• Telescoping Fork: What Yogi Uses During Football Season

    Telescoping Fork: What Yogi Uses During Football Season

    Have you ever gotten to the point where you’re so lazy or tired that you can’t get yourself to move from the couch to the table to get another chicken wing? Football is starting back up and I’m sure many of us will find ourselves in said situations. Well, the freeloader fork with a telescoping handle will make life much fatter easier with its 25-inch reach. You can even use it as… Read More

  • Make Cakes in Your Computer! EZ-Bake Drive

    Make Cakes in Your Computer! EZ-Bake Drive

    Geeks like to eat sweets. Don’t believe me? Go find a geek, you’ll find junk food. But homemade cake is better than store bought cake. And homemade cake from your favorite computer is the best of all. Most Peecee desktops have at least one 5 1/4-inch drive slot that sits idle. Fill it up with this EZ-Bake Oven and you can make little tarts while you frag jerks. It’s powered… Read More

  • SmartShopper Needs $147 Price Drop to be Competitive

    SmartShopper Needs $147 Price Drop to be Competitive

    Who has time to write things down on a pad of paper anymore?! When I need to add something to my grocery list I prefer to walk downstairs to the kitchen, rummage around in the junk drawer for my SmartShopper device, make sure it has fresh batteries, turn it on, press the record button, say “Apples,” say “Apples” again because it thought I said “Mantles,” and… Read More

  • Ultimate High-Tech Picnic

    Ultimate High-Tech Picnic

    Everyone loves a good picnic in the summertime: Gourmet sandwiches, wine, cheese, and the great outdoors can go a long way toward relieving 9 to 5 office drudgery. But there are a few ways you can take it up a notch with a bit of high-tech help, whether you’re trying to impress your latest squeeze or you’re just goofy for gadgets. Feast your eyes on these ideas for geeking up your next… Read More

  • Great Outdoors: Grilling for Geeks

    Great Outdoors: Grilling for Geeks

    Technology seems to improve rapidly as time goes by. Think back to fifteen years ago – ah yes, I can still remember my IBM PS/1. I was drawn to it by its sexy Windows 3.1 operating system and of all things, Paintbrush. That computer system is the reason I am writing this article today, because it sparked my love for technology. But that wasn’t my only childhood love. Another was… Read More


    Sorry for cross-posting so much to MC, but this is another cool service. If you’re in the Bay Area, you can get yourself some good eats using your mobile. Anyone who goes out for lunch knows that you’ll spend more time waiting in line than you do actually eating. And while many restaurants let you fax in your order, some businesses have discouraged employees from using the fax machine… Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: Evening Entertainment Edition

    CrunchGear Week in Review: Evening Entertainment Edition

    The Life Acquatic: Swimming with Sound Subtitling Glasses Put the Text Where It Belongs Plasma Lift: Hey Honey! What TV? Wine That Loves: No More Guessing What Wine Goes With What Food Fitness by Crunchgear 2007 Read More

  • Wine That Loves: No More Guessing What Wine Goes With What Food

    Wine That Loves: No More Guessing What Wine Goes With What Food

    Biggs, the bossman here, knows his wine, so he knows what wine goes with what foods. I, on the other hand, am ignorant of this magical magic. Wine That Loves should eliminate this problem by placing a label of what type of food the wine goes with right on the front. There’s five different wines in the collection, each of which goes with a different food: pasta, roasted chicken, pizaa (who… Read More

  • CrunchLunch: Chocolate Gadget Goodness

    CrunchLunch: Chocolate Gadget Goodness

    We all love getting the latest, greatest electronic. I mean who doesn’t love unboxing a brand new Blackberry 8800 or HDTV? It’s almost as if the only way these objects could get any sweeter would be if you turned them into…chocolate! Yes, thanks to “Corporate Gift Showcase” and its lovely line of custom chocolate molds, you can now be eating a solid, milk-chocolate… Read More

  • Fake Chopsticks for Wannabe Asian Food Nuts

    Fake Chopsticks for Wannabe Asian Food Nuts

    I love Asian food. I am lazy. I don’t like these chorksticks. They make eating noodles the traditional way fool proof, though keeping the wasabi out of your eye might still be a problem. There have been cheaters chopsticks before, sure, but we’ve never seen any that look this boss. See, the idea is apparently if the lame fake chopsticks you’re using look really cool, nobody will… Read More

  • Electric Marshmallow Toaster for Perfect Toasted Marshmallows

    We don’t do the outdoors much, what with rain, bird flu, and bears, but when we do we expect three things: Beer, fire, and toasted marshmallows. It is only this combination that gets us into these things called “woods”. But being that we’re gadget people, putting your marshmallow on a stick that you have to manually turn just won’t do. No, we must use this… Read More

  • Cornell Developing Bacteria Finding "Nano-Napkin"

    Cornell Developing Bacteria Finding "Nano-Napkin"

    Looks like today is nano technology day for me. A research team at Cornell University has announced its work on a “nano-napkin,” which would be able to detect certain bacteria or viruses. The idea sounds simple enough, binding nanofibers to antibodies in an attempt to use the napkain to locate specific bacteria. The example the team gives is of a meat packing plant. “…If… Read More