• “Hey! VINA” Is A Tinder For (Girl) Friends

    “Hey! VINA” Is A Tinder For (Girl) Friends

    A startup called VINA is launching a mobile app today that operates a lot like a Tinder, but is aimed at women seeking new friends. And no, not friends-with-benefits or boy-space-friends, but other females who share their same interests, and who have compatible personalities. To make this work, Hey! VINA, as the app is called, doesn’t just show its users pictures and profiles, but also… Read More

  • The One Where Netflix Started Streaming All Ten Seasons Of Friends

    The One Where Netflix Started Streaming All Ten Seasons Of Friends

    Christmas was about a week ago, but that doesn’t mean that the morning of January 1, 2015 doesn’t have an awesome surprise in store for you. Starting today, every. single. episode. of Friends is available to stream on Netflix. Read More

  • Badabing! For iOS Helps You Find All Of Your Facebook Friends’ Bikini Pics

    Badabing! For iOS Helps You Find All Of Your Facebook Friends’ Bikini Pics

    Ok, so this app made me feel really dirty when I downloaded it. It’s called Badabing! and it basically goes through your friends’ photos on Facebook to pull out the ones of them at the pool or beach. In other words, we’re talking about scantily clad photos here. I of course, for the sake of technology journalism, had to download the app and give it a whirl. It actually kind… Read More

  • New iPhone App "Friends" Gives Social Contact Aggregation A Warm Embrace

    The other day, a reader emailed me asking what I use as a contact manager probably thinking I had one killer solution. But I told them that sadly I have to use a combination of Gmail, MobileMe, LinkedIn, and a few other services to get include all the people I may want to contact. And that’s especially a pain on my iPhone as it involves opening several different apps and/or websites to… Read More

  • Aww! T-Mobile's Customer Delight Day is today!

    BGR is reporting that T-Mo is having their Customer Delight day where T-Mo customers can get 100 bonus minutes just for stopping by the store and 200 for bringing a friend. If you refer a customer you get a $25 credit on your next bill and if you at T-Mobile @Home you get the first month free. Some resctrictions apply, but I’m kind of sad I switched to AT&T now. T-Mobile is sooooo nice. Read More

  • Antisocial networks for the Grinch in your life

    Spread some Christmas cheer today and tomorrow to all your online “friends.” Or, you can be a real, go-it-alone American and sign up for one of several new anti-social networks. It’s all the fun of real social networks like Facebook and MySpace, only with the faux, forced amity. Choose from the likes of Hatebookand Snubster and make things like “friend… Read More

  • Mark Cuban hits Facebook friend limit

    Mark Cuban has too many friends. To be fair, he doesn’t know most of them personally. He gets more than 100 friend requests every day on Facebook and he’s just recently hit the 5,000-friend limit. That’s right, you’re only allowed 5,000 friends on Facebook. Only. He’s had to whittle down his list to make room for people he actually knows or is in some way connected. Read More

  • Kid wakes from coma, realizes he missed iPhone launch

    Geoff Evila recently awoke from a 4-month coma and realized that he’d missed camping out for the launch of the iPhone. His buddy Steve dropped by the Chandler, Arizona Apple Store and relayed Geoff’s story of an almost-deadly car crash turned 4-month coma and convinced the store’s employees to do their best to recreate the excitement of June 29th, the iPhone’s… Read More

  • Boss to Employee: Be My Facebook Friend… or Else…

    Friends forever We meet again, Facebook. I won’t be ranting and raving like an old man trying to return soup at a deli ($1 to the Seinfeld writers, and to my misguided youth) today, however. No, for today we look at perhaps the last workplace taboo: being online friends. It’s quite the dilemma. Let’s say your boss friends you, right, and you’re all, Oh, jeez, what do I… Read More

  • Coolest Gadgets Turn One

    Coolest Gadgets turns one year old today and CrunchGear would like to wish the crew happy birthday. It’s not easy to stay afloat in the blogging world for an entire year, but they’ve done it admirably. To celebrate, they’re running a $1000 gadget contest that includes a Nexus 95mv Wicked Laser, a solar powered cell phone charger, a pair of MP3 sunglasses and various other… Read More