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  • Tackling Food Safety And Supply Chain Issues, ICix Raises $25 Million

    Tackling Food Safety And Supply Chain Issues, ICix Raises $25 Million

    Tainted peanut butter, rotten eggs, bacteria-ridden fruits and vegetables, and chemically compromised merchandise are literally the spoils of the globalization of industry, and the bane of the big businesses that sell most people the food they eat and products they buy. For years, companies promised to manage and monitor the process of provisioning for global retailers with tools that would… Read More

  • What Lame Duck? Senate Passes Food Safety Bill, House Expected To Follow

    On Tuesday, the United States senate passed the Food Safety and Modernization Act (senate bill 510). If the House also approves the bill, as expected, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will have the power to force food recalls when contamination is reported by consumers. The bill will also increase the stringency and frequency of safety inspections for food manufacturers and… Read More

  • Proposed Food Safety Laws A Boon For Clean Tech Companies

    Today, the senate voted to work on a bill called the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act that would, among other things, require food producers, facilities and distributors in the United States to evaluate hazards more rigorously, undergo more inspections each year and implement preventive measures to keep food pathogen-free. Green tech companies that could benefit from higher standards for… Read More