• Warner Bros. Acquires Social Movie Site Flixster (And Rotten Tomatoes)

    Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group has acquired social movie discovery site Flixster. The acquisition also includes Rotten Tomatoes, a movie review site Flixster acquired from News Corp. last year. Under the terms of the deal, Flixster will continue to operate independently and will expand its services beyond movie discovery. Financial terms of the acquisition were not… Read More

  • App-y Holidays: iOS Gorged, Android Stuffed, RIM Got Leftovers, Windows Phone Went Hungry

    There has already been plenty of data out there suggesting that Apple had a monster holiday season. We’ll know for sure in a few weeks when they announced their earnings. For now though, we have to go by what third-party developers are seeing when it comes to app download numbers. And one company, Flixster, has given us some key details of how their mobile installs broke down from… Read More

  • Flixster CEO's Age-And-Taste-Inappropriate Love Of Vanessa Hudgens

    A tipster today emailed to point out that Flixster CEO Joe Greenstein gave his own app a five star rating on iTunes, and then went on to trash the competition. Both Movie Night Out and Showtimes got one stars. “It tries to do too much and fails,” he said of Movie Night Out. And Showtimes “does not include a full list of movies – just the current ones.” Frankly… Read More

  • Flixster Hits 20 Million App Downloads. Top Movie App On iPhone, Android, And BlackBerry

    It was almost exactly two years ago that Flixster bought one of the original popular movie apps for the iPhone from a college sophomore. Now, two years later, their Flixster iPhone app is the top movie application on the platform. It’s also the top movie app on the Android and BlackBerry platforms as well. All told, the app has just crossed a massive 20 million installs. What’s… Read More

  • Updated: Flixster Issues $12.5 Million In Shares To News Corp For Rotten Tomatoes

    Update CEO Joe Greenstein got back to us. He says, “We actually have not raised any new money recently.” Movie ratings site Flixster raised issued $12.5 million in new shares funding, according to an SEC filing. The last time Flixster raised money was a $5 million Series B in April, 2008. The new round brings the company’s total capital raised to $19.5… Read More

  • Flixster Users Name Top 2009 Movies: Avatar, Star Trek And The Blind Side

    Forget the Academy Awards and the professional movie critics. Flixster users reviewed movies 55 million times in 2009, says the company, and they’ve released the top movies based on those ratings. At the top is Avatar with a 92% like rating (compared to 83% for the critics). Second is Star Trek with 91%, and The Blind Side comes in third with 90%. The year’s lowest-rated movies… Read More

  • Flixster crosses 8 million mobile users, celebrates with app updates for Android and BlackBerry

    Flixster, a social networking site for movie fans, is doing pretty well for itself in the mobile space. Name any smartphone platform, and there’s a good chance that the Flixster app has spent some time on it’s top download charts. iPhone? Yep. BlackBerry? Yep. Android and Palm webOS? Double yeps. Earlier today, the company shared with us the news that they’d crossed over a… Read More

  • Flixster Launching Meebo Community IM Tonight

    We just received word that tonight at 9pm PT Flixster will roll out its integration of Meebo Community IM, which adds instant messaging-like chat functionality to any website. Out of 19 total launch partners, a couple more will push their implementations live over the next two weeks, then a large batch of partners will launch theirs in early 2009. We don’t have any word yet on which… Read More

  • College Sophomore Sells His iPhone App To Flixster

    Movie focused social network Flixster acquired a popular iPhone application called Movies.app (iTunes link) last week, and has re-released the application this evening. As far as we know, this is the first acquisition of an iPhone app. The price isn’t being disclosed. Movies.app was created by Jeffrey Grossman, a sophomore at Carnegie Mellon University. The application lets users find… Read More

