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  • Where The Free Software Movement Went Wrong (And How To Fix It) Crunch Network

    Where The Free Software Movement Went Wrong (And How To Fix It)

    The biggest change I’ve seen in the tech industry in the past decade isn’t social media, cloud computing, big data, consumerization or even mobile. It’s the mainstream acceptance of open source. Even 10 years ago open source was controversial. Back then “open vs. proprietary” arguments would still erupt at meetings and parties. Back then vendors spread FUD about… Read More

  • With Many Eyeballs, All Bugs Are Shallow

    With Many Eyeballs, All Bugs Are Shallow

    In his seminal work The Cathedral and the Bazaar, Eric Raymond put forward the claim that “given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow.” He dubbed this Linus’ Law, in honor of Linux creator Linus Torvalds. It sounds like a fairly self-evident statement, but as the Wikipedia page points out the notion has its detractors. Michael Howard and David LeBlanc claim in their 2003… Read More

  • Can Startups Learn Anything From Linux?

    Can Startups Learn Anything From Linux?

    Linux is the world’s largest collaborative software development project. People from all over the world have influenced the Linux kernel code, and it runs on everything from mainframe computers to wristwatches. Linux, and free software development in general, provides some tremendous insights into what makes a successful project. Can today’s startups learn anything from the history… Read More

  • A pony, for your Friday amusement

    Here’s a little treat for all you Apache admins out there in The Internet: mod_pony. It produces an ASCII art representation of a pony. It would be grand to see ponies proliferate around The Internet today! Read More

  • OpenOffice 3.1 is available

    OpenOffice, everyone’s favorite free software office suite, released version 3.1 recently. It seems like only yesterday I was downloading StarOffice, what later became OpenOffice. The team keeps plugging away, and the fact that they’ve released such a comprehensive office suite is a real testament to the power of open source development. There are lots of new improvements… Read More

  • Microsoft kindly permits Windows 7 users to downgrade to XP

    Great news, everyone stuck in 2001! Microsoft will allow users to downgrade from Windows 7 to Windows XP! So if you’re super happy with the stability and performance of Windows XP, and don’t give a damn about any of the new features or enhancements included in Microsoft’s latest offering, you can safely bury your head back in the sand! Read More