• Free: TC Electronic M30 Reverb

    Did you know the TC Electronic is the maker of stunning reverbs? Well now you can have the M30 reverb plugin for free. All you need to do is fill out a form and TC Electronic will send you the link to download the plugin. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Star Wars: Lost Tribe of the Sith for free on Kindle

    Looking for a new book to read? Kindle owners (or people who have the Kindle app on their iPhone/iPod can get a free copy of “Star Wars: Lost Tribe of the Sith: Precipice” from Amazon. Read More

  • Big Brother in Japan? University tracks students via free iPhones

    They say don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, but this present Tokyo-based university Aoyama Gakuin gives to students in the School of Social Informatics does have a significant catch. The present in question is an iPhone the students get for free. Read More

  • The free Crysis Wars trial starts tonight, here's what you need to do

    Like free games? I do! How about Crysis Wars, we first told you about a few days ago. The free period will run starting tonight and countine through next week. Either I’m not a big enough nerd (which isn’t likely) or the creators do not want people to actually play for free cause the registration process and download is a pain in the ass. So here is what you need to do in an… Read More

  • Try RCTiger for free

    The first folks who email me at with the subject line “RCTRIGGER” will get a free account for RCTiger, the wacky RC tank game I played last week. You can read all about it here. Good luck! [Thanks, Chris] Read More

  • Crunchdeals: 9 Free e-books

    Into e-books? Me too. I’m just not overly fond of how they charge almost the same price for the paper version as they do the electronic version. Here’s something interesting from though: they are giving away nine titles for free. Read More

  • And now that FCC meeting concerning free nationwide Wi-Fi won't even happen

    How great is this: the FCC meeting that was scheduled to take place this week where they’d discuss the plans for free nationwide Wi-Fi isn’t even going to happen. The meeting, which was supposed to occur on the Dec. 18, was killed because a bunch of congressman objected to any “controversial” items emerging from the FCC during the last day’s of George W. Read More

  • AT&T finalizes free Wi-Fi goodness

    All of AT&T’s 17,000 hotspots are currently open and ready for business, including most Starbucks stores less the ones the close because we are entering the second Great Depression. Hotspots are free to AT&T iPhone subscribers. All of the spots are free, so just roll on up and give them a go. If you’re at a Starbucks today, try it out and show us what it looks like. Read More

  • Starbucks to give away free Wi-Fi tomorrow

    Starbucks will give away Wi-Fi starting tomorrow, June 3. Or: When you register your Starbucks Card and use it at least once a month, you’ll receive two consecutive hours a day of complimentary Wi-Fi, courtesy of AT&T. Not much to complain about here, really. Buy an elitist latte once in a while, and check the headlines. Like, say, that Mourinho is officially at Inter Milan. Read More

  • FCC considers making next spectrum winner offer free wireless broadband Internet access

    Flickr’d Don’t look now, but the FCC, in an unusually egalitarian move, may require the winner of an upcoming spectrum auction to give away free, wireless Internet access. A June 12 meeting will determine the rules of an upcoming auction, with one of the bandied-about provisions being that the winner must provide at least 50 percent of the country (well, the population) with… Read More

  • Californian Congresswoman calls for no-cost, no-porn, wireless broadband access to solve digital divide

    Ubiquitous broadband is a lofty goal, the idea of the “digital divide” is indeed an important one to consider, and Rep. Anna G. Eshoo from California’s got a novel idea on how to deliver it: wirelessly and free. Disappointed that none of the winners of the recent 700MHz auction were going to offer a similar for-profit solution, Eshoo feels it’s time for the government… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Free photo printing at Walgreens

    Those of you with Walgreens’ photo accounts may want to login and pick 15 of your favorite photos to get printed in all their 4×6 glory. When you’re checking out enter code TAXDAY and you’re done. Just be sure to do it by 1:59 PM Central time today. via GeekSugar Read More

  • Help Key: How to download off Usenet like a champ

    [photopress:usenethow.jpg,full,center] If and when the **AA have Usenet shut down after the piece appears, feel free to blame Biggs. He’s making me write it. I occasionally mention Usenet when talking about piracy here, but I’ve never really explained what it is or what it does. I’m still not going to explain what it is, technically, (that’s what Wikipedia’s for)… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: March issue of Wired is FREE

    In case you missed Nicholas’ post this morning about things being Free in the future then you probably missed a free copy of the March issue of Wired. We did too so don’t feel bad. Thanks to GeekSugar for giving us the heads up. There are only 10,000 copies available and we’re not sure how many are left so you better act fast. Get the March 2008 of Wired for Free! [GS] Read More

  • Free free free: Wired predicts business will move to gratis model

    [photopress:freeeeeee.jpg,full,center] In the future, everything will be free. Free, though, means different things to different people. Grab a cup of coffee, this one’s gonna take a while. Wired’s editor-in-chief Chris Anderson, famous for his “Long Tail” theory, has a new one up his sleeve this month, and it’s one that we should have seen coming. Simply… Read More

  • More info, screens on free-to-play Battlefield Heroes

    [photopress:bfh1.jpg,full,center] I just got the issue of Games for Windows in the mail with Battlefield Heroes on the cover. In it is a long feature explaining the ins and outs of the game. It sounds pretty great, very easy to pick up and play for the person who doesn’t have dozens of hours a week to devote to a video game. That should be anyone over the age of 16. Some neat things… Read More

  • unleashes totally free music that artists get paid for

    It sounds like nonsense, but it’s true., the popular social network for music, has announced that starting now, all music on the site can be played by anyone, for free. The catch is that after playing it three times you will be notified of their subscription service, but I don’t think we need to look this particular gift horse in the mouth. They’ve got the big… Read More

  • AT&T DSL customers all get free Wayport Wi-Fi now

    Next time you’re in a McDonald’s in Jerkwater, Ohio and you assume — like I did — that wireless access will be free, you’ll be right. That is, if you’re an AT&T DSL subscriber. I am not, so I therefore closed my laptop with my wrist because my hands were too french fry-ey. Formerly only available to premium DSL subscribers, AT&T is now giving any… Read More

  • EA's Battlefield Heroes will be a free download this summer

    [photopress:bfhgfw.jpg,full,right] Electronics Arts will release Battlefield Heroes this summer, its first free-to-play game in the West. (There’s already a version of Fifa in Korea that’s free) The game, which looks a lot like Team Fortress 2, is from the same guys who developed Battlefield 1942. It will be only be available as a download and won’t cost you a dime. Instead… Read More

  • NewsGator adopts free software model

    The very-excellent FeedDemon RSS desktop software from NewsGator has gone from $30 to free. I find Google Reader to be a great RSS reader but when I need to really dig in and catch news items as soon as they’re published, nothing beats a good standalone client like FeedDemon. NewsGator has also decided to give away its Mac client NewsNetWire, its mobile client NewsGator Go!, and its… Read More