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  • YC-Backed NewsBlur Takes Feed Reading Back To Its Basics

    YC-Backed NewsBlur Takes Feed Reading Back To Its Basics

    Every few months or so, somebody will declare the death of RSS, and with it the death of old-school feed readers like Google Reader. Don't tell that to Samuel Clay, though, the founder of Newsblur, a web-based feed reader that's in Y Combinator's current batch of startups. Newsblur has many interesting features besides the pure feed reading experience, but at first glance, the web app feels like a… Read More

  • Steampunk Goes RSS

    Steampunk Goes RSS

    Forget traditional newsreaders like NetNewsWire and FeedBurner. Real men go for the gusto when it comes to tech and this Steampunk-inspired RSS telegraph machine is no exception. This beautifully designed machine will actually click out your RSS feeds Samuel Morse style. That’s right, it’s not just for show and tell, this damn thing will actually grab your RSS feeds via a controller… Read More