• The Latest Crazy Instagram Stats: 150 Million Photos, 15 Per Second, 80% Filtered

    The Latest Crazy Instagram Stats: 150 Million Photos, 15 Per Second, 80% Filtered

    This past June, we noted that Instagram hit a big milestone: 5 million users. At the time, the total number of photos shared on the service was at 95 million, and given the rate of growth, they expected to pass 100 million shortly. Well, they missed pointing out that milestone, but today, not even two months later, they’re pointing out another one: 150 million photos. That’s… Read More

  • Former Yahoo Engineer Quits To Build A Flickr Killer On Kickstarter

    As Mike Arrington wrote back in April, it can sometimes feel like certain photo-sharing websites have more of a hostage-taking approach to their business models than a “lets-please-the-customer” model. The photo-sharing experience then effectively becomes synonymous with platform lock-in — if you try to leave, you may not be able to take your images with you. Or, if you… Read More

  • Yeah, That Flickr iPhone Data Is Way Off — It's Far More Dominating Than It Seems

    Yeah, That Flickr iPhone Data Is Way Off — It's Far More Dominating Than It Seems

    Earlier today, TUAW noted that according to Flickr’s stats, the iPhone 4 is now the most popular camera across the site. Yes, it has overtaken all those professional cameras, all the point-and-shoots, etc. That’s huge. But the news came with a caveat. And it’s actually a big one. As TUAW notes at the bottom of their post, the caveat is Flickr admitting that they’re… Read More

  • Flickr Designer Publicly Criticizes Flickr's Design

    The photo-sharing space continues to heat up, and continues to leave dominant player in the space Flickr in the dust innovation wise. If one thing’s becoming clear, it’s that it must be really painful to work at Yahoo and have any sort of passion for good product design. The latest example of this comes from Flickr designer Timoni West, who has publicly criticized the service on… Read More

  • Obama ‘Situation Room’ Photo Is Already Half Way To Becoming Flickr’s Most Viewed Pic

    If you ever wanted a glimpse of what the Spiderman “With great power comes great responsibility” quote looks like actualized, take a second to digest the above photo of President Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and various others in the White House Situation room, captured as they “receive an update on the mission against… Read More

  • PhotoSync Is A Simple Way To Import Your Flickr Photos Into Facebook

    Yes I know that Flickr offers a dinky Facebook Newsfeed sync and there are plenty of other services that offer pretty complex Flickr photo-syncing tools, but this post is for the three of you that want to prevent this from happening to you and don’t have 20 minutes to spend figuring something else out. Read More

  • As Instagram Innovates, Yahoo Product Head Makes "Early Flickr" Comparison

    Tech pundits like to compare Instagram and Flickr, because they both created a lot of excitement and a community around photo-sharing in their heydays (Instagram is currently in the middle of its moment). Both take/took advantage of the zeitgeist tech concepts of the time, Flickr leveraged tagging and the ability to upload a photo via an email address and Instagram leveraged the proliferation… Read More

  • iPhone 4 About To Be Flickr's Top Camera. Point & Shoots? Pretty Much The Opposite.

    What’s the most popular camera used in terms of pictures taken that are uploaded to Flickr? Right now, it’s the Nikon D90. But in about a month or so, it will be Apple’s iPhone 4. What’s amazing is that D90 is nearly three years old. The iPhone 4 is not even a year old. Just look at a the chart above. The rise has been spectacular. But it’s hardly the first time… Read More

  • I Won't Use Flickr Until They Release My Photo Hostages

    I Won't Use Flickr Until They Release My Photo Hostages

    Freemium business models are always hard. You have to give users enough for free that they try your service out and get hooked. Then you hit them with fees for upgraded features that make it even better. With a perfect product people don’t mind paying because they feel like it’s good value. Flickr is a freemium service. But they have more of a hostage taking business model. It may… Read More

  • Flickr Dips Its Toes Into Social With Twitter And Facebook 'Share This' Features

    Photo-sharing site Flickr, which has limitless potential in terms of the sheer number of photos stored on the service (over 5 billion at last count),  has made it easier for users to share their photos today with new Twitter and Facebook “Share This” features. A share interface re-vamp comes along with the new features. While previously you could only share photostreams… Read More

