of reduced manufacturing prowess in the Western world. Read More

  • The Happiest CrunchGear Reader Ever

    JRob won our Proton Pack Backpack giveaway last week and told us he would give it to his daughter if he won. At first we didn’t believe a CrunchGear reader could create something as good and wholesome as a “daughter” or have the willpower to give her his awesome backpack if he won, but to our surprise both of these are true. Here’s little Miss JRob wearing her new… Read More

  • First music video shot entirely on the iPhone 4

    There are no maps for these territories, friends. Here is the first music video shot on the iPhone 4. It’s seriously a fun piece of cinema and really points out the blinding fact that the age of the huge video or cinema production is slowly but surely evolving into something much more streamlined. More details after the jump. Read More

  • This weekend make your own compressed air rocket

    I’ve always loved the compressed air rocket. I bought my son one of the pre-made ones at a science museum and it broke on first flight, which was pretty frustrating. Had I known about this MAKE video, however, I would have built my son one from scratch. You technically don’t need more that 25 cents worth of hardware for this thing, but getting some of these parts might be cost a… Read More

  • Watch the world's tallest robot Tsutenkaku in action (weird video)

    We’ve covered Tsutenkaku, a Japanese robot that looks like a tower to promote tourism in the city of Osaka, just last week. Standing 170cm tall, his makers claim Tsutenkaku [JP] is the tallest robot in the world. And now he finally showed himself in the public, during a street festival that took place over the weekend in Osaka’s shopping district of Nipponbashi. Read More

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