• Theopeninter.net, A Visual Guide To Net Neutrality

    With Theopeninter.net, web designer Michael Ciarlo has given you the holiday gift of being able to explain to the less web savvy members of your friends and family what net neutrality means (basically) and why exactly laymen should care about the FCC’s recent attempts to create “enforcable” Internet regulations. And while granted there’s a lot more complexity… Read More

  • The Art Of "Kicking The Can"—Uncertainty Rules When It Comes To Net Neutrality

    The Art Of "Kicking The Can"—Uncertainty Rules When It Comes To Net Neutrality

    The new Net Neutrality rules put off most of the hard questions—but who does that help and hurt? When government faces a tough decision, it has three options: “Aye,” “Nay,” or “Kay”—“Kick the Can.” Postponement is attractive, and the Obama administration’s 2010 Net Neutrality rule has transformed can-kicking, the traditional… Read More

  • Was It Google And Verizon Or The FCC That Just Screwed Us On Mobile Net Neutrality?

    Was It Google And Verizon Or The FCC That Just Screwed Us On Mobile Net Neutrality?

    We’ve already covered the FCC Net Neutrality vote earlier today, but something new has come to light. Something that’s very odd. Something that’s quite frankly a little terrifying. Engadget dug up the FCC’s release [PDF] and found the following nugget buried in the all-important section “Measured Steps for Mobile Broadband”: Read More

  • Net Neutrality Passes And *Nobody* Is Happy With It!

    With a 3 to 2 vote earlier today, the FCC has put its stamp of approval on Net Neutrality. The funny thing is that it seems both “sides” of the debate are upset. On one hand you’ve got the detractors who say it’s nothing but an “unholy scheme” designed to bring the Internet under the unnecessary (if not unlawful) control of the government. A bit dramatic… Read More

  • FCC Net Neutrality Vote Is Just The Beginning

    In a 3-2 vote split down party lines the FCC approved the first “enforceable” net neutrality regulations this morning. These rules face opposition from all sides, with some holding that FCC has overstepped its boundaries and others saying that the still unpublished framework does not offer enough protection. “Given the importance of an open Internet to our economic future…it… Read More

  • Claim: We Don't Need Net Neutrality Because The Internet Isn't ‘Broken’

    Reading Drudge and the Wall Street Journal this morning had me concerned that Julius Genachowski, the FCC chairman, was going to smash my modem into tiny pieces with a +2 mace in the name of flexing regulatory muscle. Hardly. It’s true that the FCC will vote tomorrow whether or not to implement some sort of Net Neutrality regime, but considering that it’s already stated what it… Read More

  • Technicolor TVA200 Media Tablet Glides Into The FCC

    The FCC is magical place where gadgets randomly appear. Like this Technicolor TVA200 Media Touch 2.0. The FCC docs include internal and external photos along with a user manual. But even those don’t tell the whole story. What the hell is it? Read More

  • Another FCC Bandwidth Auction To Happen In July

    For people who care, there’s another FCC bandwidth auction coming this July. They’re selling off more of the 700MHz range, which will probably start another bidding war between AT&T and Verizon. Read More

  • The Cybook Orizon E-Reader Stops By The FCC On Its Way To Department Stores Everywhere

    Bookeen showed off the Cybook Orizon at CES 2010 and then later came clean with all the details. It’s a 6-inch, multi-touch e-reader that was supposed to hit retailers in the summer of 2010 for $250. That didn’t happen. It did however just hit the FCC which seems to state a 2011 release is on tap at a price point dramatically lower than originally planned. $250? *shudder* Read More

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