• The Top 20 iPhone And iPad Apps of 2011

    The Top 20 iPhone And iPad Apps of 2011

    It’s telling that Apple chose an app that debuted more than 14 months ago, Instagram, as its “iPhone App of the Year” for 2011. This should not imply that there was a shortage of quality and groundbreaking apps released this year. Far from it. From social magazines to music discovery apps to console-quality games that players can hold in the palms of their hands, there… Read More

  • Smart Magazine Is my6sense’s Flipboard With Digital Intuition

    Smart Magazine Is my6sense’s Flipboard With Digital Intuition

    Back in May, my6sense raised another $1.1 million to continue pushing its digital intuition technology to market. Today, the company is releasing a brand new product called ‘Smart Magazine’ which can be best described as a Flipboard for iPhone with added digital intuition that helps brings relevant content to its users ‘automagically’. Except that the company elected… Read More

  • Flipboard Adds 1 Million Users Its First Week On The iPhone

    Flipboard Adds 1 Million Users Its First Week On The iPhone

    Only one week after Flipboard’s highly anticipated launch on the iPhone (and iPod Touch), the company is announcing it has added 1 million users to its service and has tripled its engagement. According to the company, that means it now has over 5 million users in total using the app across the iOS platform. Before last week’s release, Flipboard had registered 650 million flips… Read More

  • Gogobot Partners With Flipboard To Turn Your Travel Photos Into A Digital Magazine

    Gogobot Partners With Flipboard To Turn Your Travel Photos Into A Digital Magazine

    Since launching early last year, young social travel site Gogobot has been off to a pretty good start, or at least it has, shall we say, been hitting all the stops. As Jason pointed out recently, it was named one of Time’s top sites for 2011, won a Crunchie for best design in 2010, and brought its total funding to just under $20 million with a series B raise from Redpoint Ventures… Read More

  • Six Must-Watch Backstage Videos From Disrupt Plus The Music (TCTV)

    Six Must-Watch Backstage Videos From Disrupt Plus The Music (TCTV)

    It’s been a very busy week at TechCrunch with our Disrupt conference and other internal disruptions, so you may have missed some great and revealing interviews. Devin Coldewey wrote a post with the Six Must-Watch On-Stage Videos from Disrupt. But there was a lot of activity going on backstage too. We did more than 60 interviews with entrepreneurs, VC’s, Angels, CEO’s, and… Read More

  • Moprise Is Launching A “Flipboard For The Enterprise”

    Moprise Is Launching A “Flipboard For The Enterprise”

    Moprise is launching a new iPad application it’s calling a “Flipboard for the Enterprise.” The app is a tablet-optimized version of the company’s currently available Coaxion iPhone application. The Flipboard analogy isn’t quite right, however. Flipboard is about reading news and articles, browsing photos and viewing updates from your social networks in a… Read More

  • Personalized News Aggregation: News360 Launches Version 2.0

    Personalized News Aggregation: News360 Launches Version 2.0

    Cross-platform newsreader application News360 launched into version 2.0 today, a significant update that introduces its new personalization features. The news reader now learns from your activity on social Web services, including Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader and Evernote, in order to present you with stories that fit your interests. But unlike some of its competitors, which there are now… Read More

  • AOL Editions Delivers A Daily Briefing To Your iPad

    AOL Editions Delivers A Daily Briefing To Your iPad

    The dream of a personalized magazine tuned just for you keeps showing itself on the iPad. Today’s edition comes from AOL Editions, which is finally coming out after much fine-tuning and a silly video. (Disclosure: TechCrunch is also owned by AOL). Editions assembles a digital magazine for you once a day from a variety of online news sources and blogs—The Atlantic, Businessweek… Read More

  • Flipboard 1.5 Integrates LinkedIn, Adds A Content Guide For Curated News Browsing

    Social news viewing app An update to social news viewing app Flipboard goes live in the app store today, with a new souped up 1.5 version that optimizes the reader experience even further. Earlier this week we had the chance to sit down with Flipboard CEO Mike McCue and did a demo of the new features, above. McCue tells me that the redesign focused on three core points. 1. People can now… Read More

  • Mike McCue on Starting Flipboard

    (Founder Stories) How Mike McCue Came Up With Flipboard: "What If We Accidentally Deleted The Web"