  • It's Facebook Day! Say Hello To The Three Tier App System

    Update: Our live notes from Mark Zuckerberg’s Keynote are here. Today is definitely Facebook day as they hold their second annual F8 developers conference in San Francisco. Last year they released their developer platform, which led competitors to hurriedly release their own competing offerings. What’s in store for tomorrow? We’ve made our predictions, and CEO Mark… Read More

  • MySpace Confirms OpenID Support, Launches Data Availability On Flixster and Eventful

    MySpace is rolling out a couple of announcements this morning a day ahead of Facebook’s F8 developer conference. The first is confirmation of our story that they are supporting OpenID, although they aren’t releasing any details (It’s our belief that they will first issue OpenID IDs, and possibly become a relying party later). The company is also announcing the launch of two… Read More

  • Fubar Grows Over 3 Million Percent In A Year

    New social network traffic figures released by Compete show that Fubar, billed as the “first online bar and happy hour” is the fastest growing social network, having increased its traffic by 3,272,217% over the 12 months to the end of February 2008, placing the network at 14th on the list of top 20 social networking sites (chart as shown). Year on year MySpace hasn’t grown… Read More

  • IAC's Diller Summons Flixster To New York Just To Kill The Deal

    The much anticipated IAC/Flixster acquisition isn’t going to happen, we’ve heard. The two parties got very close to a deal. Then, says a source, IAC summoned Flixster to a meeting in New York where they were told it wasn’t going to happen. Why fly the company all the way to New York just to reject them in person? It seems like the polite thing to do would have been to just… Read More

  • IAC "Very Close" To Acquiring Flixster

    In late October we reported on well placed rumors that IAC was in talks to acquire movie-centered social network Flixster. Those discussions reportedly stalled, likely over IAC’s preferred deal structure (partial buyout with an option for the rest) and/or Flixster’s declining traffic and visitor count. Now perhaps, those discussions are back on track. One source says the deal is done. Read More

  • Details Revealed: Google OpenSocial To Launch Thursday

    Details emerged today on Google’s broad social networking ambitions, first reported here in late September, with a follow up earlier this week. The new project, called OpenSocial (URL will go live on Thursday), goes well beyond what we’ve previously reported. It is a set of common APIs that application developers can use to create applications that work on any social networks… Read More

  • Flixster For Sale; IAC Interested

    Fast growing movie-centered social network Flixster has been making the rounds with potential buyers, we’ve heard from multiple sources. And IAC may have submitted a letter of intent in the last week or so. The San Francisco based company has had a meteoric rise since launching in January 2006, although Comscore suggests growth has stagnated over the last few months – worldwide… Read More

  • Trusted Opinion Takes $1.3 Million Series A

    Recommendation based social network Trusted Opinion has raised $1.3 million Series A, although the investors are not being disclosed (we did ask). Palo Alto based Trusted Opinion offers community based product ratings and recommendations in a social networking setting. The focus is on friends recommending things to friends, such as movies and DVD’s. The company added support for… Read More

  • Flixster Hits 10 million Registered Users

    You don’t see this every day. San Francisco based Flixster’s growth, which shot up late last year, shows no signs of slowing anytime soon. Joe Greenstein, Flixster’s CEO, told me by email that they now have ten million registered users and up to two million movie ratings completed daily (380+ million movie ratings to date). That’s a lot of (very valuable) user… Read More

  • Flixster Growing Like A Weed

    After reporting that Flixster closed a highly competitive venture round earlier today, I did some digging on available growth statistics for the service. According to recent Comscore data, Flixster has had a terrific period of unique visitor and page view growth over the last several months. Alexa and Compete also show a solid growth trend. Comscore data graphs are below. They show… Read More

  • Flixster Closes Very Competitive Financing Round

    Flixster, a San Francisco based social network where users rate and discuss movies, closed a round of financing today with LightSpeed Ventures. This was a small round of financing – $2 million or possibly less, but there was apparently heavy competition from Sequoia Capital in the deal (and possibly Kleiner Perkins). Flixster has recently seen very heavy user registration and page… Read More