  • Former Flickr Product Chief Lands At Bitly

    Flickr’s recently departed product chief Matthew Rothenberg is landing in a new job in New York City. He was just hired by bitly to become its new VP of Product. He will be moving from California. Score another one for the New York startup scene. Rothenberg’s decision to leave Flickr, which he says has more to do with personal reasons, is nevertheless seen as yet another sign… Read More

  • Flickr Burning As Yahoo Fiddles: Head Of Service Walks Away

    When you ask Yahoo who is in charge of Flickr, they always point to one man: Matthew Rothenberg. Well, technically, there are people at Yahoo above him in charge of the group of products that Flickr is in (Applications Division). But it’s Rothenberg, as head of product, who they’ll tell you is leading the day to day. Not anymore. Rothenberg is out as head of product for Flickr. Read More

  • Flickr Confirms Taking Down Egyptian Blogger's Photos, Cites Community Guidelines Violation

    Last weekend Egyptian protestors broke into Amn al Dowla, the Cairo headquarters for the Egyptian security agency, and removed a “treasure trove” of video disks, hard disks and CDs with government documents from the Mubarak era. Egyptian blogger Hossam Arabway came into possession of a CD from the raid and has been uploading a set of Secret Service officer pics to Flickr for the… Read More

  • Yahoo Engineer Complains About Lack Of Innovation At Yahoo

    Right now Yahoo engineer Jeremy Johnstone is my hero. Frustrated with with Flickr’s lack of HTML5 support on the web, Johnstone — whose position is currently “Technical Yahoo!” on the Yahoo For Good team — has decided to take his employer to task, where else? In his Flickr stream. Earlier today Johnstone posted the above image, with the following… Read More

  • Flickr Accidentally Wipes Out Account: Five Years And 4,000 Photos Down The Drain

    Flickr Accidentally Wipes Out Account: Five Years And 4,000 Photos Down The Drain

    Yahoo’s Flickr may have another PR nightmare on their hands. IT architect and Flickr user Mirco Wilhelm couldn’t log on to his 5-year old account yesterday, and when he asked the Flickr team about this issue they flat out told him they had accidentally flushed his entire account, and the 4,000 photos that were in it, straight down the drain. Apparently Wilhelm reported a Flickr… Read More

  • Flicksquare Sends Your Foursquare Check-In Photos To Flickr

    Inspired by a tweet from First Round Capital VC Charlie O’Donnell (“Can someone hack a Foursquare app that cc’s my checkin photos to Flickr?”), developer Benny Wong has created Flicksquare, an app that takes advantage of Foursquare’s recent enabling of photo check-in features, allowing you to also send your Foursquare photos to Flickr. While Foursquare gave… Read More

  • Flickr Should Have Built Instagram. But They Didn't. Here's Why.

    Flickr Should Have Built Instagram. But They Didn't. Here's Why.

    Back in June, we reported on the departure of Kellan Elliott-McCrea from Yahoo. While not hugely known outside the developer community, we had received several tips indicating just how important Elliott-McCrea was to the Flickr team, where his role as “Architect” was supposedly “vital” to the service. So who better to answer questions about Flickr than Elliott-McCrea… Read More

  • Yahoo Just Killed… Consumer Confidence In Them

    Yahoo Just Killed… Consumer Confidence In Them

    It has been fairly amazing to watch this Yahoo “sunsetting” news over the past 48 hours. It seemed to go from a bad leak, to huge backlash, to PR disaster, to confusion, to worse PR disaster. Now Yahoo, by way of Delicious (the most prominent service being “sunset”), has responded by lashing out at all the press for the coverage of the fiasco. Danny Sullivan just did… Read More

  • 2010's iPad App Of The Year, Flipboard, Solidifies Its Crown With Massive Update

    2010's iPad App Of The Year, Flipboard, Solidifies Its Crown With Massive Update

    Given the success Apple has seen this year with the launch of the iPad, they decided to single out the device to give it its own “App of the Year” award. The winner? Flipboard. The social magazine app launched in July with some glowing reviews and since then, a few small updates have made it even better. But the update they’re releasing today makes it a lot better. So much… Read More

  • Compete Top 50: Bing And Ask Rise – MySpace, MapQuest And Flickr Fall

    Online analytics company Compete has just published its ranking of the top 50 websites for September 2010, giving some insights into current visitor trends (and not absolute numbers, as the company tends to undercount traffic for most websites). Compete’s data compilation shows increasing traffic to Microsoft’s search engine Bing (up 11.7 percent for the month and 108.5 percent for… Read More

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