    How did Mike McCue come up with the idea for Flipboard, the iPad reader that’s seeing more than 10 million flips a day? In these final two video clips from his Founder Stories interview with Chris Dixon, McCue says that he had no intention of starting another company after selling TellMe to Microsoft (which he talks about in Part I and Part II of this interview). He was tired after… Read More

  • Mike McCue's Early Days

    (Founder Stories) FlipBoard's Mike McCue: The Builder

    Before Mike McCue discovered how to flip an iPad into a device that made reading digital magazines a cinch, he himself was discovered by some of the biggest names in the tech world while working away in Silicon Valley Woodstock, New York. In this episode of Founder Stories with Chris Dixon, you’ll hear them geek out about programming video games for the TI99 in Extended Basic, how McCue… Read More

  • Going Digital: Editor Josh Quittner Leaves Time Inc For Flipboard

    This should be interesting. Flipboard is getting an editorial director from the world of print magazines: Josh Quittner, my former boss at Business 2.0 magazine and most recently the editor at Time Inc. behind many of its digital magazine initiatives. (Quittner is the one on the right of this picture from our B2.0 days, with Om Malik and me in the background). I’ve been telling Josh… Read More

  • Access To iPad App Flipboard Compromised In China

    As of today certain aspects of theĀ Flipboard experience have been blocked for Chinese users, at the very least access to Facebook and Twitter according to Flipboard CEO Mike McCue. While direct access to Facebook and Twitter is routinely blocked in China, the Flipboard app talked to its own US-based servers, which in turn talked to Twitter and Facebook so this block is particularly… Read More

  • Mike McCue: FlipBoard Is Seeing More Than 10 Million Flips Per Day (Video)

    When it comes to publishing apps on the iPad, there are two models: 1) social readers that bring all your realtime news feeds together like Flipboard; or 2) single-title apps from major publishers like the New Yorker, The Daily or the New York Times. Those two models are also dividing along the lines of subscriptions versus ad-supported/free. In the video above, Flipboard CEO Mike McCue makes… Read More

  • Apple's Subscription Bait And Switch

    When Apple announced back in February that The Daily would be the first subscription news app on iTunes, it was seen by other publishers as the model going forward. Some like it, some don’t, but at least Apple knows how it wants to treat subscriptions going forward. Or does it? Some subscription news apps seem to be in limbo right now while Apple figures out how to handle special… Read More

  • The Real Reason Mike McCue Needs $50 Million: Google Is Building A Flipboard Killer

    The Real Reason Mike McCue Needs $50 Million: Google Is Building A Flipboard Killer

    When news came out the other day that Flipboard just raised another $50 million at a $200 million valuation for its iPad news reading app, I gave CEO Mike McCue a hard time on Twitter and here on TechCrunch. Does an iPad app startup really need $50 million, or is this yet another sign of a bubble? McCue responded on Twitter, but yesterday we spoke by phone and he went into great detail about… Read More

  • My Twitter Debate With Mike McCue: Why Does Flipboard Need $50 Million?

    There is no question that Flipboard has an early lead in iPad news consumption. The company just raised a massive $50 million B round to cement that lead. This comes in between iPhone photo app Color raising a $41 million A round, and LivingSocial raising $400 million so that its founders and early investors could take half of that off the table. There is obviously a lot of venture… Read More

  • The Age Of Relevance

    The Age Of Relevance

    What’s the Next Big Thing after social networking? This has been a favorite topic of much speculation among tech enthusiasts for many years. I think we are already witnessing a paradigm shift – a move away from simple social sharing towards personalized, relevant content. The key element of the next big thing is the increasing significance of the Interest Graph to complement the… Read More

  • Instagram Unveils Realtime API With Foodspotting, Fancy, Momento, Flipboard, About.me And Others

    Instagram Unveils Realtime API With Foodspotting, Fancy, Momento, Flipboard, About.me And Others

    It really is kind of amazing that Instagram has shot past two million users in just a few months with only an iPhone app. No Android app, no website, no real third-party support. But starting today, that changes as they’re finally ready to unveil their API. And they already have some pretty nice implementations right off the bat to show what it can do. Co-founder Kevin Systrom says that… Read More

  • Experiments In Realtime News: The Eqentia Streams

    When it comes to realtime news, the prevailing wisdom these days is to let your friends tell you what to read through Twitter or Facebook. Instead of editors, people are using these social stream sto filter their news, and a whole bunch of apps (like Flipboard) are tapping into that to present your social news feed in more appealing ways. But a Toronto startup called Eqentia is approaching… Read More