• Enterprise Cloud File Sharing Provider Accellion Secures $12 Million

    Enterprise Cloud File Sharing Provider Accellion Secures $12 Million

    Enterprise cloud file sharing company Accellion has raised $12 million in a new Series 3 round from private equity firm Riverwood Capital. The company will use the additional funding to accelerate growth, invest in enterprise mobile file sharing products, pursue partnerships and international expansion. Read More

  • Atomico Invests €350,000 In Simple File-Sharing Startup

    Atomico Invests €350,000 In Simple File-Sharing Startup

    Atomico, the venture capital firm founded by Skype founders Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis, has invested 350,000 euros in Denmark-based, which offers an eponymous Web-based file sharing service. is simple, clean, and useful. Like many file-sharing services, makes it easy for people to shoot files to the cloud so they can be shared with others, all from a browser-based… Read More

  • DumpTruck Is A File Storage System With Roots In Usenet

    DumpTruck Is A File Storage System With Roots In Usenet

    If you’re familiar with Usenet, you’ll be well aware that the newsreading platform is, well, not longer about newsreading. In fact, most Usenet providers are, by necessity, experienced data storage providers. That being said, GoldenFrog has just announced DumpTruck, a WebDAV file-sharing resource that, in the wrong hands, could end up a SOPA target. The service lets you store data… Read More

  • YouSendIt Ups Its Game With New Desktop & Mobile Apps

    YouSendIt Ups Its Game With New Desktop & Mobile Apps

    YouSendIt, a cloud collaboration company that got its start long before “cloud” was cool, is today launching new mobile applications for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices, plus new Mac (beta) and PC desktop clients. The suite of apps will allow users to securely sync files across devices, while also offering unlimited storage. Read More

  • Sendoid: Finally, Sharing Big Files Isn’t A Huge Pain

    When it comes to files, we love to share. No, we need to share. Thanks to the massive capacities of Gmail and other email services, it’s become remarkably easy to share files. Of course, most email services limit the size of the file you can share. Gmail’s, for example, is 25 megabytes. But if you want to share a larger file or multiple files — and even want a little privacy… Read More

  • Pirates of the courtroom – game over for file-sharing in Scandinavia?

    [Sweden] It’s not looking good for the pirates in Sweden. The usually pirate loving country that spawned The Pirate Bay and the world’s first Pirate Party, is now pursuing illegal file-sharers like it’s 1790 and the outlaws need to be gunned down. A recent court order has forced ISP Teliasonera to choose between either coughing up 750,000 SEK (about 72,000 euro) or giving out… Read More

  • Panic: UK file-sharers may well be disconnected from ISPs starting in 2011

    The ban hammer is about to smash UK file-sharers. Legislation there is set to take effect in April that would, as a last resort, kick illegal file-sharers off the Internet. Very exciting~! Read More

  • Scheme in the UK to kick file-sharers off the Internet

    Oh, again. There’s another push to disconnect illegal file-sharers from the Internet. This time it’s happening in the UK, where people from the likes of the UK Film Council say file-sharing is costing people jobs and threatening the film industry. Because making movies is soooo damn important, right? How would we live and flourish as a civilization without 17 Again? Read More

  • Review: Kensington Media Sharing Cable

    Quick Version: Sometimes e-mailing files to yourself or dumping stuff onto a USB drive gets old. Kensington’s plug-and-play USB cable makes sharing files between two computers stupidly easy. If you’ve used a USB port before, you’re pretty much set. Read More

  • Comcast’s throttling deemed illegal by the FCC

    In the wake of the FCC versus Comcast brouhaha, wherein Comcast has been accused of illegally slowing down connections to file sharing services like BitTorrent without informing its cable internet subscribers first, the Federal Communications Commission has ruled that Comcast acted outside of the law. According to a report in the Washington Post, the five-member panel will formally vote… Read More