• Video: Toshiba's amazing, tactile feedback-based UI solution for touchpanels

    Many hardware makers, especially in the mobile device area, are betting high on touchscreens to let users interact with their products. Toshiba subsidiary Toshiba Information Systems has now developed the “New Sensation UI Solution”, which is supposed to make user interaction via touchscreens more intuitive through tactile feedback. While this approach isn’t new in itself… Read More

  • Mailround goes electronic as Finland tries scanning its post

    Would you like to read the regular postal mail that comes through your letterbox on a PC, e-reader or mobile over breakfast? Then move to Finland. Within two weeks, the state-owned national mail enterprise, Itella, will begin opening, scanning and distributing letters electronically to some Finnish households and companies. Yes, you read that right. Postal workers will be opening your… Read More

  • Provoke, designers for Nokia, show off odd proto-phones

    ThumbReport, a site dedicated to destroying the English language even more than we have posted some video of “future” phones at NY Design Week by Provoke Design. The first one “expresses your mood with illumination.” Then we have the “Feel” which allows you to feel the touch of your loved one, provided your loved one is encased in plastic and has a… Read More

  • Finland Says CSS So Gimpy It's not Even DRM Anymore

    According to the Finnish courts, CSS — the DRM found on standard DVDs — is so weak that it doesn’t even count as a protective measure anymore. As a result, breaking CSS is no longer deemed circumvention of an “effective technological measure” simply because it’s no longer effective. Read More