• Federated Media Sells Content Marketing Arm To LIN Media, Rebrands Programmatic Ad Business As Sovrn

    Federated Media Sells Content Marketing Arm To LIN Media, Rebrands Programmatic Ad Business As Sovrn

    Advertising company Federated Media has sold off its content marketing business, as well as the Federated Media name, to publicly-traded LIN Media. The programmatic ad side of the organization, which was built up around Federated’s acquisition of Lijit in 2011, will continue to operate as an independent company called sovrn Holdings. Fortune’s Erin Griffith broke the news last… Read More

  • John Battelle Returns As CEO At Federated Media, Deanna Brown Steps Down

    John Battelle Returns As CEO At Federated Media, Deanna Brown Steps Down

    Online advertising company Federated Media just announced that current CEO Deanna Brown is stepping down, while founder and former CEO John Battelle will be taking on the role again. The company says that Battelle and Brown will be working together during March “to ensure a seamless transition.” Brown joined Federated in 2009 as president and chief operating officer, and… Read More

  • WordPress.com Introduces WordAds: “You Deserve Better Than AdSense”

    WordPress.com Introduces WordAds: “You Deserve Better Than AdSense”

    Automattic has teamed up with Federated Media to – finally – allow WordPress.com bloggers to make money from online advertising. The project is called WordAds and if you’re on WordPress.com you can express your interest for the program here. From the WordPress.com blog, including a fair bit of snark directed at Google: Read More

  • John Battelle On Why It's Not Web 3.0 And More (TCTV)

    There are very few people that give better interview than Federated Media’s John Battelle. I am seriously impressed with how he manages to moderate high level speaker after high level speaker without breaking a sweat. Especially since I usually run out of smart things to say 5 seconds into a conversation. Read More

  • Federated Media Acquires Online Group Management Tool BigTent

    Digital media and advertising company Federated Media Publishing has acquired BigTent, a platform that enables local school, community and other shared-interest groups to connect online. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. Read More

  • Federated Media Buys Semantic Profiling Technology From TextDigger

    Ad network Federated Media is announcing an acquisition today, buying a semantic profiling technology platform from semantic search startup TextDigger today. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. TextDigger, which was incubated at CNET in 2005, spun out a platform for semantic search and related services. TextDigger’s technology allows owners of large content
    collections to add… Read More

  • Federated Media Unleashes The Conversation As An Ad

    Federated Media (our advertising partner) has been experimenting with “conversational marketing” almost since their launch in 2005. Today they are launching a new marketing toolbox for advertisers which gives them tools to track all the ways users interact with these ads. The goal, says Federated Media, isn’t just to track ad impressions and clicks, but also to look at a new… Read More

  • Technorati Launches Blog Ad Network, Technorati Media

    Blog-focused advertising networks are all the rage right now, with both Federated Media and Glam pulling down big valuation financing rounds in the last few months based on very early growth metrics. Other startups, like Six Apart, have launched their own blog advertising networks as well. As we predicted, Technorati now joins them with the launch of Technorati Media later this morning (the… Read More

  • Rumor: Federated Media Takes $50 Million On A $200 Million Valuation

    Federated Media (FM) has rumored to have raised $50 million from Oak Hill Capital Partners on a $200 million valuation, according to VentureBeat. Total funding for Federated Media to-date would be $57.4 million. So what would Federated Media do with $50 million: Invest in sites. From a March interview: Battelle: Well, I can’t say specifically what we might do with any money that we… Read More

  • Federated Media's Battelle Slams Rival, Hints At Investing In Publishers

    Two thing jumped out at me when I read a CNET interview with John Battelle of Federated Media this morning – his direct criticism of competitor Glam Media as a “flavor of the month,” and his suggestion that he may take equity stakes in his publishers. Full disclosure – Federated Media is our ad selling partner. Sometimes we love them. Sometimes, not so much. Glam Media… Read More

  • SXSW 2008: Facebook, Federated Media had them some parties

    [photopress:IMG_0155.jpg,full,center] A party report was long overdue. There’s so many of them here at SXSW that, honestly, it gets a little old after a while. I brought my camera to the ones I went to and wanted to share them with y’all. The two “best” parties last night were the ones hosted by Federated Media and Facebook. I wish I could explain why these parties… Read More

  • Federated Media Weighing Its Options

    CNET is reporting that tech-focused advertising network Federated Media (which sells advertising on our behalf) is looking for a new round of financing. CNET is basing this partially on our previous report that they hired investment bank Savvian to represent them after they turned down a $100 million acquisition offer, plus a new source that says the company is looking at term sheets… Read More

  • Technorati To Launch Blogger Advertising Network

    Through a variety of sources we’ve confirmed that Technorati is making plans for a major shift in its going forward strategy, and is also considering a number of corporate development transactions. First, they’ve been pitching venture capitalists on another round of financing. That’s not surprising – their last round, $10.5 million, was in June 2006. The company has… Read More

  • Battelle Turns Down $100 Million Offer For FM Publishing. Decides To Shop Around For a Higher Price.

    Yesterday, news started circulating that Federated Media Publishing hired Savvian, a boutique San Francisco investment bank, to shop around the blog ad network to potential buyers. This action was taken after FM Publishing was approached by several investors. One investor, we have learned, put a $100 million buyout offer on the table for the entire company, which FM Publishing… Read More