• Why Adobe Failed and Where Startups Can Swoop In

    Why Adobe Failed and Where Startups Can Swoop In

    Adobe has discontinued development of Flash-Player plugin for mobile browsers. This is a very important moment in the history of the mobile internet. Since 1997, Flash Player has been an important part of the web. From flash games, to streaming video, to sound, and sockets, many of the most important and central components of the online web experience have leveraged Flash-Player… Read More

  • A Humbled Adobe Sees Beyond The Browser

    A Humbled Adobe Sees Beyond The Browser

    I can’t help chortling a little in Schadenfreude at Adobe’s expected announcement that it is abandoning Flash for mobile devices. For most of the past two years, the anti-iPad contingent has cited flash incompatibility as the primary reason they weren’t going to give Apple their money yet the devices they did back – the Xoom, the Notion Ink Adam, the Playbook, and the… Read More

  • Steve’s Last Laugh: Adobe Killing Off Flash For Mobile Devices

    Steve’s Last Laugh: Adobe Killing Off Flash For Mobile Devices

    The year was 2008. I was at an event focused on mobile, sitting in on a roundtable discussion with several folks from key companies in the industry. One gentleman was from Adobe. The iPhone had launched the previous year, famously without any support for Flash. A lot of folks were up in arms about this — including several at this table. The guy from Adobe assured everyone: mobile Flash… Read More

  • Adobe Gives Up On Apple, Works Around iOS’ Flash Video Limitations

    Adobe Gives Up On Apple, Works Around iOS’ Flash Video Limitations

    Ardent iOS supporters have been clamoring for true Flash support for years, and with the announcement of their new version of Flash Media Server, Adobe completely fails to deliver. Instead, they’ve managed to update their media server with a way to get streaming Flash video running on Apple’s myriad iOS devices. Read More

  • Google Abandons “Maps API For Flash”

    Google Abandons “Maps API For Flash”

    In more news of Flash’s impending decline, Google is announcing that it’s “deprecating” the Google Maps API (application programming interface) for Flash. This API previously allowed developers to add Google Maps functionality within their Flash-based applications. However, as of today, use of the API is limited, says Google, with only a small number of applications… Read More

  • HTML5 or Flash? With Yokto’s New Video Player, You Don’t Have To Choose

    HTML5 or Flash? With Yokto’s New Video Player, You Don’t Have To Choose

    Yokto is a newly launched video platform which offers an embeddable player that intelligently switches between a Flash-based interface or HTML5, depending on the device being used to view the content. This idea on its own is not original, of course. Similar solutions from companies like Brightcove, Ooyala, Kaltura and SublimeVideo, for example, offer much of the same thing. But where Yokto… Read More

  • Qualcomm, Adobe Optimize Flash For Snapdragon-Powered Android Phones

    Adobe Flash is to the smartphone as an unwanted cousin is to your wedding: necessary, yet painstaking. Apple CEO Steve Jobs seems to hate the software, neglecting to support it on all four models of the iPhone. Google’s done a better job of incorporating Flash support into the Android operating system, but still, most of the time Flash ends up being a battery killer, a security risk, not… Read More

  • Flash in the Pan

    The news from NBC/Universal/Comcast is that the cable giant has finally made deals with both ABC and Fox to carry selected shows on their on-demand service. This is big news for the iPad set, because all four major broadcast networks are now available in a single service, on the iPad, without Flash. Across town we hear talk of hardware acceleration linking up with Android to make Flash… Read More

  • Google Chrome Can Now Clean Up Flash's Cookie Mess

    Google Chrome Can Now Clean Up Flash's Cookie Mess

    I still don’t particularly like the fact that Google decided to bundle Adobe Flash with their Chrome web browser about a year ago. Apple preference aside, the last thing I want is the buggy, often insecure, and performance killing plug-in shoved in my face. More importantly, I think it’s a maneuver that will only serve to slow the transition to HTML5. But Google has their reasons. Read More

  • Adobe's Wallaby Can't Jump Very High

    Earlier today, Adobe Labs released Wallaby, a way to convert simple Flash games and animations into HTML so that it is readable on “devices that do not support the Flash runtimes.” Those would be iPhones and iPads. In other words, Wallaby is Adobe’s way of bowing down to HTML5 and, by extension, to Steve Jobs who has always insisted that there is no need for Flash because… Read More

  • When Will Apple Cave And Accept Flash? Maybe When It Doesn't Suck

    I read an interesting article this morning that suggested Apple would change its mind and put Adobe’s Flash technology on its iOS devices within a year. I don’t think that’s going to happen. In an open letter to users, Apple CEO Steve Jobs gave several reasons why he didn’t want Flash on the iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. They are: Flash isn’t open; the full web… Read More